Crystal Kovach

Crystal Kovach


A Female-fronted blend of electronica and rock with searing vocals and lush soundscape - this professional vocalist who's recorded backups for Sting creates a compelling album with sonic textures that transition smoothly between hard-hitting guitars, ambient synths, and orchestral strings.


An established professional, Crystal Kovach has performed all over the US with a number of national acts, including opening for Seu Jorge and playing some of the top Las Vegas hotels. She recorded backups on a song slated for Sting's new album "If On A Winter's Night..." and spent several years touring with Broadway shows in leading roles.

Her career began while still in high school when she began performing professionally with one of the top regional theaters in the country, the San Jose Civic Light Opera (now the American Musical Theatre of San Jose). She graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York and toured nationally for a number of years. Her theater credits include "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" (national tour) as Rosemary, "A Chorus Line" as Diana Morales (singing What I Did for Love), and "Me & My Girl" as Sally.

In Las Vegas she performed with the female vocal trio Crimson Phoenix, singing lead and backup vocals for extended engagements at the Paris, Caesar's, and the New York, New York among others.


Tell Me Slow

Written By: Crystal Kovach

Behold the end is in sight
The fear, the anger subsides
and now we only lock eyes

I feel you coming alive
So weave your fingers in mine
The flesh is colder than ice

Tell me something I know
Tell me slow

Release the fever you spread
Forget whatever I said
And move your hand down my leg

My oh my love
So this is what it was
This is what you go on about

The rush of blood in my veins
that I can hardly contain
I won't question again

Now I've lost my breath, you leave me breathless
In your arms

I can't remember why
there was even a fight
My oh my, oh my, my love


Written By: Crystal Kovach

The halo fades, wiped away by innocent lies,
the little white ones we deny
My favor in your eyes isn't what it used to be
Heaven knows what you must think of me

What I did in my twisted head was to tell you what you want / I was finally right where I belong
How could I be so right, when everything you heard left you spinning and hurt

Why am I above your lashing out?
Wake up, I can't be trusted any more

I would've told you anything to make you sure
I wanted to be everything you could adore
Now you stand there understanding more and more
I'm innocent before you if you tell me so

My tongue is tied, cold and dry / What am I supposed to say, only silence makes it go away
You know my mouth feeds you lies, but if you think I'm worthy I'll compromise

I don't know what I deserve here
Wake up, I can't be trusted anymore

I lost the whole disguise
You live with all the lies
I'm clean before your eyes
Don't you realize...

Wake Tomorrow

Written By: Crystal Kovach

Hang on tight it's happening / Your head in my lap and the tears run dry / We both know why / The strain of the moment is growing / You're well beyond break point but no one knows / Hold on baby, hold on

You try to fight you try to drive us apart
but I won't break down
If we barely hold together one more night,
the dark will fade to light

We could wake tomorrow / or We could die tonight
We could separate in sorrow / or suffer through the night Suddenly all the small things disappear from sight
We could wake tomorrow if we stay alive tonight

The woman who always knew best / The one who took care of you all your life / You lost her way too soon, indeed I can tell that you've lost all will, I can tell that there's no way to comfort you / You're pushing me away

You call the play to throw the game when it's hard
But I won't break down
So let me hold you together one more night
The dark will fade to light


Written By: Crystal Kovach

That's a hell of way to start out the day
You pull down the blinds and turn away
You know that I'm right that something's not right
when the morning hurts your eyes

Oh God what an ache inside your head
And tell me who is that lying in your bed
Your memory's gone now the normal lights are on

Tear it up, wear it down in the Underground
Now you're lost in the onslaught of sound
Take the pill in your hand, down it fast as can
Go Underground

Swallow it down, there's no one around
No one's in pain here it's not allowed
Everyone's your kind, no need is denied
when you leave the mask behind

There's nothing but sound, you're feeling it pound
Four in the floor never felt so good
The work day is gone, now you can make up for all of the harm

Open your eyes / Look at the sky
Look at your sleeping children lie / Where do you go
Where do you turn now


Written By: Crystal Kovach

So here lies another day
Departed in the same old way
What's different from the day before
I'm still made of flesh and bone

Slow suffocation in my heart
Feel the water rise above my mouth
This is not how I imagined my life would go
I'm dying for some...

Air to cleanse my lungs, to give me rest
Had I been full of dreams before I lost my breath
Air I lost when I was young
I never spoke of all the things I choke on

Stare out the window for the hundredth time
What is out there that I cannot find
Forces I can't see they bring my down
Like a frightened child, so sad
This is not, this is not how I imagined my life
I'm dying for some...

Nothing chills the bones like nothing to look forward to
And nothing happens when you're frozen
You kill time, you kill the light inside
until nothing matters


Written By: Crystal Kovach

Today I'll run away
Run away and leave me behind
Become an armored heart
I've played the little fool for the last time

I'm just a poor design, I give up all the time
I feel my hands clench now it's fight or flight

Goodbye to good enough
Goodbye to playing rough
Goodbye to all this, I've had enough

How did I end up
end up so fragile and shy
Relegated to the sidelines
I smile and say alright, I only wanna try one time

I fill up on fear, but that ends right here
I've held my tongue long enough for one lifetime


Written By: Crystal Kovach

What does it matter now / The time has passed
Don't need permission to come in last
So what's the difference if I put myself on the line
I only end up killing time

I can't help wondering if you're for real
Words falling from your mouth, that's how I feel
Careful what you say, I might agree
You're seeing something in me that's I've been trying to see

Hey you in the corner come out and play
You're not the shy little girl who always caves
And you're almost brave, almost believing
almost brave, almost believing that wicked girls can win

It's not all bad if you look at how
each little flaw became who I am now
Look at you, look at me, we are nothing like everyone I see / That's good enough for me


Written By: Crystal Kovach

Hail to the other guy / Unite a world you divided
Hail to the moral right / We needed you to define it

Throw the man with the beard in jail / They're all out for blood I'm certain / And every woman and child needs a man to decide, no she shouldn't decide on her own

You know better than I what's wrong with my life
You take me aside cuz I should reconsider...

Would anyone like to lose their freedom
So long as we're afraid of everyone, the holy ones
Will make their faith the State

Hail the land of the free and the brave
Just as long as you live as the bible says
Life is black and it's white and there's no room for gray
There's no room for doubt today

You're no better than I / You shudder through life
You take me aside cuz I should reconsider...


"Underground" released 2009, currently receiving Air and Internet Radioplay in the US and internationally

-The song "Tell Me Slow" will be in the upcoming film "Cam Girl", a film-noir thriller from Reality Films.

-The song "Halo" won the "Song of the Year" International Songwriting contest in the Rock Category for December 2009.

-Songs from this album have recently been selected into the production library at MTV Networks.

-Songs from this album have been licensed in Italy for in-store play across the country.

-Songs from this album have been played on WRFU and KZGM-FM, as well as internet radio stations and podcasts all across the globe, including iRadio LA (indie 104), Pongid Radio,, Euterpia Radio (France), RLWebradio (Italy), Women of Substance Radio, and Women's Radio.

Set List

Tell Me Slow
Voices Carry (til Tuesday)
Wake Tomorrow
Set lasts roughly 30 minutes