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Singles/ Vinyls

Crystal Lake VS. Manian - F.A.Q (Zooland / Punch, Germany)
Crystal Lake - Party Doesn’t Stop (Zooland / Punch, Germany)
Crystal Lake VS. Commercial Club Crew - I Walk Alone (Tought Stuff, Germany)
Crystal Lake - Your Style (Zooland Records, Germany)
Crystal Lake feat. Barbie - Get Down (Tunnel Records, Germany)
Apollo VS. Crystal Lake - Free (Spin That Records!, Germany)
Crystal Lake ft. Renana & Nati Hasid - Israel Girls
Crystal Lake - Rega Lifney
Crystal Lake - Kmo Tfila (NMC United, Israel)
C-lake - We Bring The Joy (Album, Rocka / SSG Korea)
Crystal Lake - Jessica (NMC, Israel)
Crystal Lake - Sax N' Wax (Dancevilla, Holland)
Sunny Inc. - Loving U (DDR/Cuepoint, Germany)
Crystal Lake - Thunder Ball (Sonic Sounds, Holland)
Crystal Lake - Deep Rising (Darkness) (Phonokol, Israel)
Crystal Lake - Don’t Give Up (Phonokol, Israel)

Crystal Lake Remixes

R.I.O. feat. U-Jean - Turn This Club Around (Crystal Lake Remix) (Zooland)
Jens O - Body & Soul (Crystal Lake Remix) (Yawa Records)
Bryce feat. J-Malik - Nothing Can Hold Us Back (Crystal Lake Remix) (Planet Punk)
Discomakers - World Party (Crystal Lake Remix) (Planet Punk)
Rikah - Missing 2012 (Crystal Lake Remix) (Capp / Yawa Records)
Serenity & Spyer Feat. Tevin - Club Rockin Beats (Crystal Lake Remix) (Global Airbeatz)
EBJ feat. Dot Comma - Searching For You (Crystal Lake Remix) (Mental Maddnes)
Sunset Project & Tomtrax - Nessaja (Crystal Lake Remix) (Munix)
Brooklyn Bounce Vs. Discotronic - The Music´s Got Me (Crystal Lake Remix) (Mental Maddnes)
Chris van Dutch meets Dropz! - Dynamite (Crystal Lake Remix) (Capp)
Marc Kiss - No Easy Way Out (Crystal Lake Remix) (Mental Maddnes)
Van Snyder - Start Again (Crystal Lake Remix) (Mental Maddnes)
Lacuna - Celebrate The Summer 2012 (Pulsive Media)
Basslovers United - Forever Is Over (Crystal Lake Remix) (Zooland)
Manian - Welcome To The Club 2011 (Crystal Lake Remix) (Zooland)
Tom Mountain - Excited (Crystal Lake Remix) (Planet Punk)
Jens O. - Kings & Queens (Crystal Lake Remix) (Yawa)
Van Snyder - Start Again (Crystal Lake Remix) (Mental Madnnes)
Tierra - My Greatest Fear (Crystal Lake Remix) (Central Stage)
Andrew Spencer - Can’t Stop Love (Crystal Lake Remix) (Mental Madnnes)
Azuri - Manniquin (Crystal Lake Remix) (Rocka)
ItaloBrothers - Radio Hardcore (Crystal Lake Remix) (Zooland)
Sasha Dith - I Love Dance (Crystal Lake Remix) (Planet Punk)
Lolita - Joli Garcon (Crystal Lake Remix) (Planet Punk)
Gina Lisa - Alles Klar (Crystal Lake Remix) (Panevino Village / Kontor)
Flarup VS. Maly - We Are One (Crystal Lake Remix) (Blutonium)
DJ Dean VS DJ Spacecat Raven - Nobody Ever Knows Anymore (Crystal Lake Remix) (Tunnel)
Rednex - Devil’s On The Loose (Crystal Lake Remix) (Muunshine)
Power Dance - In My Heart (Crystal Lake Remix) (Teta Records)
Fundo ft. Elena Jospha - Girl On Girl (Crystal Lake Remix) (Kontrol UK)

Other Projects/ Productions

Karma - More & More (Zooland Records, DE)
Mr. Sam vs. Fred Baker - Forever Waiting (Sesta Remix) (Blackhole Records, NL)
Sesta - Runnaway (Blackhole Records, NL)
Sesta - On Fire (Blackhole Records, NL)
Global Warming - Fall To Pieces (Electra Only, UK)
Global Warming - Far & Away (Moonrising Records)
Double Agents feat. Aruna - Electrified (Global Warming Remix) (Metallic)
C-Lake - Everywhere You Go (4playTrax)
Pavex feat. Danny Marx Young - Solid Skies (Cuepoint)
Tauro - Loco Loco (C-Lake Remix) (Rockstar Media)
Jan Wayne - Piece Of My Heart (Sunny Inc Remix) (DDR)
Jan Wayne & Scarlet - I Touch Myself (Sunny Inc Remix) (DDR)
Pavex - Pavex EP (Cuepoint)
Jan Wayne - Piece Of My Heart (Pavex Remix) (DDR)
Sunny Inc. - Loving U (Pavex Remix) (Cuepoint)
Global Warming Team - Memories (Proxoz)
Global Warming Feat Marcie - Feel Love 2007 (Media Records)
John Marks - Carnival (Global Warming Remix) (Whitevilla)
Crystal Lake pres. Global Warming - Skywalker (Infinity Loop)
Rob Mayth Vs Bar10ders - Goodbye (Suprime Records)



Alex Moerman & Paul Gorbulski, two of the currently most happening Dance producers in Europe, are the creators of Crystal Lake.
Their unique style is Hands Up – a mixture of Eurodance & Hard Dance, but always flavoured with House, Trance, 80's, Rock or Electro elements.

In studio, Alex contributes the beats and sound design. He Used to play the drums and therefore has a great ability in creating the right groove for Crystal Lake's tracks.

Paul is in charge of the melodies and the lyrics. When Paul was a kid he used to play the violin, after training for 1 year he threw the violin against the wall and broke it! Guess that wasn't meant to be. After his unsuccessful violin experience Paul started taking piano lessons, which lasted for 8 years!
Crystal Lake was founded in Friday 13th 1999, since then Alex & Paul were busy breaking their own personal records, always aiming higher & higher towards their ultimate goal – Becoming one of the most influential dance music acts in the world.

Over the years Crystal Lake had numerous amounts of live shows, dozens of top chart positions, over 5 Million views on YouTube, their own radio show (Crystal Nation) broadcasted in 14 countries and regularly featured on compilations such as Dream Dance (Sony), VIVA Club Rotation (Ministry Of Sound) & Future Trance (Universal).

They remixed and collaborated with major artists such as R.I.O, ItaloBrothers, Manian, Lolita, Rob Mayth, Andrew Spencer, Jan Wayne, Sasha Dith, Apollo, Rednex and many more.
In 2010 Crystal Lake signed a contract with Zooland records, home of Cascada, Manian, ItaloBrothers & R.I.O. This made one thing very clear – They are here to conquer the world.