Crystal Moustache

Crystal Moustache


At the center of Crystal Moustache is a rhythm section consisting of deep visceral bass and hip-pop percussion. Synthesisers and rhodes keyboards provide a spacial landscape filled with rich textures, while Guitars are at times delicate and at other times abrassive. The vocals are pure soul.


A lot of bands these days can be considered straight forward "indie" bands. This is not to say that these bands all sound the same, but rather that there are clear commonalities between a lot of these bands, from the image they project to the sound they make. It seems that people might be more hard pressed to fit Crystal Moustache in a specific category, as this band has embarked upon a new musical journey. We are all deeply influenced by hip-hop, though we all come from disparate musical backgrounds. What one hears when listening to a Crystal Moustache song then is a composite of the past, the present, and the future. We are influenced by the grooves and rhythms of the the 60's rn'b scene as well as the golden age of hip hop during 90's. We are influenced by the guitar stylings of the strokes and the Velvet Underground, and by the psychedelic textures found in an Animal Collective or Caribou song. We do not try to sound like anything or anyone in particular, and though we irrefultably have our influences, our compositions end up being entirely original and entirely Crystal Moustache. We are not genre specific, we cannot be; Crystal Moustache is an entirely new way of approaching music.


singles:Golden Son/Mother's Child
Both of these tracks are streamed online on different radio stations.