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The Prize Is Already Mine

Written By: Crystal Ponzio

Surprise, your dreams have opened your eyes
Refined the truth that’s inside all the lies
And the hidden currents inside your mine

Come here, do you hear that sound in your ear
It’s the sound of the past and the future
Telling you that destiny’s near

I have no reason to squander my life
These endless treasures buried under the sky
I can’t be bothered with the running of time
If this life is a big race, the prize is already mine
I’m not the one in the waiting line
To claim the comfortable life
In the house on the hill with the yard on the side
It’s just not me

All along, the birds were singing my song
Singing about loves lost and lives won and people who have followed their heart
I wanna follow my heart

Chorus 2X

Oh, this sandbox was big rocks
Until the ocean swept them away
I wanna be swept away
I wanna be swept away

Be A Man

Written By: Crystal Ponzio

Go to bed my dear
Don’t you mind the tears
On my pillow
I can’t sleep next to you

I don’t cry
When your eyes
Go wandering
When your head starts turning

But a few too many
And my pride escapes
And I wonder

Could you be a man
Could you toe the line
Could you find Jesus
Could you blow my mind

Perfume in my hair
I knew I’d find you there
That I'd fall hard
That I'd fall hard

Drove a half-life car
To a half-lit bar
Had a few too many
And my pride escaped me
And I asked you

To be a man
To toe the line
To find Jesus
To blow my mind

Could you be a man
Could you toe the line
Could you find Jesus
Could you blow my mind
Could you blow my mind
Could you blow my mind

Be a man
Toe the line
Find Jesus, Find Jesus

That I’d fall hard
That I’d fall hard


Written By: Crystal Ponzio

Sideways sleeping under a tree

Of purple and green

A little leaf fell on your cheek

Another landed right beneath

The place where your hips would come meet me

You were the first of many more

Of many women, many more

I knew if I had you

There’d be millions more

My garden, Eden

Where you cover your shame

With patterns of pink lace

And leaves colored sage

Eden, my love

Love is a game

And you will lose

Again and again and again and again

I learned you long and learned you hard

Knew you close, knew you far

And swallowed whole the fruit of your fall

Sad and sweet and no in between

Seeking me in a desperate eternity


Things a Little Different EP (2004)
I Don't Mind EP (2006)
Pretty Little Lady EP (to be released 2008)

Set List

Typical set list below. Sets are normally between 60 and 90 minutes.

Barren Land
Pretty Little Lady
The Fountain Song
Follow Me
Little Blue Star
Be A Man
Talk You Down
Rainbow Ribbon Sky

Orphan Girl (cover)
Angel From Montgomery (cover)
Voices Carry (cover)
Crown of Love (cover)