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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
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"Crystal Seth- Self Portrait"

Today we'd like to feature a rapper that we have been following for the last couple months. Crystal Seth comes to us right out of Pittsburgh and we feel like in a short time his name will be on the bill next to his neighbors Mac and Wiz. We were lucky enough to sit down with Seth, who answered some of our questions and gave us a little preview of his mix-tape which drops tomorrow. The track "Do It" really shines, we can tell this dudes got the conviction to make it in the game. Seth is obviously well connected with producers, "Late Night Smoker" and "Do It" are very different songs, yet Seth is able to adapt his style to the beats, but were just gonna let him do all the talking...

Tell us a little bit about where your from and how you got started rapping, what got you into music?
I grew up in Squirrel Hill and attended a small school in the city called Falk. I moved to Ohara township at a young age and transferred into the Fox Chapel Area School District in the middle of my 7th grade year. When I was about 15 I still hung out with my good friends that I acquired at Falk. My best friend at the time was a kid named Derek Green, younger brother of a well established emcee from Pittsburgh, Beedie. Beedie worked closely with Mac Miller at the time and formed a rap group called the Ill-Spoken. The more I was around that type of environment and type of culture the more evident it became to me that rapping was something I wanted to pursue.

Who are your main influences both musically and lyrically?
I’m a big fan of the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop scene right now, I listen to a lot of Most Dope (Mac & Palermo) The 58’s, Varsity Squad, and Devin Miles from the Rles Society. As for established artists that are getting a lot of attention, my main influences are J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Krit, Curren$y, and of course Wiz Khalifa. I am certainly influenced by other/earlier artists than these few that I named, but I’d like to focus on the future of Hip-Hop at the moment.

Take us through your writing process. Do you write your lyrics or are your verses more based on freestyle?
No.. Not at all, everything I do is crafted in the Blackberry. Basically producers send me beats. I let the beat talk to me and form a concept in my head. From there I simply redistribute in lyrics how the beat makes me feel. Look out for the production on my tape by Dj Farrell, Jerz, and Nathan Harder. I consider these guys as a part of my team, I have worked closely with all of them and they pretty much make up the whole mix-tape production wise.

What do you look for in beats and samples when you're putting together new tracks?
Good music, period.. I can work with literally anything as long as the beat was meaningful to the person who constructed it.

Pittsburgh has blown up in the last couple years with the likes of Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa, where do you see your self in the next few years as a rapper coming out of the city.
Well it is a couple days until I release Self Portrait, which in my eyes is the debut of my first project. Without a real product dropped yet it is hard to answer a question like that. It’s really up to the listeners now, we can only hope for the best. I’m not expecting a humongous response from the tape, I believe that (hopefully) it will trickle out into the community and that my music will gain a little respect in the right places. Musically I have finally found my niche. In any aspect of life I believe staying true to yourself is a necessity, I think that will shine through the speakers in Self Portrait. You will really get to know me by the end of this tape.

Tell us a little about the tape. What are you trying to get across with Self Portrait?
Well I sort of touched base with this question in the previous one but the best way I can describe Self Portrait is “me,” it’s just me in a nutshell. I talk about my life a lot, hence why it’s called Self Portrait. With a fun twist of painting metaphors throughout the tape there is a wide variety of music on here, there is a song for everybody on Self Portrait.

When you look at your work in the next couple years, what are some things that you'd like to have accomplished?
Well I’d like to get my degree in telecommunications which is what I am currently studying at Penn State. I’d like to keep working with artists honestly, the more collaborations the better. I am going to pump out some music with Devin Miles this summer, I’ve worked with Most Dope’s Palermo Stone and The 58’s Ghosty, they will both be featured on Self Portrait. I’ve followed all of these guys since I started rapping so to work with them is truly a blessing.

So Self Portrait drops on the 26th, whats next for you? Can you tell where we might be able to see you preform live in the next few months?
I’m already writing, recording and preparing for another tape. Basically it’s back to the drawing boards for a concept of the next tape. I will say that I am going to have a constant flow of music coming from this point on, singles and mix-tapes alike. You’ll be able to catch me performing in Pittsburgh this summer, my manager is in contact with some promotion agencies and club promoters so for the most part locally, possibly a couple shows in Philadelphia. Nothing is set in stone yet but it’s in the works and all of that information will be announced online via my fan page and twitter.

Thanks Seth it was a pleasure getting to speak with you.

We weren't able to get a full preview on the tape, but if the rest of the tracks even come close to these two, we are fully in. Hit up Crystal Seth on Facebook where you will be able to find a link for Self Portrait. Follow him on twitter @crystal_seth. Also I STRONGLY recommend checking out his freestyle on youtube. Believe it or not Seth freestyles over a flock of geese, for real he raps over the sounds of birds, so dope. I wanna thanks Seth one last time for sitting down with us, can't wait to see what hes got for us in the future. - David Budimir

"Crystal Seth-Self Portrait Interview"

Blog Master Bowser was too busy to write this one, so I messaged my buddy Seth and asked him for a few moments of his time. Being as cool and humble as he is, he agreed to answer my stupid questions. So...enjoy these thorough responses from this passionate artist who plans to inspire, motivate, and bring euphoria to the fans who he creates this music for. It's Crystal Seth!

"you're actually talking to me while i'm in the studio and the engineer is mixing and mastering the final bounce for the tape.. haha"

Me: So you've released two tapes before this. What can we expect from this one that sets it apart from them?
Seth: Just about everything...From the album artwork, management, features, studio equipment, quality of my lyricism, it actually has a concept. Whereas my first two tapes weren't as serious, just me sort of rapping to beats. Oh...and proper visuals. [laughs] So basically i consider this my first release though, yes.

Me: You've definitely gained a good YouTube following so far with only a few music videos. How do you plan to continue this growth?
Seth: Honestly? Just keep making music. If you make something that's worth listening to, it is natural instinct to share it with your peers. I especially love my YouTube followers because most of them have been with me from the beginning, people like ZWebb and thriller126 especially, have seen through my weaknesses and I have stayed in good touch with them both on YouTube and in real life. Till this day, thriller126 is actually one of my best friends in real life. I just wanted to shout out his channel.

Me: You've stated that this album is a whole new chapter. Does the title Self Portrait symbolize anything? Perhaps the personal connection that was made with the new tracks?
Seth: Absolutely, Self Portrait is a very self-explanatory mixtape. Basically there's a track for everybody on this mixtape, any mood you're in, I have a song for you.. and I incorporate a different aspect of my life in every track. I can only hope that people will relate to the music though...that's the defining moment for any product in any form of art of media in my opinion.

Me: I can see that most of the production was done by DJ Farrell. From what I heard so far, everything sounds crisp and fresh. How was it working with him and his studio and production and how did you decide that's where you were going to record?
Seth: Well ever since I met DJ Farrell I knew he was something special. He is a genius on the boards, for real, working with him is a pleasure. We're just about the same age and we're basically in the same position on different sides of the art... being in the studio with him is tons of fun, a very professional relationship but a friend before anything. I'm still working with my previous engineer, he produced the beat to Yesterdays Youth on the tape, we will all definitely all keep working closely as a team...hopefully we all benefit from this.

Me: You obviously have a great team. Some great artists were featured on the tape too. What was it like working with them?
Seth: The best thing ever for real, since this is a Pittsburgh based blog i'm assuming that you are referring to Ghosty and Palermo Stone? Both of them are people that I've looked up to a lot since I've started rapping...actually back in the day I sent Ghosty one of my first recorded tracks, and he was one of the only people that I sent it to that responded to me. Both tracks are very special to me, to be on the same track as them is what I consider my biggest accomplishment thus far. I remember after we finished recording Southside Slopes and I heard my voice next to Ghostys for the first time... I don't think I'll ever forget that moment.

Me: This question is more for me...being in the creative's all pretty much the same in my opinion. Are there times that you feel like giving up? If so, what keeps you going?
Seth: Sure there are times when I feel like giving up, like when I post a song and it might not get the most hasty of responses...or the traveling that's involved... all the negative assumptions that our society has about rap...just like any other genre of music, there is good music and bad music, and good music that people don't agree's absurd to me that people would completely disregard a type of music because of the exterior shell that our media has cast upon it. You'll hear me talking about my home town a lot in this next mixtape, and sometimes not in the brightest of lights...I was, and am still an outcast to some people where I live [however there's also a lot of people who support me as well]...the position that me and some of my peers are in right now are some of the hardest times in attempting to be an up and coming artist...people don't know you, and are always seeking for you to prove something to them...even if they don't know what it is...and what keeps me going is the music itself, and the people that enjoy it. I would say focus on your art form as long as it makes you happy, because people can disrespect it, but they can never take it away from you.

- Billy Hoyle

"Interview with up and coming Pittsburgh Artist Crystal Seth"

Have you ever heard a song and flipped out wanting to know the artist and the song name? Hoping that you’ll remember it long enough so you can go home and download it as soon as you can ? Well, thats what it’s like for almost all people who have heard of Crystal Seth, and even myself.

Once a freshman at Pennsylvania State University Altoona campus I heard a cover to Airplanes by B.O.B at a frat party. I remember clearly everyone whispering in excitement who is this? And then followed that you heard “He’s goes here?!”

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Penn., Seth Goldsmith (Crystal Seth) has been attending Pennsylvania State University since May 2009, and is now a junior at the main campus. The 20 year old still juggles his career in music while focusing on school. With three mixtapes out and over 80,000 views currently on his YouTube channel, Crystal Seth is anything but a amateur.

His most recent mixtape “Self Portrait” already has more than 700 downloads, and two music videos to go along with it. His mixtapes and songs are popular for everyone and anyone in any mood, or any place. parties, loudly in your car, or while doing homework in your dorm room, Crystal Seth is a college student’s new favorite artist from Pennsylvania State University all the way to the University of Massachusetts.

How did you first start getting into rapping?

I started rapping when I was 15. I was friends with Mac Miller and my friend’s older brother is [an] established Pittsburgh artist: Beedie. I spent more time with them and it became all the more clear to me that hip-hop was something I was interested in pursuing. I didn’t always think that I would be as indulged in it as I am now I just did it for fun. People along the way that have listened to me are the ones that have pushed me to take this more seriously, like my manager Eric Caplan.

Has the college experienced helped your career?

College has definitely helped me network my music locations that I wouldn’t be able to access being a resident of Pittsburgh, though I’d say the majority of my fan base still falls within the city of steel.

How do you balance school and music?

To be honest it is really difficult to balance school and music. For instance I achieved a 3.4 GPA the 1st semester of my sophomore year, in the second semester I was preparing for my debut mixtape ”Self Portrait” and with driving to New Jersey every weekend to record you struggle to stay organized and I definitely wasn’t on a good sleep schedule. Needless to say my GPA declined a little bit but nothing too serious, I was able to stay on top of my work load for the most part.

Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?

I get inspiration for my lyrics from my life, where the creativity comes in isn’t just talking straight forward, you have to make your situation seem foreign to people but you also want them to relate to it. I’m also very inspired by other artists; listening to certain people may give me an idea or enlighten me to want to go and tackle something new. Whether it be lyrics, flow or song structure. I’m a big fan of the Pittsburgh hip hop scene; I listen to a lot of burgh music. I would advise any artist or even a fan to stay up on your local music, ignoring what your city has to say is like rooting for the away team.

Where do you see your career a year from now?

It’s hard to say where my career will be in a year, the hip-hop industry is so difficult to break into. I have a little buzz rolling right now and I’m hoping that it will continue to grow. I can, however, say with confidence that I will keep growing as a writer and as an artist. I’ve learned so much by just doing it, putting in the time and effort in music is the only way to grow. I plan to continue doing so, and the difference in my music since last year is like night and day; I believe it’ll be like that a year from now as well.

How would you describe your career right now?

My career now is fantastic. I think re - Jacqueline Ursula Seith

"Crystal Seth: A Fresh Addiction"

It’s been a busy week for Seth Goldsmith.

The Penn State student and hip-hop artist known as Crystal Seth has been preparing to release his new mixtape “Left on Freeport” in the midst of classes and exams. “Everyone knows what the Penn State workload is like,” he said. “Regardless of what your major is, it’s not easy.”

That’s a modest statement coming from a student who shot a music video in State College on Saturday, traveled to a studio in Pittsburgh on Sunday, came back to State College for classes on Monday, took an exam on Tuesday, and traveled back to Pittsburgh to put the finishing touches on his mixtape before it dropped today.

His schedule hasn’t always been this busy, but “from this point on it’s going to be consistently this intense,” he said.

Crystal Seth sharpened his rap skills throughout high school and eventually brought them to Penn State Altoona where he released the well received mixtape “Self Portrait” last April.

Now that he’s at University Park with a new mixtape though, the artist isn’t thinking about the past. “Before this, we didn’t have a product we could push as hard as we’re going to be able to push this one,” he said. Even though balancing schoolwork and music can be difficult, Crystal Seth knows the benefits of dropping “Left on Freeport” while attending Penn State. “There are resources everywhere, but you have to learn how to utilize them,” he said.

The artist also said students should download the mixtape “to support” Penn State and “anyone that’s trying to do something they’re passionate about.”

Anthony Smith, a friend/promoter for Crystal Seth, commented on the artist’s passion for making music. “He doesn’t do this because he thinks it’s cool or because other people might think it’s cool,” Smith said. “He makes music because it’s what he likes to do.”

Writer’s Note: “Left on Freeport” is available as a free download. You can listen to it first and download it here.
- Shawn Christ

"No Break for Crystal Seth"

While everyone was getting ready for their spring break, Penn State’s own Crystal Seth was preparing to release four new music videos… in one day.

The artist has been working hard since October when he released his mixtape “Left on Freeport.” After a couple of months and two new singles, Crystal Seth showed some love to his fans by releasing four music videos in a matter of hours on March 4. Three of the tracks are from “Left on Freeport” and one is the single “Pack My Bags,” which the artist released shortly after.

Check these out:

1. Dial Back ft. Beedie

Easily my favorite song/video from the four that CS released. Love the flow. Love the 50s vibe in the video. Love Beedie’s verse.

2. Better To Be Hated

The sample from “You Are Not a Robot” is so catchy. This whole track is catchy. The video was a little creepy at first, but there’s some great humor in it (check around the 2:00 minute mark when Seth starts driving that playground bus all serious). Showing some love for PSU with the hat too.

3. We Can Go

CS has a great ability to pack a punch in a short track. He does it in this one. The party scene as a music video never gets old either. Short, sweet and to the point.

4. Pack My Bags

This video trips me out. It’s like Rocket Power on shrooms. There are some great lines in this song: “And my fans are like some bullies/they just push me to new heights.” Showing more love for PSU with the snapback. - Shawn Christ

"[Graffiti] Addicted to Crystal Seth"

Monday Morning

9:32am :: Junior, Seth Goldsmith glances down at his watch and slides into a desk near the window in a large classroom. Surprised he made it in time for his unbearably early Telecommunications class; he pulls out a spiral-ringed notebook, tilts his head up and sits back in chair to start listening to his professor cover points for next week’s final exam.

9:34am :: With a waning attention span, the window to his left proves to be a much more thrilling visual. Penn State University’s large green lawn is crowded with class-free students soaking-up the sun, tossing frisbees, and studying under the shade.

9:38am :: Bored, again. Goldsmith signs onto twitter. 16 mentions from the last time he checked.

“Another great show.”

“Crazy time!”

“Just got home, Crystal Seth show was dope tonight. Altoona showed lots of support.”


“one of my favorite people to work w/ kick it w/ vibe wit. He’s one of my favorite artist around on the real.”

He replies to a few mentions covertly under his desk while trying to keep his eyes on the board.

9:40am :: This class couldn’t go any slower. His mind begins to wander. It almost felt unreal that it was just last night he was performing in front of 300 fans, spitting lyrics into a microphone under the bright lights on stage in Pittsburgh, PA. How was he going to study for this exam with two shows coming-up this weekend?

He shakes his head.

It would be the 4.0 GPA vs. the “Final Four”…

Welcome to the double life of Crystal Seth.

“I rap about my life. that’s my playlist.”

I had the opportunity to interview Crystal Seth, the newest MC from Pittsburgh, PA and a junior at Penn State University where he is dubbed “Penn State’s Rapper”. While other students are planning which SPF to wear on spring break and writing papers in the library late Saturday night, Seth Goldsmith, 20, is writing new lyrics, dropping videos and opening for Wiz Khalifa.

Noble recently dropped the highly anticipated Final Four, four music videos directed by Alex Di Marco of Point Park University, in one day, that quickly accumulated a total of over 70,000 views. Check out the Crystal Seth Broadcast Network and discover his heat with 832 subscribers and 203,356 video views to date.

GG: Tell us a bit about your beginnings. When did you start?

CS: “One of my best friends was the little brother of a rapper in the city. I saw what Bee (Beedie) and Mac Miller were doing and wanted to do it. I had a great network and group of friends and started as an open to a jam band.

GG: What did you want to be when you grow-up? Was a rapper always first on the list?

CS: “Actually, no, and I still don’t know what I want to be; but so far being a rapper is going pretty well. I am currently pursuing a degree in Telecommunications and taking classes towards Music Management. I would want to do something on the business side in the music industry.

GG: The “Final Four” videos you just released are picking up some major heat; tell us a bit more about the launch.

GG: How are you taking the pick-up and following that the Final Four videos are getting?

CS: “I am excited and definitely surprised when the videos started hitting 20,000 views each. We have seen a lot of progress between releasing videos. For the Final Four it has been great using Pittsburgh and Penn State campuses to promote. I believe that the music I’m putting out is good, but I have a lot to learn.”

GG: You have 2 mix tapes and a total of 3o tracks under your belt. What should your fans look forward to see from you in the future?

CS: “Definitely more projects and way more shows. We are going to put out some special stuff. We just got an investor, setting-up features from big artists, and working on even better music videos.”

GG: Where should we get your music?

CS: “Both mixtapes are on Datpiff , Reverb Nation, or the Facebook Fan Page.”

GG: What is your inspiration for your lyrics?

CS: “I get the feeling from the beat. I will purchase certain beats from producers and some people just send them through for free, it all just depends on who it is. I’ll listen to whatever the beat says to me and then play it back. If I hear a beat, I will rap over it. I am definitely not strictly a hip-hop snob. I also like fresh music. I like up comers and are influenced by them. There will definitely be some exploring going on in the next few upcoming projects.”

GG: Who do you look up to?

CS: “I look up to my parents, RZA, and obviously look up to Wiz and Mac, the dudes that made something out of Pittsburgh in the music scene, Big L just for being a legend, and to people who make the world go around every day.”

GG: What’s your personal style?

CS: “I usually wear fitted hats and snap backs. I like to wear some street wear brands like Ten Deep, Crooks and Castles, and Good Wood, a jewelry company that makes stuff out of wood. I usually rock a lot of thrift wear and New Balance running shoes, with some sweet socks, and Levi jeans.”

Crystal Seth in the GG HOT SEAT

3 things you always have in your pocket are…phone, lighter, and wallet.

my favorite food is…sushi.

you can always find me rocking…Aztec print.

Single or Taken? Single

my all-time favorite store is…time bomb.

my dream car would be a…rolls royce phantom.

favorite all time artist is … Big L

my show to watch is … “Rome” on HBO or a hip-hop documentary - Stephanie Alexis

"Crystal Seth: Post Final Four Interview"

Here's my latest interview with Crystal Seth.  My part of the dialogue is bold you bitches.
It's been awhile since our last interview, what's changed in the world of Crystal Seth? (Last Interview was april 25th, almost a year)

-Oh man, just about everything. I'd say my whole outlook and understanding of music has completely morphed since then, and I hope to be saying the same thing around this time next year. Things have definitely gotten a little more serious. Were getting looks from some production companies, more artists are willing to collaborate, we have an investor, shows are expanding ect... So yeah none of these things were present last year.

In what ways have you grown since the release of Left On Freeport?

-The more an artists writes, the more well rounded of a song constructor they become. The more an artist records, the better they're delivery becomes and understanding of certain creative barriers are breached, and there is no one that can completely master song writing/recording, there is never room to stop learning. So each time I get in the studio its a learning process, certain things become second nature while others take time to manipulate and utilize, it is a never ending process. It's been a long time since I recorded the songs on Left on Freeport, I can only tell you to wait and see what the next project has in store, that will truly depict my growth.

It was a ballsy move dropping 4 new videos in one day and it might still be too early to tell but if you could go back to March 4th would you have changed anything?

-Definitely would not have done anything differently at all... Being an artist is about being different, I'm not trying to just go through the notions of somebody else's success, one because that's lame as fuck, and 2 lightning rarely strikes twice. We are really working on innovative ways to attack this, that's why you see animation in the Pack My Bags video, plus I have a video coming out with an artist from the burgh pretty shortly that is going to be way crazier than any video I've put out... And that most people have put out for that matter. So March 4th was definitely a success, there was a huge focus on Crystal Seth that night, and even if the videos don't get 1 more view in the next year, It was worth it because on a local scale everybody else was irrelevant that night.

I've said many times that you have a very hard working team but who exactly makes up your team?

Eric Caplan works the managerial side of the spectrum
Anthony Smith and Cray Thomas are heavy promoters
Tom Stewart is sort of my right hand man
Alex Di Marco is our videographer
-- there are some dudes that would certainly get an honorable mention to... Just people that go hard as fuck for me you know... You being one of them, this dude Nathan.. My whole branch campus cult. Stuff like that.

I have a few more questions relating more specifically to your latest release "Victoria's Secret". The first isn't exactly a question but I know you're a passionate individual so I know the intro to this track means a lot to you. Could you just explain a little more what your trying to tell people with that intro? You also go on to say "..I Been stupid, stepped in your blueprint...", are you talking to anyone specific there or just more of a general statement? The next few bars are also pretty interesting (forgive me if I misquote this, just correct any mistakes if you'd be so kind) "Karma kinda stings, I was ballin as a teen, with my hair at my shoulders, shit my shoulders sorta lean, slippin soda in the beam, sippin slow to do my thang, she went low and I went oh, what a feeling you been bringing to me" Please tell us about this karma stung, long haired, soda sippin teen. Finally question about Victoria's Secret, is the story about the 6 cars and "goons" true as well?

- The intro is just fucking dope period, haha. But at first I took it and was gonna run with that whole - hip hop isn't what it used to be - Billy Hoyle

"A Cipher with Crystal Seth"

Seth Goldsmith has a cat named Cassius. He studies telecommunications. He exercises. He appreciates sunny days because they’re limited in Pittsburgh, his hometown. He’s the archetypal Penn State student.

Except when he’s on stage.

Known to fans as “Crystal Seth,” this young, talented entrepreneur is the next big thing out of Pennsylvania’s trendy hip-hop scene. His latest project, Left on Freeport, has reached over 6,000 hits on, the industry’s most popular online mixtape source. It doesn’t stop there — by the end of the semester, he promises us more material.

While he says academics are important to him, music is in his blood.

“I’ve been into music since 1969 when my dad attended Woodstock,” he offers with that clever wit that makes his music so enticing. His mother is a skilled poet, and he says her work significantly influences his lyricism.

Crystal Seth’s content focuses on his daily life and those who may relate. He attempts to understand his listeners by appealing to them on a personal level through rhyme and rhythm.

“To be able to write a song about myself, but be conscious enough during the writing process to appeal to a mass audience, that inspires me. I admittedly haven’t done that [yet], or else I’d be famous already. That also inspires me.”

His humility and drive propel his crew to operate as a cohesive unit on the journey to a dream. Seth says this is the key to success.

“My team runs things as if I’ve already made it in the industry, so by the time we get there, we’ll be a well-oiled machine. There will be no harsh transition because we work that hard already.” And work hard he does. This semester, he has yet to spend a weekend in State College. He travels far and wide to play in front of screaming audiences, record music or film videos that attach visuals to his head-bobbing beats.

Currently, Crystal Seth is in the process of signing with a State College-based production company to gain more exposure within the area and beyond.

Keep an eye on this up-and-comer that’s one of our very own! You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or visit Datpiff  to download his music for free!

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated how often Crystal Seth has left State College to work on his career. It’s this semester that he has missed so many weekends. We apologize for the error!

- Lindsy Carolla

"Crystal Seth Releases Mixtape and Interview with State in The Real"

Crystal Seth has been coming up in the rap game for the last four years. He began writing music in the summer before his junior year, and by senior year he had won his high school’s Battle of the Bands. It goes without saying that once he started his career at Penn State, he turned his music up a notch. Seth raps with a catchy flow, and his lyrics are a step above many college rappers these days. You can tell his lyrics are influenced by the people around him, and the school that we all call home. Hailing from the steel city, Pittsburgh, Seth has a similar rapping style to a few other prominent Pittsburgh MC’s. He released his first official mixtape “Self Portrait” in April 2011, and has been viewed over 4,000 times on His fan base is growing, and will continue to grow now that he has released his newest mixtape “Left on Freeport”. Wednesday night he released the video for “Get Right (prod. DJ Farrell)” and in less than 24 hours it has been viewed over 2,500 times. Everyone go check out Crystal Seth, download “Left on Freeport”, and spread the word about this kid, he’s about to BLOW-UP!

You can download “Left on Freeport” here:

Check out his newest video “Get Right (prod. DJ Farrell)” here:

Here is what Crystal Seth had to say about his new mixtape, and more!

SITR – How did you come up with the name?
CS – I wanted something that represents me, something that separates me from all these other cats in the burgh. Freeport Road is the street I grew up on after moving out of Squirrel Hill. I wanted to connect the city with my location now as they are both a big part of me. Coming to my home now, from the city, you must make a Left on Freeport. It also embodies and encourages the listener to do what they please in life, freedom, and roads simply connect our entire nation, you’ll hear in the self titled track, “Let me welcome you to Freeport Road, there’s no restriction nor direction that you need not go.”

SITR – You seem to have a very loyal fan base; do they influence your music at all?
CS – I love my fans. Its not like were global yet, but were growing, and the fans I have go hard as hell for me. They ARE my influence, them and the people I keep around me.

SITR – Tell me about “Left on Freeport”.
CS – It’s a huge step up from my previous work. All recorded/mixed/mastered in a professional studio called Tuff Sound Recording in Pittsburgh. I think that if anyone is a fan of Self Portrait, I’ve grown immensely as a writer in these past 7 months leading up to the tape. The dude that records me – and I say the dude in the upmost respect, because he is the fucking dude – is Soy Sos and the seconded I recorded with him I knew he was the man to stick with. He has done extensive work in every genre of music and gives off a very worldly vibe to the music. That is crucial, because in this tape and in general you’ll find a lot more than just hip-hop, its music.

SITR – Your video for “Get Right (prod Dj Farrell)” got 300 views in just a few hours after it was released, do you think this will be the hit song, or is there a surprise coming for your fans on “Left on Freeport”?
CS – Well if anyone has followed my work I usually do one party oriented song per tape. This should be the most popular at a campus like Penn State, but I have some features on the tape that are bubbling up a pretty large buzz themselves, much bigger than me at this point. I mean I’ve only released 2 tracks so there should be 12 more surprises on the tape. – Plus it opens with snippet of a poem from my mom about the Allegheny River – parallel to Freeport Road – called River Swerving, that’s where I get all my writing skills… She hasn’t even heard it yet haha, should be a pleasant surprise. And I get my passion for music from my dad. Music and family is his life, truly, just had to throw that in there.

SITR – Has go - Matt of


"Left on Freeport"



Hard work and determination is what the strong working class of Pittsburgh, PA is known for. Seth Goldsmith was not born into a family that gave him everything on a silver platter. He learned at a young age that working hard towards your goals, hustling your butt off and always staying focused can get you everything you want. The 21 year old hip-hop MC goes by the name Crystal Seth. His lyrics reflect the hard working mind set of this young entrepenuer. However, he also verbally paints and artistic picture instilled with ideas of love, life at college, partying and growing up in the Steel City. He is the son of two psychologists who both have a deep passion for music, not to mention that his mother is a punished poet. So Seth grew up learning how to express himself in an artistic manner. His upbringing is shown through the creativity of his music as well as the witty way of which he delivers his lyrics on the microphone with confidence.

Inspired by some of raps most lyrical and influential artist such as Big L, Wu Tang Clan, Jay-Z, BZE, Seth began writing music during his junior year of high school, but by his senior year he realized that he had quite the knack for rapping so he began taking the craft more seriously. Over the next 3 years Seth starting working on smaller underground projects, putting together two mix tapes, shooting music videos, and doing collaborations with some of Pittsburgh’s most talented hip-hop artists. Locally renowned artists such as Devin Miles, Beedie, Palermo Stone, Primavera Vills, and Ghosty of The 58’s are some just to name a few. All of his underground work was merely the foundation for his debut mix tape titled “Left on Freeport” which was released October 14, 2011.

Since the release of his debut mix tape Crystal Seth has been on the road doing shows all throughout his home state of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. These shows include performing alongside well known hip hop artist Bubba Sparxx, XXL Magazine 2012 Freshmen of the year Hopsin, up and coming New York rapper Action Bronson, Chicago based hip-hop/ soul band Sidewalk Chalk, R&B artist Verse Simmons and the ever so flashy hiphop artist who goes by the name 2 Chainz.