The Crystal Stafford Project

The Crystal Stafford Project


Crystal Stafford has a voice that is distinctive and identifiable. At times energetic and powerful, and others sultry and soulful. She is a one woman show with the energy of a full band, using looping stations and programmed sequences to fill her sound. Look for her this fall as she tours on a bike!


Through her music Crystal Stafford enchants her audience with passion and conviction. A singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, she spreads a message of individual freedom, hope and the responsibility we all have to each other and to the world. Although she has worked with numerous bands and musicians, she is currently performing solo, although you'd never know it. Using looping stations and programmed sequences she adds energy and emotion to her organic sound, producing what she likes to call "Indie Electro Folk." Beginning September 15, 2008 she will be biking her way up and down the east coast with the Ginger Ninjas, a band known for their recent tour of 5,000 miles from Northern California through mexico on bicycles. The tour will be a low-impact, pedal generated music celebration. All equipment will be towed and even powered using pedal-generated electricity. The audience is often invited to get on stage and pedal the bikes to make the sound, taking crowd participation to a new level. This is a show you don't want to miss!

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In Through the Wires :: June 2006
Breathe :: Om : Chilled :: January 2007
Her sophmore album not yet titled is due for release in September 2008.

Set List

Crystal can play anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Covers (if played) include Bob Marley, Patty Griffin, Portishead, and U2.