Cry To The Blind

Cry To The Blind


We're everything you need in a great rock band: great singer, great songwriting, and great personality. We bring a message of hope and strength to those who are lost, and we rock while doing it.


Formed from the ashes of Central New York’s premier hip-hop/metal band 40 Ounce, Cry to the Blind is the brainchild of 5 accomplished and dedicated musicians with years of experience and knowledge in the music business. Having performed with countless national acts including Gym Class Heroes, Powerman 5000, Godsmack, and Nonpoint, the band is well versed in delivering an emotional live performance that exceeds the expectations of anyone familiar with their recorded material.
The five members of Cry to the Blind each play an important role in performance and songwriting. Vocalist Jon Lamanna is the driving force of the music, with a vocal range reminiscent of such accomplished musicians as Sting and Brandon Boyd, with the intensity to back it up. Guitarist Jesse Matty is a huge compliment to Lamanna’s vocal style. Together, they use harmony beautifully, often drawing comparisons to 90’s rockers Alice in Chains. Complimenting Jesse’s guitar is the guitar of Ryan McFaul, whose percussive riffs and well placed effects create depth and layers of sound, and explode into climactic bursts of energy and feeling. Bassist Kory MacLauchlan and drummer Jason Telarico have been playing together for 7 years. Their solid foundation and slippery rhythms create the perfect scenario for the evolution of modern rock.
The focus of Cry to the Blind is to identify the problems that we all suffer from in
everyday life, and attack them together, releasing frustration and promoting change. Their music deals with dark subject matter such as depression, hopelessness, and anxiety, and channels these feelings through song, encouraging the listener to eliminate bad relationships, and to develop a healthier approach to living. Cry to the Blind is an inspiration to anyone who may be lost, and through music, they’ve found a way to unite their fans, and to bring them hope.


"A Near Life Experience" 2006 EP

Set List

Next to Nothing
Last Goodbye
The Blue
No Tomorrow
Born Dying