Cry Yuma

Cry Yuma


Cry Yuma are a 4-piece alternative Rock/Pop band based in Dublin. Formed in 2006, these fans of unconventional song structuring and radically shifting aural dynamics, have just released a 3 track EP from their recent Windmill Lane sessions. A debut album is pencilled for early 2008.


Informed by and compared to bands such as Pavement, Television, Pinback and Radiohead, Cry Yuma were fully formed in Summer 2006 with the addition of bass player Peter Grogan. When asked to define a sound - slightly askew comes to mind. Perhaps a charming melancholy also defines a sound that Derek Moylan and Barry Bracken have honed over five years of playing together.


DEMO (2006)
1. No Moon No Sun
2. By All Means
3. Lost And Amused

CRY YUMA EP (September 2007)
1. 108
2. Lull
3. I Won't Let It Keep Me

Set List

I Won't Let It Keep Me
Cruel Irony
No Moon No Sun
By All Means
Lost And Amused
No Sound
Something For Someone