Cryztal E

Cryztal E

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopR&B

My music is different from whats currently out there. It has a message behind it that many single mothers out there of all races can relate to. My music also touches on subjects and issues thats going on in the world today, that know one seems to be talking about.


Crystal Easley also known as Cryztal E a Female Rap Artist
Born: February 26, 1979 in Ann Arbor, MI just outside of Detroit, MI

Cryztal E was raised by both her mother and father until the age of 16 in a neighborhood called West Willow. It was there where she made a name for herself as Cree Money. She became the popular female rapper of her neighborhood. Known for her rap battles in the hallways at school, to the biggest fight break out between Pioneer and Ypsilanti High School. Some say it was Cryztal E who started the brawl between the two schools while performing at Pioneers School Talent Show that same night,where her performance was targeted at another female rap artist. From there she began to become one of the hottest local female rappers in her area and not to long after that she had
the opportunity to perform as the opening act for Ice Cube at the State Theater in Flint, MI. Her career was on the rise.

Crystal got pregnant, had a son and married his father, shortly after that they gave birth to their daughter. It was then were she decided to take a break from her music to focus on her family. She was married for several years and later filed for divorce. Shortly after that she begin to pick back up where she left off in her music career. This time around her music was on a whole different level. The past 10yrs of her life was what Cryztal E's music was now about. Some say it was male bashing, it was angry, hurt, and scarred all put together. But she said this is just how I feel on the inside.

On January 23, 2012 Cryztal E. made her presence known in the industry with the release of her most talked about Single and Video TIMEZUP. Produced and Directed by Cryztal E. a song about a single mother of two not receiving any Child Support from the missing in action Dead Beat Dad. Back when she divorced him, He divorced his Kids and left it up to her to support and take care of the kids on her own. This was the first video ever made involving a Fed Up Single Mother, showing both sides of the story, his and hers. Then taking matters in her own hands and tracking down the Dead Beat Dad. With this video Cryztal E has caught the attention of so many women of all nationalities that can relate to her story.