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© HARD TIMES (I've Got To Make It)
[Produced/Written by Csavi; Artists: Csavi feat. Javan]

"Hard Times" is a Hip-hop/Reggae track that is autobiographical portraying the life and struggles of Csavi. This song is an encouragement dedicated to all who are facing "hard times" in their lives to keep persevering until they reach success.
© ADDRESS DEM BAD MIND (Good Life Riddim)
[Written by Spida Iyah & Csavi; Artists: Spida Iyah feat. Csavi & Javan; Produced by Craig "Serani" Marsh and Live Up for Live Up Records]

"Address Dem Bad Mind" is a Dance Hall Reggae track addressing those who are "dream killers" and those who try to make life more difficult for others. This is to encourage anyone being hindered to ignore negativity and to continue their pursuit to achieve greatness.
[Produced/Written by Csavi & LuV-R; Artist: Berlicia Saunders]

“BFF 4 Life” is a youthful dance-pop oriented tune. This track captures sheer innocence with a timeless message of cherishing a close friendship “4 Life”. “BFF 4 Life” is spoken highly of by listeners and is said to bring an immediate feeling of joyfulness.

"BFF 4 Life" placed as a "SEMI FINALIST" in the MIKE PINDER'S SONGWARS competition.
[Produced By Csavi; Artist/Writer: Messam]

"Run Aways" is a Conscious Gospel Reggae track bringing an awareness to all those who "ran away" to come back to God because He is soon to come.
[Produced by Csavi; Written by LuV-R & Csavi; DEMO]

"Love Note" is a Pop/R&B power-ballad, and this particular DEMO is basically about a female writing her estranged lover a note of desperation expressing her sincerest love towards him. She's about to lose this person so looking vulnerable doesn't mean anything to her; therefore, she's opening up her soul to this person in this letter.

"Love Note" placed with high scores as a "TOP TEN FINALIST" and as a "RUNNER UP" in the MIKE PINDER'S SONGWARS and SONG OF THE YEAR competitions, respectively.
© LOVE NOTE (alt version total time: 4:07)
[Produced by Csavi]

This is a short sample of the edited version of the previous track with vocals. It was edited from five minutes down to four minutes and seven seconds with a new instrumental arrangement for the bridge. Additionally, more instruments were added throughout to accompany the message and emotions of the song.



“Another day is another chance to do better than the day before.”

These are the words spoken by an evolving talented young lady named Shavon "Csavi" (pronounced as "sav-ee") Mitchell. Not only does she speak those words, but she embraces the message behind them and applies them to her life. With the determination to excel in all she does, she will be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Moreover, having that positive attitude not only brought about maturation to her personality, but it also caused her to evolve into a performer, songwriter, producer, composer, and also a rap artist. Now the evolution of this artistic being sets her on the path to success that she was divinely destined for.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Music & Performing Arts, but when she was in pursuit of her Degree at Florida Memorial University, Shavon dominated performances and established a great name for herself. Shavon is also greatly admired by her professors and has proven to be one of the leading producers, songwriters, and artists on campus. However, it was during her internship, in the summer of 2007, when she would receive approbation from a well known producer. It was Donovan Knowles, who produced for Destiny’s Child, who said, “Shavon is like Missy Elliot and Timbaland all in one.” After the acclaim, Shavon continued to evolve, and in the summer of 2008, she expanded her skills by producing for movies as well as for musical artists. Arnold Martin then contacted Shavon to produce for his film entitled Delayed. "I don’t know many female producers”, said Arnold Martin, “She is the best by far, and it’s a privilege to have Shavon working with us”.

Shavon strongly believes that her gift will touch the hearts of many, and despite oppositions she will stop at nothing to become one of the best producers/entertainers in the music industry.


Ms. Shavon Michelle Mitchell

Phone 1: (786)-970-0888

Email Address: sanitymusic@live.com