CSB is an acoustic driven pop/rock band.The singer’s distinct voice gives life to the songs emotions.It’s the mixture of Matchbox 20 & Goo Goo Dolls with Charlie’s experiences of life,love,heartbreak & relationship breakdowns,passionately put into his songs.Which he likes to call a “Love Hangover.”


Do you know what a love hangover is?

Have you ever been in a relationship?

Then You Do!!!

If love has taken you to the highest points that you have ever dreamed of
Just to drop you down below the surface
And to realize your strength comes from everything in-between.

Then CSB’s Music Is For You

CSB's music is that mixture of emotion that settles that morning headache after a long night of emotionally draining conversation.

There is no mistaking CSB's emotionally fueled music.
It’s shades of Matchbox Twenty and The Goo Goo Dolls,
Driven by Charlie Scopoletti, the singer/songwriter/guitarist behind CSB.

Songs such as "Stay With Me" & “Fade Away" reveal Charlie's struggles in life, love and heartbreak.

We have all had a “Love Hangover” at one point or another


If you haven’t experienced a relationship breakdown,

If you're not into the making-up/making love process

This music is not for you!!

But if you are..

CSB's music is the remedy you've been looking for.



Written By: Charlie Scopoletti

Why do you do the things you do
You never thought that it would matter
You didn?t think that we could break
All the barriers we make
Could crumble down if you
Would understand me
And all the things I want from you
It?s so simple so why must you misconstrue
All my reasons All my feeling to
Brought down
But you say you want to start new

You wanna treat me like that
I don?t think that I?m coming back
You wanna Push me Away
By the things you have to say
You wanna scream please
Baby drop to your knees and cry
Cause I?m going blind

Tread on me baby and all the words you said
I can?t hear them cause I know that all they do is bring me down
Well I?m on my way
Brought down
But you say you want to start new


Stay With Me

Written By: Charles Scopoletti

Oh Girl Why Did you have to play
This game on me, I guess It's all the same
Who tried to tell you, That I was not near
Who tried to tell You, cause I know that You want me
Why'd You tell me to go away
When you know You want me to

Stay, I Dont have to leave
If you want to Stay with me Stay with me

Oh Girl Whats the price you had to pay
For leaving another I guess It's all the same
I tried to love you more then your mother
I tried to show you Better then your father showed his love
Why'd You tell me to go away
When you know You want me to

Stay, I Dont have to leave
If you want to Stay with me
If you want to Stay
Stay with me It will be ok you'll see
Stay With me

With me If you save your love for me, If you save your love for me
All that Love.. For me
All that Love....Yea



Written By: Charles Scopoletti

(Verse 1)
All I ever wanted was to be here
With you all through my life
All I ever needed was this one thing
Now it's gone away
Still I say that someday you will be with me
But I never seem get anywhere

I'm running out I'm running around here
In the same old circles
I'm running down I'm running around here
In the same old circles.

(Verse 2)
Finally talked to you today and I wonder
What you will say to me
Something off the wall something crazy
I wish that you would see
What I'm saying keep explaining
These word for you to hear
But I never seem to get anywhere


I keep reaching out but I am so afraid
That my reach will come short every single day



Debut album "Circles"
All songs can be heard at www.csband.com

Set List

Originals Songs - 50 minutes to 1:15 Set
Circles, Clear, Blind, Fade Away, Staw With Me, Change, Take It Away, Tomorrow, Crazy Girl, Another, Forever There and What You Do

Cover Songs - 3 Sets of 1:10 (Very Flexible)


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