No Great Loss

No Great Loss


No Great Loss is a Hard Rocking yet melodic all orignal band. We have been together for 3 years and have an energy on stage that just gets people moving.


The most important thing to know about No Great Loss is how dedicated we are. For over three years now we continually clawed our way forward, through personal tragedies, starting new families, and going with out sleep just so we could make a practice session before work. We want to succeed so badly that we have pushed ourselves to our very limits. We have put our very essence into our music and I belive it shows.


Last Ride, Single streaming

Alice, Single, Streaming,

Desert Rose, Single, Streaming

Fallout, Single, Streaming,

Set List

We don't play covers.
A typical set list will run 45 min and depending on where we are and how long we have we can play up to three sets.
A set list might look like this
1) March Of The Lemmings
2)Last Ride
3)Get Away
5)Thoughts Of A Dying Man