CSicc CSupreme

CSicc CSupreme

 San Jose, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Stellar all around production.. Great Sounding Music..Sonically. Lyrics are top shelf. His voice... Amazing! CSicc CSupreme has tremendous stage presence and "STAR" quality! A workaholic who loves his art and is greatful and blessed of his remarkable talents! Pronounced C-Sick Supreme


Regarded as a West Coast Peninsula "Rap Pioneer" CSicc CSupreme was born in Daly City, Ca. Growing up in the 80's and 90's CSicc listened to alot of Hip Hop, from RUN DMC to Kool G Rap to LL Cool J to Rakim etc.... He was so inspired by such artists as these that he learned how to pen his own rhymes. In 1989, CSicc and his Brother Macc Deez wrote their first collaboration rhyme to Afrikka Bambatta's "Soul Sonic Force". Building confidence through out the years with the help of his family and peers, "Sicc" continued to pursue music creating demo tapes for classmates and people of the local neighborhood with his older cousin Dj Shan producing the tracks. In 1994, CSicc and close friend Say Crississ wrote a song called "Westside Story" produced by Dj Shan, which instantly became a local favorite, performing at High School rallies and events. It didn't stop there, CSicc was asked to feature on over 50 projects local and abroad, furthering his notariety as a well versed artist.

In 1998, while in College, CSicc was approached by a speech teacher by the name of Frederick Berry ( credits include Celine Dion ) who graciously took the young animated CSicc under his wing to record a stellar freshman album entitled "Drastic" which sold in excess of 15,000 units to date. From there, CSicc went on to feature on more projects including and not limited to nationwide releases from local hard hitters like 10sion, Independance with Elegance, JT Tha Bigga Figga, Money Hungry, Dj Shan, G-Heff to name a few. For the past 14 years CSicc has been hard at work crafting his skills and becomong more and more popular as the years end and new one's begin.

In February 2007, CSicc signed a recording contract with Spectra Records. As of recent, CSicc has been in collaboration with such artists as Mr Mixx (2 Live Crew), Andre Nickatina, Jason Weaver, Roger "Mr Raja" Green (P.Diddy), Crystal Dove, Reg Raw, and opening up new doors for the one's to come behind him. Be on the look out for CSicc CSupreme in the immediate years to come!!!! Enjoy the Music. Live The Experience!


- C-Sicc "Drastic" 1999 Fogbay Records
- CSicc CSupreme "Life Music Vol 1" 2007 Spectra Records
- CSicc CSupreme "Sankofa" 2008 Spectra Records.

Songs available through phone digital downloads ie verizon, sprint, at&t.

Music also available through mp3 format digital downloads such as Napster, Rhapsody, iTunes, EMusic.

CSicc is also recognized on allmusic.com with the album "Drastic"

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Set List

Are You Ready?
On the Block
You Cant Catch Me
Oh No
Get On the Dance Floor

Sets can range from 15 minutes to 1 hr

Note: Sets Subject to change depending on gig and agreements!