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San Jose, California, United States | INDIE

San Jose, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"CSicc CSupreme Interview with Swagg Magazine"

Swagg Magazine: We're here with CSicc CSupreme. How's it going?

What's good? I'm just relaxing excited about my current position as an up and coming artist.

Swagg Magazine: What made you first decide to get into the rap game?

Soul Sonic Force, Brand Nubian, Fat Boys, Run Dmc, NWA, Kool G Rap, KRS ONE, Rakim, Qwame, LL, MC Lyte, they all influenced me to believe that I can do it too.

Swagg Magazine: How did you go about developing your flow once you decided to become a rapper?

I studied 2pac, Ice Cube, KRS One, Del The Funky Homosapien and others I thought were very unique and I dug deep into myself to find my uniqueness as well.

Swagg Magazine: When you were first trying to get your name out there, what was the most important thing that you did to get recognized and get a buzz going?

I used to walk around with picket signs with my album cover on it, people on the bus in cars, on the train would just stare at it...I received medium rotation on KPOO radio, did a lot of community events and things like that, it was fun as hell!

Swagg Magazine: Your brother Macc Deez has been rapping for a while as well, so did you guys ever work on your raps together back in the day?

Yeah. We built a studio in our room and did songs together all the time, making beats on a Roland DR550 drum machine...no samples or synths. Just the kick, snare, drum, 808 and hi's.

Swagg Magazine: Word on the street is are you planning on doing a duo album with Bay Area rapper Balance at some point?

Oh yeah. We had a group called the "Committee" backed by legendary producer Mix the Formula. We have good chemistry...Its going to be a hot Record.

Swagg Magazine: So you recently signed with Spectra Records. What was it like getting a Record deal?

Its real exciting ya know? The sky's the limit now. Now that I'm in a secure situation I can focus on producing quality music the will last the fans a long long time.

Swagg Magazine: Tell us about your experience recording "Are You Ready", your current single.

I got the beat from a producer over seas and I knew off top that this was the one. I locked myself in the lab (the studio), it took about 30 minutes to do the song, I sent it to my A&R man, he liked it and the rest is in the books.

It's getting good response on the streets right now, I have three more follow up singles called "On the Block" and 'You Can't Catch Me" and "Oh No" which is getting tremendous air play on klbc.org which is Long Beach College radio. We are going to wake the game up. Some things are going to shift. Trust what I say!

Swagg Magazine: Yeah, "Oh No" is really blowing up. I've been hearing it all over the radio. So, who produced that one?

Ansane. They're out of Canada.

Swagg Magazine: So, Life Music Volume One and Two is tight!

Thanks man i been working hard.

Swagg Magazine: Tell us a little bit about your upcoming album you're recording. Do you have a title for it yet?

No. Don't have a title as of yet. I haven't started on the album yet. I'm working on getting a South East tour going so I can get a larger buzz, get more radio spins, and things like that first. I don't want to put out an album out and nobody know about it! I've got to get a strong buzz going.

Swagg Magazine: Any hot artists and producers making appearances?

There will be, not gonna say right now. It's a surprise.

Swagg Magazine: We're looking forward to it. So, what do you hope the fans will get out of the album when they actually get to hear it?

I want the fans to get the real sense of Hip Hop back, i want them to feel empowered and motivated to believe in themselves that they can do it too.

Swagg Magazine: I know exactly what you're saying.

Yeah. Real Spitters.

Swagg Magazine: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future that you haven't worked with yet?

Got something in the works with Tevin Campbell, Doodlebug (from Digable Planets), Jason Weaver and Sean T to name a few.

I'd like to work with Michael Jackson, D Angelo, 50 Cent, Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5. something different.

Swagg Magazine: Is there anything else you want to say to everyone reading this?

You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Believing actions equal positive results. Be true to yourself first and it will speak for itself in what ever you do, whether it be music, nursing, acting, teaching. Positiveness exudes strength in my opinion. - Swagg Magazine!


- C-Sicc "Drastic" 1999 Fogbay Records
- CSicc CSupreme "Life Music Vol 1" 2007 Spectra Records
- CSicc CSupreme "Sankofa" 2008 Spectra Records.

Songs available through phone digital downloads ie verizon, sprint, at&t.

Music also available through mp3 format digital downloads such as Napster, Rhapsody, iTunes, EMusic.

CSicc is also recognized on allmusic.com with the album "Drastic"

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Regarded as a West Coast Peninsula "Rap Pioneer" CSicc CSupreme was born in Daly City, Ca. Growing up in the 80's and 90's CSicc listened to alot of Hip Hop, from RUN DMC to Kool G Rap to LL Cool J to Rakim etc.... He was so inspired by such artists as these that he learned how to pen his own rhymes. In 1989, CSicc and his Brother Macc Deez wrote their first collaboration rhyme to Afrikka Bambatta's "Soul Sonic Force". Building confidence through out the years with the help of his family and peers, "Sicc" continued to pursue music creating demo tapes for classmates and people of the local neighborhood with his older cousin Dj Shan producing the tracks. In 1994, CSicc and close friend Say Crississ wrote a song called "Westside Story" produced by Dj Shan, which instantly became a local favorite, performing at High School rallies and events. It didn't stop there, CSicc was asked to feature on over 50 projects local and abroad, furthering his notariety as a well versed artist.

In 1998, while in College, CSicc was approached by a speech teacher by the name of Frederick Berry ( credits include Celine Dion ) who graciously took the young animated CSicc under his wing to record a stellar freshman album entitled "Drastic" which sold in excess of 15,000 units to date. From there, CSicc went on to feature on more projects including and not limited to nationwide releases from local hard hitters like 10sion, Independance with Elegance, JT Tha Bigga Figga, Money Hungry, Dj Shan, G-Heff to name a few. For the past 14 years CSicc has been hard at work crafting his skills and becomong more and more popular as the years end and new one's begin.

In February 2007, CSicc signed a recording contract with Spectra Records. As of recent, CSicc has been in collaboration with such artists as Mr Mixx (2 Live Crew), Andre Nickatina, Jason Weaver, Roger "Mr Raja" Green (P.Diddy), Crystal Dove, Reg Raw, and opening up new doors for the one's to come behind him. Be on the look out for CSicc CSupreme in the immediate years to come!!!! Enjoy the Music. Live The Experience!

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