C.Slim aka Caddilac

C.Slim aka Caddilac

 Norcross, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

My music I would say is called reality music because music now a days meaning Hip Hop it all sounds the same. All the music is either everyone has money or they a Drug dealer or a Boss it makes Hip Hop look like the WWF its about the music and I think people forgot that so thats the roll I play.


If Hip-Hop is dead, C-Slim Cadillac is here to bring it back to life.

C-Slim was born in Queens, NY and currently lives in Atlanta, GA. His uncle introduced him to artists such as Run-DMC, Lord Finesse and other greats. That was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with Hip-Hop which would lead him to where he is today: as one of the most prominent new faces in the scene.

Unlike most rappers and MC’s today, C-Slim can mix it up with any style thanks to his diverse upbringing. He can easily go from a gritty NY sound to a dirty South beat and top it off with a bit of West Coast flavor. There are shades of Nas, Mobb Deep, Tupac, Jay-Z, Curtis Blow and others running through his tracks.

Lyrically, he also stands out. “I’m telling my views from the middle point,” he says, “not taking ‘Baller’ side or ‘Thug’ side or the ‘Concise Rapper’ side. I’m just a regular person with the potential to be either one. The message that I’m trying to get across is the good, the bad and the ugly side of it all.”

C-Slim can be heard on various mixtapes with DJ Snake and DJ Pimp.

Set List

My Typical Set last about 20-30 mins depending on the crowd and the size of venue.