The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show
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The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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"Protect Your Silence Review"

2 years ago, I did a review of The Chuck Schaffer Picture Show´s debut album "For your eyes only" and gave it 3 stars. Now they´re back with the brand new EP "Protect your silence" and I´m pleased to say they have improved on the songwriting part. Their radio ready modern rock felt a bit average on the first album even though it was a good album, this time the trio wrote a bunch of stronger tracks where we get to see a nice guest performance from Brett Hestla on the title track "Protect your silence". There is no Chuck Schaffer in this band, the band features Ryan Johnson - Vocals/Guitar, David Stiefel - Bass and Pet Kenney - Drums. I want to give thumbs up to Ryan Johnson´s great guitar work on these new songs, too bad we only get 7 tracks.

"MUEN CD Review"

“Protect Your Silence”

CSPS as they are known to their legion of fans have released a new EP to follow up their debut full length album. Don’t get the idea that the EP is any way less of a compilation of songs because of the number of tunes. It is merely that they placed quality before quantity and joined up with their original producer, Justin Thomas, and added Brett Hestla as co-producer for a complete kickass disc packed with great tunes!

The chose tracks that really show their strengths and also their versatility and took it a step further and made some stretches to bring out even more talent in each detail of every song. Although Hestla joins them on vocals on the title track, which is backed with solid basslines and stellar guitars, it is the cohesive quality of the band members that makes the band a delight to listen to live or on disc. Solid vocals that stay in a perfect range and musicianship that compliments each other excellently is the hallmark of this band! Even though it is one of their slower songs I have say that “Bittersweet Lullaby” is a highlight of the album for the complete package of well thought out intricate lyrics and just outstanding vocals and instruments. Having said that all songs on this EP have those qualities! Production on this album seem to have been done so well that it takes a back seat and allows the band to drive with it’s sound and the production only enhancing the listening of what is already a great band!

This is a band that seems not to get enough press or notice worldwide but I have a feeling that will change soon! They are hardworking solid performers that put out the quality of music that is a musician’s music. They have the kind of music and sound that can defy genre and fit in anywhere. They have opened for so many “known” bands over the past few years. I think this disc and that exposure will make them one of those bands that others will want to open for now. Keep an eye out for what the next offering is from The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show and in the meantime get this one and enjoy! - Muen Magazine

"Protect Your Silence EP Review"

Unsigned and three member strong, The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show from Richmond, VA are just that, a picture…of great music. Produced by Brett Hestla (Creed, Dark New Day, Tantric) and Justin Thomas (Faktion, AlterBridge), the band has released their debut album Protect Your Silence which can be streamed and bought on iTunes. This seven track disc is all what you want a summer album to be but can still be played year round. It’s just that great.... - Artist Seshions.Com

"King's of A&R Picks - CSPS"

The band is currently touring independently to promote their new EP which was produced by Justin Thomas and Brett Hestla. This Richmond, VA 3 piece rock act has shared the stage with Papa Roach, Seether, Sick Puppies, etc. The track Protect Your Silence could find a place on the rock charts. - King's of A&R

"Casey Krukowski (Program Director) WRXL 102.1 the X Quote on CSPS"

“Catchy, melodic hooks and a super fun live band!” - Stephanie Christie Management and Publicity

"Brett Hestla of Creed/Dark New Day Quote on CSPS"

“CSPS is a breath of musical fresh air. With a whale sized hooks and neck wrenching riffs you’ll have more than you need to fall head first into this band’s fanbase. Take a listen and see what all the fuss is about. I’m sure that if the bone tight rhythm section doesn’t lock you in, the finely spun lyric and melody will surely ensnare even the pickiest of musical palette.” - Stephanie Christie Management and Publicity

" Quote"

“Whoever Chuck Shaffer is he'd be proud that CSPS has produced a near radio-ready mix of modern rock” - Gregory Robson /

"Ryan Johnson Vocal Article"

Ryan Johnson, lead singer and lead guitarist for the Virginia-based band, CSPS, came to Nashville to improve his vocal chops. After enduring a full week of 12 lessons with Brett Manning and Jesse Nemitz, Ryan has already noticed a huge change for the better.

“My focus has been on resonance,” the 24-year-old said. “I’m kind of a loud singer. I tend to sing out of my mouth. Now I have to dissect each phrase to be sure I’m singing from the right place. Now I’m singing a lot in front of the mirror to make sure I’m keeping my larynx down.”

Ryan said that when he arrived for his first lesson on a Monday morning he was somewhere between 50 and 75 percent at keeping his resonance in check, but by Friday he was already at more than 90 percent.
It All Started With The Guitar

Born in Atlanta, Ryan grew up in the central Virginia town of Forest where he first fell in love with music after hearing an electric guitar solo on a song by Michael W. Smith, one of the many Christian artists his parents listened to.

“When I heard a song called, Be Quiet And Drive, by a ground called The Deftones back around 1997, that sound really made my passion light up,” he recalled.

Ryan recorded his first CD at age 13 when he was part of a band called, Savory. The group produced four CD’s during his high school years, and Ryan composed on the guitar, developing guitar lines and harmonies.

“We had a pretty big fan base and that’s how I developed my chops,” he said. “But we all went to different colleges after high school. At college (James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA) I jammed with a group of guys. We called ourselves, Pretty Heat Machine. It was pop vocals but with rocking guitar lines
Step Up To The Mic

But when the lead singer of the band he was in left the group it left a huge hole to fill in the band. Ryan, an accomplished guitar player and songwriter, was not quite so comfortable with his vocals since for six or seven years he was used to singing backing vocals and harmonies.

“I stepped in to do the lead vocals in 2008 after trying out different vocalists,” he said. “That’s when we became the modern rock band, CSPS.”

CSPS stands for The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show. The band was named in honor of the janitor at Ryan’s high school janitor. Shaffer used to tell stories of when he was in a marching band and wanted to do a show with moving pictures.

“His stories about the idea triggered the band name,” Ryan said. “He knows about it and loves it. We’re not poking fun. It’s actually a tribute.”

Ryan, who got his degree in Marketing with a minor in the Music Industry, knew he needed help at getting more confident and comfortable with his vocals.
The Paramore Connection

The band had worked with a Florida producer, Justin Thomas, who is friends with Paramore manager, Mark Mercado. It was the Hayley Williams/Paramore connection to Brett Manning that led Ryan to his week of intensive study in Nashville.

“Justin knew that Hayley swears by Brett and the coaches here,” Ryan said. “So I really came to get in tune with and strengthen what I have.”

Ryan found his experience with both Brett and Jesse to be truly unique and rewarding for different reasons.

“With Jesse, he won’t let anything slide,” he said. “You get no breaks. He works until he bangs things out of me. He’s very strong on technique because of his own success story in becoming a better singer. He has me doing all of those strange sounds and scales.”
Crying Vowels!!!

Ryan noted that at the beginning of the week he had trouble with opening his mouth too much and yelling on the “E” and “O” vowels. But he’s found that the exercises and work with task master, Jesse Nemitz, are producing positive results that are already becoming second nature.

Ryan found working with Brett to be more relaxing and recalls a cool down spent with Brett at the end of a lesson while listening to Bach.

“We did sine wave training where you tune your voice until you’re completely on the wave,” he said. “One day this week I hummed a note when I woke up. Then I picked up the guitar and the note was perfect.”
Five Octaves And Six Senses

Ryan is also impressed by Brett’s uncanny ability to read people and instantly diagnose problems in their voice.

“He has a sixth sense about you,” Ryan said. “He really gets to know you. He sees that character behind everybody’s vocals. He heightens your awareness of your voice.”

Ryan said that Brett and Jesse haves expand his range, smooth out his vocals, and prescribed a specific formula to train his voice.

“You don’t know what you’re missing until somebody points it out,” he said. “Here, you can go from good to great. You can never get too much knowledge. It’s just like going to a doctor or sports trainer to get stronger. When you’re doing something improperly it can bring you down eventually. It’s important to do things the right way.”

Ryan said that the exercises and what he calls, strange noises, are a super warm up for the voice.
The Program Works

“I feel stretched and in tune, and believe I can sing anything, when I keep compression balanced,” Ryan said. “Brett and the coaches here make you feel at home.”

Ryan is looking forward to using his voice with the same sharp muscle memory and control as he has with playing the guitar. He accepts the challenge ahead.

“I could play it safe, but it’s better to challenge myself by writing songs that use harder vowels so I grow,” he said. “The sky is the limit once you lock in the technique, and it becomes second nature. You know, the way things are today with recording, they can make you sound great in the studio, but you need training to sound great live. The training here costs a little more, but it’s a real investment because these techniques work.”
For More About Ryan

After successfully completing 30-date run on the road this summer, Ryan has set a goal of 200 tour dates in 2010 for CSPS.

Check out Ryan at for more information on his band, his progress, and his music.

source: - Randy Moomaw / Singing Success Inc.


For Your Eyes Only (Full Length) - January 23rd, 2009

Protect Your Silence (EP) - July 2011



There is no Chuck here. No, he’s not the lead singer. No he’s not the inspiration for the music. He was the high school janitor with a son in the marching band... the janitor who talked on and on about his dream of creating a musical moving ’Picture Show’. Ryan Johnson never knew exactly what the hell he was talking about. After all, he was just a teenager who wanted to get through high school and move on. But fast-forward 4 years later…Ryan had a dream of his own. A dynamic 3-piece rock act with a growing fan base, but no name… The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show was the logical choice. Affectionately dubbed CSPS, the band’s members Ryan Johnson (Vocals/Guitar), David Stiefel (Bass), and Patrick Kenney (Drums) began winning over fans, up and down the East Coast with their energetic live show, filled with radio ready rock.

Having shared the stage with a growing list of national acts including Papa Roach, Seether, Saving Abel, Sick Puppies, 10 Years, Red, Crossfade, People In Planes, Civil Twilight, Smile Empty Soul, The Dangerous Summer, CKY, The Dirty Heads, Hawthorne Heights, Conditions, Parmalee and Boombox. CSPS has not only grabbed the attention of fans, but industry pros as well. The band has also enjoyed featured airplay on Richmond’s 102.1, DC101, 98.5 in Harrisonburg, VA and played various premium radio events such as 102.1’s legendary Chili Cook-Off.

The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show released their debut full-length album “For Your Eyes Only”, recorded and produced by Justin Thomas (Dark New Day, Faktion, Alter Bridge) and mastered by Nathan James at The Vault Mastering (Staind, The Fray) in January 2009. The album featured a performance by Australia’s own Orchestra X. In 2011, the band hit the studio with Thomas once again, this time accompanied by co-producer Brett Hestla (Dark New Day, Tantric, Framing Hanley). The band churned out 6 of their strongest tracks to date and titled the album “Protect Your Silence”. In fact, the title track features Hestla’s unmistakable vocals. The EP is scheduled for release in July of 2011 and the band will be touring throughout the summer in support of the new record.