BandHip HopGospel

Gospel Hip Hop with a "dirty south" style... Only, we call it "Triple S", witch stands for "sanctified southern sounds". Tight beats with truth-filled lyrics...


The concept for C.S.R. was born in 2000. Curly & Tha Messenger, returning from a Holy Hip Hop conference in Houston, was inspired to join forces & start a group. Being solo artists themselves, they teamed up with fellow rap ministers, Cliff J & King Rap J, to round out the group. 4 different rap styles,
4 different backgrounds, 4 different lives... touched by God & blessed with talent & gifts. True men of God who are ready to be used to bless the masses in this thing we call Holy Hip Hop!


2003- "Ride 4 Life Comp. Vol. 1"- C.S.R. (www.cdbaby.com/csr)

Individual projects:
2000- "Transformation- Rom. 12:2"- Curly
2002- "Radical Power Move"- Tha Messenger (www.cdbaby.com/thamessenger)
2003- "Creepers- The EP"- Cliff J
2003- "Holy Ghost Drive By"- King Rap J
2004- "Let The Streets Say Amen"- Curly (www.cdbaby.com/curly)
2005- "Pure N Uncut"- Cliff J (www.cdbaby.com/cliffj)

Set List

Our set list consists of songs from our CD, as well as songs from our individual projects... as follows;

Ride 2 Nite, Brick Walls, Yours & Mine

Inspiration, Now I Got 2 Cut Ya, Test-timony, My Soul, Dishrag

Tha Messenger:
Fire, Power, I Can't Forget, Second Chance

King Rap J:
Take Jesus To The Hood, Where Would I Go, Holy Ghost Drive By, Drop Tha Boom

Cliff J:
Already, Take It Up, Sinner's Carol

Length Of Sets: 15 to 45 minutes