Straight Forward ROCK and ROLL. Is as if Local H and the Smashing Pumpkins and the rest of the nineties had a kid... with AC/DC. We're grunge meets classic rock, the result= what CTC cooks up for it's fans evernight.



Not many bands can get away with writing a song called "Rock and Roll
Revolution," but with CTC — get ready to join the movement.
CTC is comprised of "Judith Bad" and Mario "Guitario" Sandoval — both
on vocals and guitar — Tony Nearman on bass, and Cale Miller on drums. Together they play tight-and-messy rock anthems in the making that sound bigger than the band.
CTC's ferocious live shows are fun, rough and exhilarating. The band brings the same level of barely contained chaos whether they're
playing a house party or the Black Cat.
The band's sound is unfiltered rock tinged by a wide variety of
influences, including such artists as Nirvana, Local H, Morphine,
Sleater-Kinney, AC/DC, the Pixies, Fugazi, the Band, Joan Jett,
Soundgarden, Danzig, Clutch, and the Smashing Pumpkins.
CTC's first release, a six-song EP called "Pulling Too Much
Amperage" was unleashed during winter 2005, and the band is currently
recording a full-length album tentatively slated to debut this summer.
In the meantime, CTC is continuing to bring the rock at venues all
over the area and is also working on incorporating bass into their
live shows.
Although Mario and Cale knew each other from high school, the roots of
CTC were first planted in Montgomery County, Md., during fall 2004.
The lineup was soon cemented with the addition of Judy, who Cale had
met at the Omega Studios School of Applied Recording Arts and
Sciences. Tony, the latest member, added the low-end to the act in spring of 2007.
CTC manages to be passionate about their music without taking
themselves too seriously, and their energy is infectious. They're just
four people who live to play and clearly love what they're doing.
"People aren't pumped enough about the scene anymore. That has to
change. People aren't blown away, and we're the band to do it," said
Judy. "We fight like a family, we piss each other off like a family,
we love like a family, and we talk shit like a family."


Pulling Too Much Amperage, EP, 2005

Set List

Our typical set list consists of about one hour of music with most of the set consisting of original material: Highway, Thunder Girl, Just Another Rock Song, I won't, Rock and Roll Revolution, Hold on tight, Sinking Skin, Fight the Feedback.

Our covers have included but aren't limited to: Rebel Yell/Billy Idol, Mother/Danzig, Volcano Girls/Veruka Salt, Long Way to the Top/AC/DC.