Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip Hop


CTG (Chaos The Ghost)The southside native of the Windy City has an extremely unique style with a blend of sincerity in his voice, aggression, & an ocasional punchline or two. CTG's music is a very versatile blend of hood anthems, club joints, and all real talk. A combination of great lyrics, concepts, & a phenomenal beat selection. after numerous outstanding shows, and spotlight stealing features, CTG has been networking remaining relevant on the Chicago music scene recording new material reflecting his growth & maturity. He has been collaborating with various artists & producers to compile a true representation of who he is as an artist. His uniqueness and talent to be able to stand out as a artist and hold his own in a industry full of different talents, artists and genres is remarkable. After recently reciving various inquiries from numerous major labels, CTG has been consistent time after time with showing his listener's that he will be in this music indusrty for the "long hall" signed or unsigned. CTG is most definately the future of Chicago and hip hop.


CTG - Life Goes On - "Charged" featuring SAVO & RMB JUSTIZE
CTG - Life goes On 2 - "NASTY" featuring RMB Justize
CTG - Life Goes On 2 - "Noticed" featuring RMB Justize
RMB Justize - Counteract - "Tented Glass" featuring CTG
CTG - Ghost Town - "Back 2 The Basics"
CTG - Ghost Town - "Kodack moment" featuring Genius Picaso
CTG - The Life I Live EP - "Youll See"
CTG - The Life I Live EP - "Ridden By Myself"
CTG - The Life I Live EP - "Open Yo eyes"
CTG - The Life I live EP - "Ghost In A Shell"
CTG - The Life i Live EP - "Ima Hater"