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Cub Capulet

Lexington, KY | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Lexington, KY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Hip Hop




"Cub Capulet "Paralyzed""

Cub Capulet is becoming one of my favorite artists this year, he’s released two EPs this year in “This Empty Space” and “Love In Concert”. Both emotionally charged projects that when put together tells a story of love found, love lost and recovering from that whirlwind. Capulet’s lyrics are relatable on every level and you can tell this man has been through it.

Capulet isn’t done yet though, dropping one more single as we transition into the cold brutal winter. In “Paralyzed” we find Capulet seemingly chasing a new love, who he’s completely infatuated with. Capulet always has a way of pulling at your heartstrings and getting you to feel he’s feeling. The wavy, slightly more electronic production is clearly Capulet’s playground and he uses it perfectly to bring this love story to life. Check it out below! - Michael Stover

"Cub Capulet "Love In Concert" Album Review"

Kentucky’s Cub Capulet is a romantic, there’s no doubt about that, however Cub Capulet has also been burned by love before. Both sides of this coin and more are covered in Capulet’s EP “Love in Concert”.

It’s clear Capulet is at least inspired by artists like The Weekend and Drake, but those inspirations don’t define the music he’s creating. “Love In Concert” loosely pieces together all the facets we deal with in relationships. Throughout all of this, aside from one track that features Nemo Achida & Swave, Capulet is the star of the show. We get his emotions, his feelings and his stories in this, Capulet definitely wears his heart on his sleeve and leaves everything on the table in “Love In Concert”.

The upbeat production I think is one of many things that separates Cub Capulet from others in the same lane. What impresses me most about Cub Capulet is his ability to change his approach, none of this project is monotonous. From the brutal honesty throughout the project to the absolutely perfect closer in “Life Goes On”

Cub Capulet shows his overwhelming potential in “Love In Concert”. It’s rare these days that we see conceptual projects let alone in the short-form EP that we have here. I strongly encourage giving “Love In Concert” a proper listen…..just try not to get too deep in your feels. - Michael Stover

"Cub Capulet "This Empty Space" Album Review"

Love is one of the most complicated facets of this life that we lead, we all want it, but unfortunately it’s almost inevitable that we’re going to hurt through this process. Kentucky’s Cub Capulet started tackling some of the topics love has to handle in his EP “Love In Concert”. Capulet was vulnerable, honest and talented across many fields in music. So what happens when the Kentucky native decides to drop another EP? Let’s talk about Cub Capulet’s second EP “This Empty Space”.

Creating a sequel to a previous project is a risky move sometimes, but Cub Capulet handles this to perfection. One of the reasons I feel sequels don’t always work out in music is usually by the time an artist has gotten back to the sequel, that ship, trend etc has set sail. However Capulet is capitalizing on the topic of love off top, with shows like Insecure and the overall state of our generation’s relationships being in disarray, there’s something for everyone on “This Empty Space”.

If “Love In Concert” was the ascension and eventually fall of the relationship, “This Empty Space” seems to be the recovery or coping period. The EP starts with the eight minute “Someone’s Someone”. Which was a little long winded, but the lyrics cut so deep and are guaranteed to have you in your feels, that I can let it slide. Now I went into this EP expecting a lot of sad lyrics, along the lines of a Frank Ocean, The Weekend etc. But Capulet covers multiple perspectives of the coping period and that includes the banger “Rage”. - Michael Stover

"#ThisEmptySpace" recently attended a #inviteonly listening/release event for Cub Capulet of $ Only Crew $ camp. We got to preview a short selection prior and in random format. When we heard the first few tracks we knew Cub had something dope on his hands. The album was played in its entirety at the listening/release party. What we heard was fire. Check out the highlights from the event. And Click Play To Listen! - WeTrapMusic

"#MixxMusic: @JayElly_ & @CubSleeps – “MASOM”"

Cub Capulet & Jay Elly (2 of the 3 members of The Only Crew rap collective) join efforts to bring a 5 track Ep, over Juicebox productions, titled ‘Michigan Avenue State Of Mind’. The EP is intended to do exactly as its title states; to make the listener feel as if they spending the day in a windy yet perfect downtown Chicago alongside the 2 KY emcees.You can tell this EP was heavily influenced by Chicago sounds and culture. Big surprise that the EP was recorded at Chicago’s own Classick Studio? I think NOT - Kia Coffman

"Cub Capulet - Summer of '67 (video)"

Lexington collective, Only Crew member Cub Capulet helps bring in the warm weather as he take sus back to the "Summer of ’67" with this self directed debut single to help set things up for his forthcoming project. - OK-Tho

"Cub Capulet - I've Said Too Much (Album)"

Cub Capulet release his solo album I’ve Said Too Much. A 9-track album with features from Jay Elly and Pinky Liberachi - R.J. Meads



Hailing from eastern Kentucky, Cub Capulet has been bending and blending genres seamlessly since his first solo effort made it's way online in late 2016. Despite his long standing history with Kentucky rap group Only Crew, the pop prowess that has been on display as of late is what has people talking. If the current trajectory tells us anything, it is to expect the unexpected... as long as it's catchy.

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