Cuban Legends

Cuban Legends


The Cuban Legends is the result of a bond created by shared talent, the love of Cuban music as experienced across the Florida Straits and long lasting friendship. Booking 786-985-0811


The concept for the quintet came to mind during the filming and recording for the documentary Lagrimas Negras that most of us were working on together Paquito Echevarria, Nelson Flaco Padron and I.
The three of us go back a lifetime of personal friendship and making music together. And specially Flaco and Paquito they know each other since they were kids in Habana in the 1950’s.
We want to use the Quintet as a promotional vehicle for the film and as an entity of it is own.


Recording of our first album in progress.

Set List

On a concert or festival a one hour show.
Original music,Jazz Standards.

Clubs two one hour sets.