Psychedelic rock band from Barcelona. A two piece band formed by Israel Marco and Daniel Dominguez. One of the best live shows in the country.


It is difficult to find a group with more clear things in their debut album. It is rare to find a psychedelic folk band in Spain with such a crushing personality. It is marvellous that Cuchillo are just as they want to be and have created a a harmonic album that is blending and fascinating. It is an honour to present the competent project of Israel Marco and Daniel Dominguez.

Having been fond of German rock of Popol Vuh and Manuel Gottsching and psychedelic folk, Israel Marco (guitarist and vocals) and Daniel Dominguez (drums and percussion) formed Cuchillo, one of the best guarded secrets in the national indie rock scene; well, more and more people are finding out about them as they are on everyone’s tip of the tongue. Based in Barcelona, the Catalan circuit has been able to see this group grow and become of the main references due to their live show in the emerging indie scene. The construction of their songs are layered with guitar loops and vocal harmonies, with percussion and rhythm that was formed as a result of minimalism and intensity. One simple demo was sufficient to tour support and collaborate with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Carla Bozulich, Damon & Naomi, Magic Mirror and to perform in numerous festivals and venues, as well as touring in the US introducing themselves to the new psychedelic scene of Los Angeles with bands such as Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spindrift, The Moon Upstairs y Magic Mirror.


LP - Cuchillo - "Cuchillo" - 2008

Set List

1 - Come With Me
2 - The House
3 - Summetime in Sweden
4 - Cuanto Te Canto
5 - It Will Be Okay
6 - To Come Back
7 - Black and White Numbers
8 - Breathing Again