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Cuddy KEV

Sacramento, California, United States

Sacramento, California, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"WMMR radio"

In the World of Hip Hop comes a fresh new talented Artist by the name of Cuddy Kev, at only age 17 this young man has maturity beyond his years. Cuddy Kev has taken the path to provide the listeners with cutting edge beats with lyrics that are listener friends for all ages.

His single "Which Chick" is a upbeat groove that gets you on the dance floor, it also shows off his rapping skills and smooth flow. "Which Chick is a Hit and a stand out track that make you take note of this young man Cuddy Kev.

In a World that strive on the Negative side of Rap, Cuddy Kev proves that you can be a Positive influence, produce quality tracks, and become a role model for his piers.

Madison Media Radio
- Madison Media

"Yung artist make us Hip Hop high school"

On March 5, 2007 Cuddy KEV was interviewed by his high school for being one og the best up and coming artist at the high school. He was credited for having great music and also expressing himself through his music. - Laguna Creek High school

"HyphyRockstar Online interview"

How did you get started with your music? Music has always been a part of my
life since I was younger, So as I became older I decided to really apply it
to start a career
What are you currently working on? I am currently working on my newest
mixtape (No title yet) but i have just recently released my latest mixtape
called "Madden And Rappin"
What kind of music do you listen to and how does it influence your music? I
listen to all types of music because I believe you cant be an artist and be
one dimensional and that influences me because it makes me want to work
harder and be different
What's your opinion on mainstream music today? I believe mainstream music
today is going too much towards being "Pop" you dont really hear that much
hip hop or RnB on the mainstream anymore
Who do you look up to? I look up to anybody who is making good music and
daring to be different
Why would people want to listen to your music over someone else's? I
believe people would want to listen to my music over someone else's because
I always dare to be different and I am not your typical artist out of
Who have you worked with and how have they affected your work? I have
worked with a couple of fellow local artist and they have affected my work
becuase they made me just want to go harder on the song
What is your local music scene like? My local music scene is very good I
have alot of supporters and fans that love what I do and are always looking
for new music from me
What suggestions do you have for other artists in the music industry?
Suggestions I have would have to be just be yourself and don't try to be
like anyone else because that person is already doing it so why would you
want to duplicate that.
What is your most recent accomplishments? My most recent accomplishment was
reaching over 1600 downloads on my latest mixtape within one week
Where do you see yourself a year from now? I see myself as a successful
artist in the industry a year from now
If you could donate a million dollars what charity would you donate to? I
would donate it to a breast cancer charity
What are your views about the HYPHYROCKSTAR movement? I believe
HyphyRockstar is a great website for local artist to gain more exposure and
What beauty tips can you give the ladies out there? Don't try to be
"Barbies" and just be yourself
In your views what makes a lady sexy? -A sexy lady is one that has
confidence and believes she is the finest in the room
What inspirational quote can you give to your fans? 'Giving up is harder than trying, So never give up on anything your trying to do" - HyphyRockstar

"County Fair"

Cuddy KEV performed at the Sacramento County Fair on May 25th 2008 - Cal Expo

"Cuddy KEV"

I writing to recommend Cuddy Kev for the Fair, I believe his Music and Style is current and he keep the Music positive. I hear so many Rappers, and Hip Hop Artists that send me there music to play on our Radio Station and we have to decline because of there lyrics, but we never had that problem with Cuddy Kev.

Cuddy Kev new Mixtape is a Great Collection of Music and he will be a Great addition to the line up.

Madison from "Music with a Purpose" Radio Show - Madison Music

"Cuddy KEV Review"

"Kevin Nolen aka Cuddy Kev is an up and coming artist in the Hip Hop world. With his unique sound this Sacramento based songwriter captures the audiences as well as brings across his positive message. Working alongside Cuddy Kev he's creating a buzz nationwide and the response from our industry insiders is that this is an artist on the rise and one to watch. We're proud to work alongside Cuddy Kev and to help this artist become known and reach a larger audience!"

- Jackie Shea, A&R Unlimited, LLC Member Relations
- Jackie Shea, A&R unlimited

"California State Fair"

Was Awarded with an excellent performance award - California State Fair


The Cuddy KEV Chronicles (2008)
Madden And Rappin (2010)

Singles that are Streaming on Radio
Got Me Stuck- written by Cuddy KEV and Main Event
In My Zone- Cuddy KEV



Kevin Nolen aka Cuddy KEV, a sacramento based Songwriter/Hip Hop Artist was born on August 20 1990. During his younger years in his life he was destined to become a performer. At the young age of 12 was when he started writing his own songs and recording them at his home. Though his songs were very low budget at the time they still caught the ears of young and older people. Now, older and more mature, at the age of 19 he is recording at professional studios and writing more songs than ever. In 2007 as a junior in high school Cuddy KEV was noticed and interviewed by his school newspaper as one of the up and coming artist of that year. Since then he has been making alot more of great songs and getting even more recognition from schools, students, teachers and fellow fans.

A few of Cuddy KEV's influences are Ludacris, Jay-Z, Lil wayne and many more. Whenever Cuddy KEV is writing a song his thinking process is very different from other peoples. When he is listening to a beat he thinks about his fans first, if he hears a beat that he thinks his fans will love then that is the one he goes after instead of the one he personally loves. Next he studies the beat, he listens to it over and over and over again until he grasp the perfect concept for the song. If he is ever unable to grasp a concept for a song that is when he listens to some if his influences music and by that time he has the concept.

Cuddy KEV does not curse in any of his songs at all. He believes that curse words are "safety words" and without those "safety words" it forces you to use more brain power and to think outside of the box. He makes music to make people feel good, and music that makes them want to get up and dance. That is what Cuddy KEV is all about, having a good time and making good music. I believe that is what sets him apart from any other artist at his age.

Cuddy KEV was born in San Jose, CA with his mother Sandra, his father Johnnie and his two older brothers Johnnie Jr. and Vincent. In 1996 Cuddy KEV moved to Sacramento,CA and has been living here ever since. And here is where is plans to further pursue his music career.