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In 1972 was the year of Cue. A dynamic star with the eroticism to hold ya through a show, a song or with just one hook while you sing along! This sexy, sassy, gifted artist comes to you with a brand new vibe. She not only gives you her stunning persona but so many different styles of music that it’s hard to keep count.
From Baltimore City, comes one of the industry hottest test prints. Starting out in the game at the age of fifteen, Cue has kept on going through the new millennium like an emerging volcano bound to erupt. Cue has worked along side with other local talent such as Voyce of Clayway Records, Tonto of W.I. (With Intent Records), and song writer Sassy Sue of Lady Love Entertainment located in Brooklyn, NY. as well as a list of other artist statewide. Cue is no stranger when it comes to performing. As a former student of Eube Blake Dance and Culture Center located in Baltimore, Maryland, she has spent clueless amounts of shows not only perfecting her moves as a ballet dancer but as a break dancer as well. As her own boss with her emerging record label, Cubism Records, Cue has proven she will not stop until she get’s enough. Ready to create with the big dogs, Cue brings you everything you’ve been missing, “A one woman’s Show!”…Now put the CD in and press play. You’ll discover what you’ve been needing in your life, “A little bit of Cue!”


Check them out on www.myspace.com/cubismtkgproductions

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