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Los Cantipuercos. 2.008. Label: Meat 5.000 records, French



This band was formed on 2006 by David Zambrano (el gato con zorras) on the bass, Felipe Chaustre (El loborracho) on guitars, Sander bermudez (Bruja Heroina) on drums and Juan camilo Tellez (Bizarrio) on vocals. The name of the band came from the bassplayer who wanted to make a grindcore/death metal band grinding Grimm´s fairy tales with a bizarre and funny style. The band is commonly known in Latinamerica for their speed, live performance and image based on costumes and masks based on their Grimm´s fairy tales deformed characters. On 2.008 the band released the disc "los cantipuercos" under the french label MEAT 5000 Records. On early 2.009 a second guitar was requested David Londox (pinchoicho) and the drummer Jean Báez (Jeanhates or El diablo Rojo) joins the band due to Sander Bermudez (Bruja Heroina) can´t follow on playing with the band for personal issues.

Tha band went to make some gigs on Venezuela and is currently contacted by Mexico to get there and play on July of 2011. Some important information about the band:

- Best underground band award by Revista Shock, Colombia
- Review on Rolling Stone MAgazine
- Grind death fest 2.006
- Rock al parque 2.007 (with bands such as Agony and Brujeria)
- Gig with The black dahlia murder April 3rd 2.008
- Gig for the debut of the album "los cantipuercos" August 2.008
- Rockerfest valledupar
Subterranica award 2.008 (Best metal band,Album of the year and best grindcore band)
- Ibague cudad rock 2009 (with bands such as inquisition and Carajo)
- Venezuela gigs (Merida, Barquisimeto, Maracay, Valencia) 2.009
- Gig with Nile on March 12th 2010
- Rock al parque 2010 (with bands such as Shadows fall, Samael, Biohazard and def con dos.

The band has a lot of influences from different kinds of music styles, some of the common onfluence bands for the members are brujeria, asesino, excrementory grindfuckers, lamb of god, pantera, milking the goat machine, faith no more and other wide variety from each one of the band members. The members of cuentos de los hermanos grind has also been working on bands such as: Ethereal, Loathsome faith, Ravenlord, Pigshers, Assassin dawgs, Selecta, Dissolution and Mystical death. The sound of the band could be catalogued as a mixing of grindcore, brutal death metal, crust punk and autoctonous shades of bizarreness and humor, getting apart of standard labels and increasing the range of listeners of the band.