This spunky group of former Gympie High students, who all failed music, have decided to prove to themselves and the world that an E for music means EXCELLENT. It is not as common to see chicks in rock bands but the fresh band CUISM have made up for this with not one but TWO!


This band didnt just appear over night... with Kristie creating music together for her whole life before hooking up with Todd, then later Nelly - who just happens to be the sister of singer/songwriter Kristie.John Connor, the father of both Kristie and Nelly is also involved with the composition and lyrics of a few songs for the up and coming album.

As Gympie is known as the ‘Town that saved QLD’ in 1867 with their mammoth unearthing of gold, it feels as though its CUISMS turn to save Gympie in much the same way. These three Gympie Golden Nuggets have now polished themselves and are ready to weigh in.

They’ve been rockin’ in and out of the Gympie outskirts getting a huge buzz for their extremely original originals. The group’s unique rock energy has set these guys apart from the customary scene. Two sisters, long term friends, musical talent, splattered over a small sized town and then enjoyed by all, seems to be just the right mishmash for success.....'CUISM, an arrangement of music'


Baby lay it all on the table
Been searchin