Culdera Played the 2005 Chili Cook Off - Opening the Stage for Chevelle, Seether and Future Leaders of the World. Winner of Fredericksburg, VA's Battle of the Bands Winner of Two online Battle of the Bands “Battling Bands” Opened for Vertical Horizon in July of 2005


As a tight, efficient unit of four best friends, Culdera repeatedly receives advanced praise after delivering jaw-dropping live performances. They continue to offer fresh and exciting elements in conjunction with music to captivate and entertain. After three years of fine-tuning and preparation, they have satisfyingly established themselves as a well-oiled machine.
These perpetual purveyors of rock began as the foursome Soma in 2002. Chad Mosson, Derek Berry, Jeremy Forsythe, Franky Robbins experimented with various ideas, yet fell short of finding their niche completely. The continuous evolution toward an identity became concrete with the fruition of Culdera. Jeff Stables replaced Franky Robbins, and after intense effort, Culdera defined their sound.
In the current and most rewarding phase, Culdera has reached a higher echelon. After one final member adjustment, replacing Jeff Stables with new bassist Garrett Kovalik, they began to make serious monetary and time investments. After a winter of immersing themselves in preparation, they emerged in the early spring and since has wowed every crowd they’ve performed for. Within this short resurgence period, they have won numerous battle of the bands both live and online, including one of the biggest in Virginia. Despite their success, the self-promoted, self-managed Culdera remains dedicated and ultimately loyal to what they do best, and unanimously agree there is no end in sight.


The Dawning EP

Set List

Mostly original music. Up to 120 minutes of material.

Some covers include: Tool, Helmet, The Cure.