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Avondale, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Avondale, Arizona, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Hip Hop Gothic




".CULT - #YFB"

By: Tim Baker
dotCULT, YFB, MishkaNYC, Hip Hop, Arizona
Album Rating: 9/10

These fuckers finally did it.

The adorable sacks of drug abuse and other forms of self destruction from .CULT dropped their full length album #YFB and it is everything I hoped it would be - menacing, droning, viscous, shirtless, bass heavy, fueled by chemicals and a perfect mix of 6 parts arrogance, 1 part shame and 3 parts disgust. .CULT has been one of those promising young groups that have been on my radar for a little over a year now and my hopes were, at least I thought they were, impossibly high.

I have dug the shit out of the singles and the EP, but I was still unsure if they would be able to provide a full length that kept up the intensity and/or my attention as did the smaller sampling. All concerns were laid to rest with #YFB; it is pretty god damn excellent.

Nihilistic as shit but excellent.

I left #YFB with the impression that these guys are all part of the same person, meaning that they cannot exist without the other. YAWNINGBOY is the soul. He is the essence of who .CULT is and wants to be. He is the aspirational part of the person; GUNGHO represents the part of the psyche that has to deal with the world. He is the jaded anger that deals with the obstacle either through frustration, rage, self-destruction, or crying in a ball on the living room floor. There is something incredibly human about his brand of irritability, kind of on some Harvey Pekar shit. FACES is the escapist part of the psyche. The part that one needs in order to cope with the world that GUNGHO lives in. He offers the side of the personality that turns off, gets bent, gets laid, whatever it takes to not feel that anger for just one minute of the day. Together they represent the disillusion of a generation of Americas force to deal with the end of the empire.

Am I over thinking shit? Most definitely, but I don't really give a shit. That is the feeling music gives me.

It is almost like I am looking in on something I shouldn't be seeing. I think #YFB is the manifestation of the fear and uncertainty that almost all of us feel, only it is from the perspective of the person who never had the chance or at least the illusion that they could achieve the American dream, because by the time they got to it, it was public knowledge that America was broken and nobody was trying to hide that fact anymore. I am sure I have the same fears and apprehensions but they manifest themselves in different ways.

Most times through denial because I at least lived through the tail end the empire.

Sorry I am going down a crazy rabbit hole with this one, it is what being around these .CULT assholes does to a man. It Fucks up the way you look at things, makes the world feel every bit as broken as it is, only from the perspective of the ground floor, minus the distance. #YFB is that glimpse into a world someone from my generation isn't supposed to experience; you almost feel guilty checking in on it, especially when you love it as much as I do. I guess it's a lot easier to deal with it when you have that distance.

.CULT is that truth bruh. - syffal


Straight out of Arizona, .CULT is a dark rap trio that will help you tell your parents off this holiday season. In "Paragon," which Noisey is premiering above, the rappers embrace syrupy horrcore production and Earl Sweatshirt-esque wordplay. Grab some weed and smoke in your parents' basement, and be sure to cop their upcoming record, #YFB, which is out February 4th on Мишка Records. - NOISEY MUSIC by VICE


#YFB is here and we’re pretty sure it’s going to offend everyone. This is not the album to play while driving with your mom to your little brothers soccer game. It's got no slow jams for the ladies. You won’t be able to play this shit at a “reasonable level” during causal Fridays at the office. Looking at the cover to this mixtape is probably an actionable offense at most offices. Shoutout to explaining the difference between art and pornography to HR. .CULT is a trio out of Arizona putting out rap that skirts the line between early 90s wordplay; fun house horrorcore production, and dead baby joke wit. You probably didn’t realize those things shared a border, but rap topography is an ever changing, living art. Basically, they make shit that sounds a lot like the songs that got young Earl Sweatshirt deported to a boys school in the Pacific Ocean. The album features 15 tracks of slander to various deities, vividly described sex acts, terrorism, drug use, calls to armed insurrection, and ultraviolence. It's all the things we love in America, over some 808s. Features from the likes of Nacho Picasso, Noah23, Sortahuman, Swagtoof, and Blue Sky Black Death.In retrospect we should have just used a parental advisory sticker as the cover for this, but that wouldn't have weirded out the woman with a yoga mat reading this over your shoulder. - MISHKA NYC


.Cult (aka DOTCULT) is made up of three Arizonans, Yung Gungho, Faces and Yawningboy, who have released two mixtapes, and, up until a few days ago, only one full length album. If you were to put Das Racist, Odd Future, Southern trap leanings, electronic malevolence, A$AP Ferg and Tyler Durden in a blender, .Cult would be the oozing product.

With the most NSFW album cover we’ve seen in a while, #YFB (You Fucking Bitch) is their second full-length album release.

Released by Mishka, you can download the whole album or stream below. - ACCLAIM MAGAZINE


Still working on that hot first release.



.CULT is:
FACES (rapper)
GUNGHO ( rapper)
YAWNS ( dj/producer)

Three HIPHOP Artists from PHOENIX AZ.

.CULT started in late 2012, and began recording its first album THE THREE BEGGARS as soon as its fruition. The THREE BEGGARS was released JUNE 18th 2013 (independently). Almost a year later on MISHKA NYC (records) #YFB (.CULT's follow up album) was released digitally. (link below)


After Shows in New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Phoenix in 2014

.CULT is gearing up for a West coast Tour and shows throughout 2015 SXSW. 

.CULT is also part of a rap collective known as THRAXX HOUSE (based out of Seattle WA/ Los Angeles CA) 

Band Members