Culte Du Cargo

Culte Du Cargo


Is Culte du Cargo, an average hype band? No! The creaks and shudders come fast as schooners, in red sails, to leave you sweating in its wake. These are men of ideals, you should know. Fast and faster ideas closing in, a laser locking on shifting tangents.


Alfa and Felix's ambitions are fairly straightforward: to make music that is expressive without obsessing about who, or what, they are. This sentiment is the foundation of Culte Du Cargo's creative process.
After all the studio sessions and the letting go, heading out on a limb by reaching outside their comfort zone, the voice of Culte Du Cargo has taken shape. This voice calls out to us, divining the back catalogues of our musical deities conjuring new life into existence.


Image Talk
released August 11, 2007

Set List

Our set list comprises the songs from our Image Talk record.