Cult & Leper

Cult & Leper

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Creamy, dreamy prom rock. Super 80s synth-rock for the kids.


Cult & Leper is creamy dreamy prom rock, excelling in hailing from Boston.

We all met during our studies and now travel the globe of our brains 20 times a day searching for the highest art that could ever be.

We are just back from our second national tour with our super friends Adelyn Rose (Eau Claire, WI). We've been to the arid plains of Wisconsin and the rumbling tumbling bellows of the American South. We've hiked through the mountains of New England many a day, and played super many shows in the Boston and surrounding areas.

Love and fun forever.

Enjoy Cult & Leper.

We are: Cale Israel, Sam Lisabeth, Pat Kuehn, Jeff Balter


Teens of July (2012, Anonymous Dog)

Clinktankerous (2013, self-released tour split with Cowboy Band)

Kiss the Fist (2013, self-released tour split with Adelyn Rose)

forthcoming studio record (TBA)