Cult of Sue Todd

Cult of Sue Todd


Punk Folk for Nervous Folk


The exact date of the formation of Cult of Sue Todd is lost to the ages, much like the formation of the great Mayan empire or invention of the Q-tip. With three albums behind the band, and fresh from his tour of the Czech Republic, Steven knew there was a hole in the heart of CoST, a gaping musical void in the band's signature irreverent and sweetly neurotic punk sound. It was time to expand the Cult of Sue Todd sound with a new duo to complement his guitar and vocal neuroses. Fate intervened to plug said chasm with the special wonder tonic of dynamic bassist Jason Vasquez and ultra-drummer Julia Cooke.

The current incarnation/musical dream team of Steven Perry, Jason Vasquez, and Julia Cooke came together in the idyllic days of summer 2006. This trio soon took up the nominal Cult mantle in a majestic musical marathon, like a sleek, muscled runner bearing the flaming torch towards the finish line of infamy as the sun glints off his nylon short-shorts. With Jason's warm, soulful rhythms on bass and Julia's moxie-driven, super-powered drumming, the three were a natural fit. Indeed, as soon as this dynamic trio met, history quaked with the heady impact of their musical and spiritual chemistry. Time will tell what the future holds for Cult of Sue Todd - fame, fortune, or a line of licensed low-quality plastic merchandise - all that can be said for sure is that theirs is a musical magic Not soon to be forgotten.


Top-Notch Buggery

Written By: Steven Perry

It was a fine "fuck me". Top-notch scam. Top-notch buggery. I had such plans, but they were crap. I took them back, but I couldn't do that.

Think of the ones you hate and find a way to make them pay. Put a brick in a gunny sack, use an aluminum baseball bat, whatever you have to do to get them back.

I don't want to fall. I don't want to go home. I don't want to break. I don't want to get a job. I'd rather starve than suck a corporate cock. But there are so many bands in the world and they all have such balls. Merge Records, where have you gone? Why won't you return my calls? Whatever happened to Volcano!! I'm Still Excited? They were great. Damned I miss McLusky, but I still have the Thermals.


Written By: Steven Perry

On the banks of the old Ohio, it breaks your back but you don't want to hear about that.

In mid-September all across the valley, girls in calico and gauzy scarves around their necks.

Every morning my mother kills an animal. She gets down on her knees and picks it up with her bare hands.

Every Sunday we file in a straight line. We get down on our knees to give thanks for what we have.

On the banks of the old Ohio, I watch my brother fish. I watch them thrash about for air.

All the pretty girls and all the stately horses--a mother's newborn child like nature's own majestic heir.

Every weekend my father takes his rifle. He drags me with him so I can tote a canvas sack.

Every Sunday we're solemn and collective. We get down on our knees we're so grateful for what we have.


Written By: Steven Perry

We met on a Sunday, on the white day of our lord. You were hunting for a rifle I was shopping for a sword. Across from the used car lot, I wiped your face with my best line. "Are you on your way to Dayton? And can I see you sometime?"

It look a long weekend to explore your proposition. I don't want to end up in a precocious position. You argue "what's the difference when you're just taking from the rich?" So you say "let's go to Tampa." Well what the fuck is in Tampa?

I'm driving in a Civic and you're stretched out on the backseat. You're laughing at my new suit, you say "it's much too fancy. You'll have to dress much simpler if you ever want to be Clyde." I swear I'd never kill a man unless he deserved to die.

I turned my hate to beggars, the homeless, and the poor. You want to take the subway and I say "what the hell for?" "Are you turning into evil? Are you turning into hate?" "I'm just trying to find a new way to dick away the day."


Written By: Steven Perry

In a pearl-backed bed, stains on threadbare sheets. He thinks he'll get ahead if he can make it with everybody.

Take a turnback in hate and sprinkle flowers on the body. There are seeds to disseminate. He wants to fuck everybody.


Written By: Steven Perry

I worked out a system of beliefs I could not attain. There was a whistle that woke me up and I felt the presence of something near me.

I never told you that you speak in rays of light. Your tongue has ruined my eyes. Your insane lips push soft sounds dulcetly, and I cannot fight.

My broken fingers. My shattered kneecaps. My fractured skull and stark neckring of blue. This has been the best day of my life.

Why should I try when I'm bound to fail?


Written By: Steven Perry

I'm not cool enough for you. I don't think I'll ever be. I'm not crusing, clubbing, catting, and I won't go a'gaying. My grace is chemical, not sculpted or painted. If I have a frown, it's a frown. I cannot fake it because I'm not cool enough.
I've been good to you

Our hearts bleed for you; our genitals leaks. Our hair is falling out. Loud noises are disturbing. Be sure to give credit to those before you. They did it better than you. We love you, Burma. I'm not cool enough.
Don't act like you care.

We cannot stay up late anymore. We're getting too old to sleep on the floor. I should not drink this much anymore.
It's time to go home.


1. Gravy Makes Babies. 2004.
2. Nothing Noteworthy Happened Today. 2005.
3. Sound in a Vacuum, Vol 2. Atomic Mouse Recordings--one song by COST. 2006.
4. Kelsey Grammer Loves Us. 2006.
5. IPO Festival CD. One exclusive COST track. 2006.
6. Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not Not. 2007.

Set List

A typical set is 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the venue's wish. Most songs are short--none longer than four minutes.