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"Buddy Leroy Introspectrum LP"

Introspectrum unites the lyrical dexterity of Buddy Leroy with Jaz Infinite’s jazz and soul production. Together, they are next on the evolutionary chain from A Tribe Called Quest, but as Leroy himself says on “Fire Burn,” “They say I’m too negative to be a conscious rapper.” Though his verses never lean into gangster territory, there is gravity in his writing that dances between darker inclinations and a Native Tongues influence. The tension between the two worlds is why Jaz Infinite’s breezy, low-key tracks work so well behind him. Leroy’s imagery is still too vague to draw any comparisons to Kweli and his metaphors aren’t consistently puckish like Kanye’s, but the duo carves out a balanced array of smooth tracks and head-nodders to stand on their own.

Jaz Infinite earns his name on “Freedom,” a laidback track featuring justifiably monotonous flow from Buddy Leroy and robotic background vocals from Yadira. But halfway through the track, all vocal accompaniment evaporates leaving just a simple array of keys and drum claps that flow on into nothingness. Jaz Infinite plays with contrasts throughout the album with mournful strings backing Ibrahim’s energetic guest spot on “Changes” and a hint of mambo coloring the club track “Lil’ Bit.” “Black” recalls when Allen Payne had a respectable career, using the hilarious excerpt from “CB4” (“I’m Black y’all/I’m Blacker than black and I’m Black y’all”), turning the ridiculous into something completely appropriate for this context.

With a nod to classic hip-hop, Buddy Leroy and Jaz Infinite bring a hard edge to conscious hip-hop with tracks highlighting humor, street awareness and flat out quality. With clarity and focus, the duo reinvigorates the fabled golden era, showing that the newer generation of hip-hop is capable of more than cheap homage.

- Candace L


2002 Vertual Vertigo ...Planet Vert EP

2003 Cerebral Vortex ...Medisin LP

2003 JLX Vol 1 Compliation

2003 JLX vol 2 Compliation

2004 Ezekiel38 Junkbox vol1

2005 Vertual Vertigo...back to tha pod EP

2006 Cerebral Vortex... Backpackers Guide to the
galaxy LP

2006 Ezekiel38 JunkBox Vol 2

2006 Ezekiel38 Dragons Crossing EP

2006 Ezekiel38 Junkbox Vol 3

2007 Ezekiel38 Junkbox Vol 4

2007 Cerebral Vortex Evolution Love LP

2007 Buddy Leroy Introspectrum LP

2007 Ezekiel38 Junkbox Vol 5


Cerebral Vortex "Corpus Colosum" LP

Ezekiel38 "A Sign Of the Times" LP

Tasz One "Sex Drugs and Hip Hop"



Culutre Sound is a new Independent Hip Hop Record Label based out of TX. It is constructed of Hip Hop Fanatics and Producers that have had an ear for good music since the "golden era". Half of Culutre Sound's objective in the industry is to bring that very golden era sound back to the streets and world of hip hop entertainment. With artists like Cerebral Vortex, whose upcoming album "Corpus Collosum" is very reminecent of early De La Soul and or Digable Planets material. The San Fransico native Buddy leroy, has been refered to as having a mid Tribe Called Quest/Slum village type of style, while at the same time posessing a very new to hip hop energy when preforming. The newest edition to the team, Ezekiel38, comes from a long background of international homes and experience. The upcoming album "A Sign of the Times" is a more political and non-fictional documentaion of his long journey. The three artists form a stew of tasty flavor when put together on stage that both attack and please from all angles. With an upcoming releases and European Tour with C Rayz Walz and the austrian turntable crew the Phonosapiens, the sound of Culture Sound will be spreading much futher this coming year and years to come.

In the past Culutre Sound Artists have shared stages with:

Cappadonna, Austin TX 2006
Gangstarr, Koln Germany 2003
Freddie Fox, (bumpy knuckles) Koln Germany 2003
Group Home, Amsterdam Holland 2003
Promoe, Sweden 2003
Funk Master Flex, Hamliton Ont Canada 2006
One Be Lo, Ann Arbour MI 2007
"Creeches Forest Freak Show", South Bend IN 2007
Biz Markie, koln germany 2002
Grand Agent, koln germany 2002
Masta Killa, San Antonio 2007
Tailb Kweli, Seattle 2007
Lower life Form, San Antonio 2007
Just Born, Austin 2007
and many others...........
Other accomplishments:

WESC "Lets Get Physical Champions" London England 2007


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