Cupid McQuaid

Cupid McQuaid


I am someone who sings from the heart. I taught myself to play guitar and I have studied songwriting and lyric writing on my own. I recently won an "Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting Award" from the 9th Annual Great American Song Contest for the song "Warm and Naked" I wrote for my band.


I was filming a video on the beach last fall. As I was leaving, a woman who had been listening stopped me and asked me to play one more song. I sat beside her and played "Along For The Ride". When I finished, she was crying.

"Thank you," she said, "That was something I really needed to hear."

That is why I play music, and that is what I hope people experience when they listen to my songs. Not that I want everyone to cry, but I hope they experience some sort of healing or connection with an experience they have had in their lives.

Video can be seen at


3 self released albums (no bar codes):

Glory Notorious (1999) Self Released
Illuminati Voussior (2003) Self Released
Out of a Molehill (2005) Self Released

Coming Soon:

The Living Dream Machine
(Fall 2008) On Tap Records

Set List

Sets are usually around 30 minutes, but I can play much longer if needed.


1. Give Me Some Time
2. Why Still Compare Him to Me?
3. Drove From Ohio
4. Letters
5. One of These Days or Nights
6. Any Way
7. Far Behind Your Eyes
8. With My Hands
9. Open Road, Open Doors
10. I Want to Give It
11. I Won’t Worry
12. Something Else
13. Have a Good Time
14. Break Out
15. A Sunflower Daydream
16. Liquid Soul
17. Lorraine (I Need You to Know)
18. High Rise
19. Neo-Pseudo Messiah
20. Something for You
21. Fear Dies Fast
22. Size Matters
23. Don’t Mind Being Lied To
24. Heart for You
25. Crashing
26. Returning
27. Paper Airplane
28. This is the Life
29. Bumblebee
30. River Storm
31. Baby with a Gun
32. Signs of the Revolution
33. My Name is Mary Jane
34. Glassy
35. Hiding in the Trees With Leona
36. Day
37. Hopeful
38. Time for a Difference
39. Lady Love
40. Dear Father
41. Sunset Dawn
42. Circle
43. Somewhat Horny
44. Goodbye Doppleganger