Glen Cove, New York, USA

Futuristic, Creative, Lovable, Out of this World


Lizandro Davila (Born Dec. 16,1991), also known as Cupid, an american recording producer. Born and raised in the North Shore of Long Island, New York. Stated producing when i was 11 years old, 5th grade, 2002-2003. Associates with groups like Lo Productions, the Back Draft, the Cartels, V & Y Records, R.M. Music, NARCO ENT., Future Music, the Profesionalz and Colleges with Glen Cove Sound Studio/Cove City and many others. Currently in Cupid Music(2008) and High Definition Music Group(2009).


Antonio "A.V." Vizcarrondo
Boogie Banks
Christopher Martineau (of Cupid Music)
Danny Conner
Dem 808 Boyz
Fantastik (of Dem 808 Boyz)
Fuse 100
Gian "G.C." Carlo
Jason Ray
Jimmy "Yonell" Escobar (of V&Y Records)
Lou "Velvet" Vega (of the Mechanix)
Mago Montana
Mailani Dream
Marc Menaza
Nik Sound
Raden Mantuano
St. Julian
Thomas Melton
Trey Knox
Young Fletcher
(many more...)