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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Article on Pacific Noise Festival coming out in Feb 28 issue of Oakland East Bay Express Newspaper...check back for more!


Cupids. If I had a record store, I would play this and not tell anyone who they were. Its not like I could sell their album because as far as I know, they have none. Just these three mp3s. Sure, it sounds like it was recorded in a garage but isnt that where most bands start? Or mom and dads basement laundry room? Trembelina has that first two Verve albums mixed with a 70s psych sound. Made In Taiwan sounds like an acid trip. Another song, which is available on their above myspace link, Blisterine Kiss, sounds like it was recorded live. If you live in San Fran, you must know about this band. And if you do, let me know more about this esoteric band.
- Jason
2005 -


Unreleased EP recorded last June in Jersey City, NJ Produced by CUPIDS and David Max (Psychic TV), and engineered by Nick Kramer.



Feeling a bit camera shy


CUPIDS singer/songwriter Megafun SF hails from the Oklahoma City underground music scene where he once played as a youngster opening up for friends The Flaming Lips & Chainsaw Kittens-as well as other national acts such as Matthew Sweet, Red Red Meat, Bikini Kill, The Dirty Three and Archers of Loaf-before opting to move out to the west coast to tour as guitar tech for The Geraldine Fibbers (which subsequently included Nels Cline later of Wilco).

After a year of playing in various bands, he moved back home, finished his degree and retuned to SF to fulfill his lifelong dream of starting his very own band...and so it came to be-CUPIDS was born. Not long after he moved back he met San Francisco native and electronic artist STAB1. STAB's background was quite a bit different-growing up he immersed himself into the electronic rave scene which exploded in San Francisco in the early 90's. "Stab" was first known in certain circles as a graffiti artist and then later on became a graphic artist designing bills and other various ads for the local SF electronic music scene. Eventually, he started constructing beats and learned how to play keyboards. Soon after the two met, they found that they had some common ground agreeing upon groups such as New Order, Kraftwerk and Radiohead.

They decided one day to see what it would be like to try playing together and found that they clicked almost immediatley. Together their sound collided into a vast array of tonal intensity, stemming from a simple pattern of repitition, remenescent of 70's minimalists Philip Glass and Steve Reich as well as atonal no-wave godfather Glenn Branca. Other sounds would weave in and out, often with brief interludes appearing as some lost cinematic recollection or even ultra soothing swabs of loving emotion.

The two have been playing together for 2 years but have formally been a band for just under a year playing their first gig anonymously billed as "The Cupids" at a Valentine's Day Fashion Show. After going through a few different drummers they decidedly opted out for a drum machine for a more industrial and edgier rhythmic feel. They also enlisted friend Charles Gergley from NY to take over on bass which evened out the overall sound. Their live shows have been described as nothing short of electric, and earlier this year they were invited to record at MicroRiot Studios just outside of New York City. Also they have been picking up press lately interviewing in several local online magazines as well as local newspapers. Lastly they are in the process of planning a tour of the Pacific Northwest/BC area for late next spring/early summer '07.

-T. Bradshaw

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