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"Inside Curbside"

Inside Curbside"by Erin Deshinsky

No Drums, no bass, no problem says Bradley's latest band. When asked to describe the music Jim Herbert, Drew Schultz and Brent Nohl play in their band, all three used the same words: laid back and chill.

Whatmore can you expect from a band that has no bangingdrums or thumping bass?

This isnot your typical college rock band. When Herbert and Schultz decided their guitar duo neede something more, they found exactly what they were looking for in Nohl. It was just not what they expexted, considering Brent plays the cello.

"I love meshing with Brent and Drew," said Herbert, the singer/songwriter of the all-acoustic band. "It just sounds so full once all of us play together and add our piece."

The three members of Sigma Nu met while attending Bradley University, although they didn't get together as a band until this year. The three musicians are eachothers biggest fans and inspiration. Herbert, who is a fan of acoustic music, said that Nohl is awesome at the cello."It's not something you hear everyday, but it's an amazing instrument and adds so much.

Herbert is described by his bandmatesas the perfect frontman. "His voice complements the music perfectly and he has such a leading personality," commented Schultz.

Nohl, the cello-playing newcomber is known as the "glue of the band," for holding everything together.Brent, whohas been playing the cello since he was six, said music is a big part of his life. He said he loves everything from Dave Matthews to Kanye West.

Schultz said Incubus has been a big inspiration for guitar playing, while healso mentioning John Mayer, Goo Goo Dolls and Howie Day. The band said listeners can find bits of all of these styles in their music.

Herbert has been writing for years, butsaid it's been harder to write songs since he's graduated. "You kind of have to be in the right mindset to write songs," Herbert said. Although Herbert writes most of the lyrics for Curbside, the band's music is a collaboration from all three members.

"We all come to the table," Schultz said of creating a song. "I'm not afraid to tell them that I don't like this orI dolike that. It's important to work together and make itsomething of your own."

Herbert said he loves the positive feedback they get from the audiencewhile playing a set. "After the show, fanssay they didn't expect it because it's such a different look and sound with Brent's cello."

Over the past few months after coming together, they've played numerous shows in Peoria including the Lucky Lady, SOP's, Gorman's, andCrusens. Curbside has traveled outside of Peoriain venues near Chicago and Orland Park, their home away from home. They band members would love to continue their success, but are not in any hurry.

"I still just love what we're doing right now," Herbert said.

For more information, on Curbside and a concert schedule, visit the band at - Bradley Scout Newspaper

"24 Hour Music Festival"

Bands rock to the tune of all-night philanthropy" by Meg Thilmony

The hilltop will rock tonight when 24 Hours of Music takes over Olin Quad.

Twenty-five bands and musical acts will perform throughout the event, which last 24 hours, and begins tonight at 7pm. Bradley-based musical talents Curbside and Geisert 8 Band kick off the event, while other acts include the Bradley Jazz combo and alumnus Matt Crain.

The event is a philanthropy for VH1's Save the Music, a non-profit organization focused on restoring music programs and raising awareness for the importance of musical participation for the nation's youth.

Hosted by Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha Iota, 24 Hour of Music has been a Bradley Spring mainstay for the last several years.

Ashley Stewart, 24 Hours co-chair, said all of the performers donate their time to 24 Hours of Music. The sponsors also receive donations from alumni, community leaders and local businesses. In previous years, we've raised around $700, but we've already surpassed that and are close to $1000," Stewart said.

This was the first year organizers started raising money before the event. Fundraising efforts began las May with a letter campaign and other methods of fundraising.

Fundraising chariwoman Julie Gustis said she encourages students to bring their parents to the event. "It's the first time 24 Hours is on Parent's Weekend, and we think it's a great event for everyone," she said. "We're going to have tents and games out on the quad and just want people to come out and enjoy it with us."

PR chairwoman Jennifer Rosa said she thinks this years event will draw a larger crowd than in years past. "We're expecting a bigger turnout this year," Rosa said. "It should be a more diverse crowd because we have music that appeals to both students and parents."

Rosa said the event has been well attended in the past, but hopes the regional music groups will draw a bigger crowd.

"We have bands from all sorts of places, even Northwester University," Roas said.

"Whenever you have a band, you'll have all of their groupies, too."

Event coordinators said they hope this year's quality lineup will only add to the events historical success. "We have good acts all the way through," Rosa said. "There won't be any dry spells."
- Bradley Scout Newspaper

"Local Showcase"

We met each other at Bradley University in the Sigma Nu fraternity house late in 2003, when Drew transferred from Carthage College. All three of us are fans of acoustic music and had played for fun, but the thought of being in a band was always intriguing. It was then we began writing and recording our own material, inspired by the possibilities it created. Jim and Drew produced a 5-song demo when we first met, but knew something was missing from the mix. We introduced Brent to our progress, who had been classically trained on the cello for the past 12 years, and the depth of the music came out. After a few minutes of practicing together for the first time, we knew we had something. We re-recorded our demo, added 5 more tracks and handed it out to all of our friends. Within weeks we were playing in some of Peorias hottest places for live music and creating a local buzz.

How did you come up with your name?

We played our first show in February 2004 for an event at Bradley and didnt know what to call ourselves. For Lack of a Better Name was our creative way of handling it until coming up with something new that would stick. Drew, who joked with friends back in high school about starting a band and naming it Curbside, now had an opportunity to put his idea to useand it fit.

How would you describe your band to someone whos never seen or heard the band?

Its always interesting watching everyones response when we first do a sound check and begin playing. Brent and his cello really take the music to another level; its such a unique sound. Not many bands have stringed instruments, so we focus on that advantage. We like to say no drums, no bass, no problem, but we recently implemented looping pedals, which allows us to layer sounds and be more creative on stage. It's acoustic-melodic rock shaped by unique rhythms, complimenting leads and strong, yet soothing vocals. The fuller the sound we can create, the better.

How many shows do you do a year?

We try to play as much as possible, given our geographic handicaps. Brent and Jim have since graduated from Bradley and work full time in Chicago, while Drew finishes up his last semester at Bradley. We play at least 2-3 times a month, both in Peoria and Chicago, with a regularly scheduled gig in Orland Park at Sam Maguires every Thursday night.

Within the next few months, we all hope to live in the Chicago area in order to practice more, continue writing and recording, and growing.

What is your best experience as a band?

Our first show we played, two years ago, was an unforgettable experience. We didnt know what to do or expect, but were excited to show people what we had been working on. After our first set and the response we got, we knew this was going to be our new passion. Recently, we advanced to the semi-final round of the Emergenza Music Festival, a worldwide battle of the bands contest. Every major city in the world hosts elimination rounds at various venues until selecting the top 15 in each city. Were currently in the top 50 of 300 Chicago bands fighting for a chance to play at the historic, Metro, and the possibility of touring in Germany for the International finals. Weve gotten two first place votes and are eager to progress on to the finals. Our next round show is on Thursday, May 18 @ 11pm at the Double Door in Chicago.

What is your worst experience as a band?

Every band plays shows with less people watching than you can fit in a phone booth, but even then you build experience. We actually had to pay $100 to play an hour show once. It was outside, cold and very unorganizednever again.

What separates your band from all the other bands out there?

Without a drummer and the additional harmony of a cello, we know we offer something unique and different than the average band. We have the ability to play strong, emotional jams one minute and a lyrically packed ballad the next. The addition of looping pedals will only add to the distinctive sound our fans have grown to love.

Do you have a favorite song to perform, and why?

We love playing our own songs and having people relate to them, thats why writing music is so infectious. Its crazy when you have a room full of people singing your songs back to you. We like to end shows with Oasis Wonderwall because of the way it brings the room together.

What are your goals as a band?

We want to keep writing and playing, while expanding out of Peoria and Chicago. We also are eager to get some professional studio time and finalize an album. With time comes shows, comes money, comes well take it at stride. As long as people continue to enjoy what we do, then well keep supplying the beats. Their support has been our fuel to keep writing and performing.

What is most rewarding when it comes to your band?

The connection we make with fans and listeners. Without support, we would have nothing, so we thank everyone who has been there for us over the past two years. We are excited to play this upcoming Saturday at Crusens on Farmington , with guests Matt Crain and Keith Kristinat, and hope to keep Peoria shows on our schedule as long as possible. We never knew goofing around after classes and playing would turn into this, but we love it and are curious whats next. - River City Times

"Acoustic Curbside"

by Heather Warthen of the Orland Park Prarie

melodic acoustic rock


We have three instruments in the band. I play rhythm guitar, Drew Schultz plays lead guitar, and Brent Nohl plays the cello.


The band came together kind of by accident. Brent, Drew, and I all went to Bradley University in Peoria and were a part of the same fraternity. I knew that Drew played some guitar and Brent played the cello, but never really thought about putting something together. I had written a few songs and finally had Drew listen to them one night. After that, Drew and I started writing together and came up with five original tunes that we started playing for friends. The reaction to the music was really good and people started encouraging us to play live at some local bars. I really wanted to do it, but always kind of thought that the music needed something else. That something else came when Drew invited Brent to sit in on one of our jam sessions. Drew, Brent, and I started playing and it was like something clicked. I still remember getting the chills as soon as Brent started playing. The music sounded so full, and I think we all realized at the same time that we had something.


We played a lot at popular bars down in Peoria. We played at Jimmys, S.O.Ps, The Lucky Lady, Rockys, Crusens, Old Chicago, and a handful of other places. We recently started playing the suburbs at places like Sam Maguires in Orland Park, Grubens Uptown Tap in Plainfield, Gators in Palatine and Dreams in Lockport. We have also played some shows in Chicago at places like The Note, The Double Door, and Schinicks Pub.


We do have an eleven song demo out right now. We are looking to get into the studio soon to get something professionally done. If anyone is interested in the demo though they can email us at

HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN ORLAND PARK?My family moved to Orland Park from Oak Lawn when I was five and I lived there until after I graduated college so whats that about 17 years? Sounds about right.


As far as other interests goWhen I am not playing music, I am definitely listening to music or going to see concerts. I love going to see live music. You get a completely different appreciation for the music when you are watching and listening to it live. Other than that, I have a full time job that takes up most of my time.


A lot of people ask that question, and I think we really sound like us. We all have our influences and incorporate those influences into the music that we write, but at the end of the day, we really have a unique and different sound. We do our fair share of cover songs at the shows that we play, because a lot of people identify with that music first. However when we write and play our own music, it is our time to be creative and I think we definitely take advantage of that. I cant tell you how cool it is to look out into an audience and see someone tapping their feet to our music or singing the lyrics to songs that we have written.


I think the obvious thing that makes our music unique is the fact that we have a cello in our band. You dont see that often, and that is very apparent when we start setting up to play at a new place. People kind of get these blank stares on their faces and start asking questions like Where is the drummer? or What is that kid with the big violin doing? When we start playing though people forget about the fact that there are no drums and are really entertained by the thick sound that two acoustic guitars and a cello can produce.


There was no real decision to exclude drums or bass from the band. In fact we have been tossing around the idea of trying out some drums to see how it would sound. Right now we have some looping pedals that we use to create some beats behind our music and it is working out for the time being. We do see ourselves eventually creating more layers to our music and adding drums and bass would definitely achieve that effect.


I started playing guitar and actually singing my freshman year of college. I cant remember a single day since where I havent picked up my guitar for at least ten minutes.


My family was most definitely my biggest influence growing up. I have one younger brother, two younger sisters, and two great parents. My dad was actually my biggest influence musically. He use to take out his guitar, play some James Taylor or Beatles tunes and talk about how he use to play with his band back in the day at the bars of Illinois State University for ten bucks, a pitcher of beer, and a pizza. You really cant beat that


One of our first really big shows was at a bar called S.O.Ps in downtown Peoria. S.O.Ps is a great place to go see live music. A lot of big college bands like Mike and Joe and Stellar Road play there. We got booked for a Wednesday night, opening up for a band called Geography who were on mini tour across the Midwest. We had never heard of Geography or their music, and apparently the guys who booked us hadnt either because it was a complete clash of styles. Geography was a heavy metal band and of course they had heavy metal fans. You should have seen the look on their faces when we started playing. It was definitely one of the most awkward shows we have ever had, but we managed to get through it and the guys from Geography were really cool about it.


I would say that our biggest accomplishment to date would be staying together as a band. Drew is finishing up college in Peoria, Brent is working in Chicago, and I am out in Naperville. It is pretty hard to find time to practice and play shows, but any free weekend we get you will find us playing because that is what we love to do. We also just finished in the semifinals of the Chicago portion of a huge world-wide battle of the bands competition called Emergenza. This world-wide contest books unsigned bands in every major city through various elimination rounds until the winners are selected at the end of the summer in the Germany international finals. It was a great competition with some unbelievable bands so it was really cool to make it so far.


We dont have any specific goals for right now except to continue to play new venues and audiences and really get our music out there. Playing with Curbside is exciting because good things keep happening. With every show played we gain new fans and new ideas so the sky is the limit. Drew and Brent are unbelievable musicians and it is amazing to play with these guys. I believe that music is a release for all three of us and I dont see us slowing down any time soon.

CONTACT INFORMATION? or - Orland Park Prarie


1. Curbside "Curbside" - LP
Release Date: September 2004

2. Curbside "Somewhere To Nowhere"
Release Date: September 2007



Jim Herbert - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Piano
Drew Schultz - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Brent Nohl - Cello

We met in 2003 at Bradley University, jammed after class and wrote a few songs for fun. Sharing a similar taste in music, we developed our own style from acoustic-driven influences and practiced constantly to get it right. After feeling comfortable enough to get on stage, we brought all of our friends, played our first set and have been addicted ever since.

Since college towns are music's testing grounds, we hit the Peoria music scene and started gaining exposure. In only a few months, we were headlining the areas best venues and growing in every sense of the word.

At the end of 2006, we moved our project and focus to the Chicago area. Playing 2-5 shows a month outside our everyday lives, we've been able to fund our own promo, equipment, gas and bar tabs. However, anyone with ears will tell you that an original album reflects true progress of a band's persistance and talent. For us, that time had come.

By 2007 our focus was getting into the studio and producing an original album. After doing some research, we teamed up with Planet 10 Studios and Jim Johnson, knocked out a few practice sessions and hit the booth. During a few weekends on the grind, we completed and released our first studio album, "Somewhere To Nowhere"

We want to thank everyone for coming to shows, near and far, and supporting us on making this possible.

"Somewhere To Nowhere" on iTunes!