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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review C.B TV-Endless Waltz"

C.B. TV – Endless Waltz

C.B. TV is very different from all the norm rappers out here and I like it. He has originality and uses his rapping skills to speak about the different issues in this world and how he views it. From having a dream to being lost in a struggle to fighting in what you believe in to relationships, he speaks it all. He sends out great messages and express his stories distinctively.

Just about every track on here has a GRAND sound to it. One of my favorites is “Exia” produced by Jerry Manning, Jr. He, C.B. TV, raps about going to war with life and different situations that comes across that has to be dealt with.

“Ghost In the Shell” – A must listen. He describes people living and making different sacrifices or in the moment decisions that ends affecting everyone around them. They get caught up with their path choice and end up being a lost soul trying to survive and deal with it.
All his stories have great meaning and help you to create an image on whats going on as he flows.

Dude is fearless and fire-eating.

That’s right I said it. He’s packed with heat and he eats it. Laughing Out Loud.

And OMG! I’m a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z and what does C.B. TV do? He creatively spits about different levels of sayians, the characters, and storylines from it. It’s called “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” Straight HOTNESS! Its so creatively done that he tells his story about prevailing.

Dude is mad talented for real. Love his originality. Definitely a must cop album. Shouts out to Jerry Manning, Jr. for the production. FYE! I don’t really watch anime but all these joints would be HOT in them.

4.8 stars out of 5.

Download: C.B. TV – Endless Waltz Mixtape.


"Lets Kick Some Empty Soda Cans With C.B TV (interview)"

First of all thank you for your time, and how are you doing today?
The pleasure is mine, all is well just trying to push this album, which is a huge hassle…I believe its giving me gray hair.

For those who don’t know who you are tell us about you:
Well my story might not be the best but here goes! My name is Jerry Manning (C.B TV) and I’m a 20-year-old college sophomore. At the moment I’m thinking about pulling a Kanye and never looking back! Ha-ha I’m not a big gamer but I do have my moments! I’m an artist/producer/graphic artist/anime head/want to be photographer/ninja/captain level soul reaper/bum…I take pride in the bumming, I mean, who wouldn’t? I’m from Germany and NC…weird mixes right? Now I live in Lame Temple TX, but I’ll be an official resident of Austin Texas in August! Oh and for those wondering C.B=Carolina Boi. Um, I made my own genre of music “Hyperactive Ninja Music” why you may ask…just because.

What first got you interested in doing music?
Well growing up I didn’t listen to hip-hop much, I was actually an NSYNC fan…go figure! Ahaha my 1st rap album I ever purchased was around 5th or 6th grade (STLunatics “Free City”), but the one album that had the most impact on me was the Clipse’s “Lord Willin” album! At the time I didn’t understand the subject matter; being a kid from the burbs and all…but at that moment in time it was enough to make me want to write. As far as producing goes, I just wanted to try it out…I quit more than anything, I actually just got back to producing last year when I started Endless Waltz.

What types of music motives you? Why?
I couldn’t name just one specific type of music because I can go from listening to Never Shout Never to jamming Pastor Troy, then switch it up and jam Lupe or The Academy Is. I’m just motivated by artists who keep it real and keep it original. Whatever sounds cool to me is cool in my book!

What is the one song or groups of songs that have changed your life? How?
Man the song that changed my life…hmmm I’d have to say “Through The Wire” changed my life, I slept on Kanye til I was in 9th grade, and when I was in 10th grade I was hitting a lot of rough patches and the “College Dropout” was the only CD I jammed, helped motivate me and that album changed how I viewed music.

Are there any artists out there that you would say are your idols? Why?
No, no idols for me, I have favorites though. I don’t have any idols because you can’t surpass people when you feel as though their ish doesn’t stink lol. Plus I don’t know any of these artists on a personal basis; they could be a-holes for all I know! Ahaha my idols are those who have always been there for all that mushy stuff and me.

Are there any artists or producers you would like to work with? Why?
Artists :
Little Brother
Keyshia Cole <-wifey right there
Mos Def
The Ting Tings
Fall Out Boy
Chester French <-fave band right now
Andre 3000
Demarco Castle

Producers :
9th Wonder
The Neptunes
DJ Toomp
No I.D.

Who would you say is your musical guilty pleasure? Be true
Uh, I don’t know because I listen to so much, but I would have to say Keyshia Cole lol I know the words to her songs and sometimes I sing along Ahaha but that’s wifey though, so I have to support her ^_^.

Your album “Endless Waltz” comes from the anime Gundam Wing, What made you come up with this name? Why?
Well Endless Waltz was actually the 1st and last picks for the title; there wasn’t a list or anything, which is crazy because I usually have a lot to choose from. The title symbolizes the way life is like a waltz; a waltz is a ballroom dance that requires the dancers to step/glide as if they were moving over a square. When you think about it you end your steps where you began…let me get deep real quick…ok so in life we all have to make decisions whether positive or negative…what we do comes back around and affects our lives, its a never ending cycle of events…thus making life an Endless Waltz. This is the reason I ended the album on a negative note, the main character (me) still hasn’t acquired the truth needed to bring about the positive change needed in life to get positive results.

What first got you into anime? And what was your first anime?
To be honest I think my dad got me into anime! Lol when I was younger (8-9) we had HBO, Showtime, and etc and they would show anime shows/movies late at night or during the day. Well my dad ended up watching “Ninja Scroll” and he told me I couldn’t watch it because it was too bloody and too adult for me. So when he was deployed to Korea I went into my parent’s room and watched “Ninja Scroll” and from that moment on, I was hooked! It is an awesome movie!!

What extra steps do you need to take to reach your form of super stardom?
Hmm steps…I really need a manager, that’s probably the most essential thing because college is a job all in its own, and that extra help would be good…I know with the right management I could accomplish a lot more. Stage 2 of my world domination would have to be dating a superstar…that’s where Keyshia Cole comes in. Stage 3…kill the industry with some off the wall music they’ve never heard and get a huge buzz like um…like um…Kobe when he did what it was he did lol.

Finally, is there anything you want to say to the readers?
Um…I’d like to say thank God for being alive and don’t worry about what others think or do, because at the end of the day you have to live your life for yourself, not other people. Oh…this is super important! Don’t mix chocolate milk with frosted flakes…it might sound good…but is an EPIC FAIL!!!!!

For more on C.B TV, check out and also follow him on twitter at


"The Unkown Rapper"

This young man that I am about to introduce you all to in my opinion is a phenominal artist. I found him a few years back before twitter lol! but I fell in love with his C.B TV presents:The laziest mixtape you’ve ever heard aka why the heck did you put The Konchense Tape and Mixed Signals on one cd? i mean check out the title... anywho just wanted to show yall what i think real music is! so enjoy! ....GIGGITY! oh wait no...Gea Gea GEEEEEAAAAA!

1. if you would please formally introduce yourself.

The name's Jerry Louis Manning Jr...sounds super classy right? lol I go by C.B TV (C.B=Carolina Boi) the TV part is something I picked up from a verse I did on a song called "revenge of the nerd" (09 stuff). I'm from Germany and NC but currently located in Temple Tx (soon to be Austin in aug). Im a 20 year old 2nd year college student woot woot!! almost done =D Im not a gamer, but I can get down on the sticks no doubt! Im an avid anime watcher and im also a ninja...for all those who havent noticed

2. whats your flow?

my flow? um...I dont know really, Im the type of person who goes with the flow. Sometimes Im comical others I'm deep or insightful...there's really no telling with me! I can say all my music is 100% real, if ive never done it or dont do it, I wont lie about it. I label my brand of music "Hyper Active Ninja Music" ADD approved (thumbs up)

3. how'd you get rollin'?

I started writing music after I heard The Clipse's "Lord Willin" album, that was my 1st major influence musically, it was also my 2nd rap cd I purchased lol go figure!! I was maybe 11 or 12 at the time I wasnt really serious about writing until I was 13. I moved from Germany to Tx when I was 15 and thats when I recorded my 1st track over Eminem's "Soldier" beat (the song was horrible). I started making beats around this time too, but only like...a handful of people knew I could do both.

4. inspiration?

I'm inspired by alot of cool people, WAY too many to name! I'm not just talking about musical inspiration either because alot of my listeners inspire me. When people hit you up saying "yo I jam your music daily" you cant help but get inspired to give people your best. I believe i have the coolest listeners...and i dare anyone to test that lol As far as music im inspired by all those who stay true to their craft and make what I think is cool. Im inspired by movies, anime, and other visual art forms, I was always the kid who seen something once and soaked it in. I turn what I see into ideas and build my own universe of thoughts around it.

5. look in my crystal ball, what do you see?
I see myself out of college in 2 years and living in be honest thats as far as I can see because thats a MUST!!! Hopefully the other things I want to do fall in place. Almost forgot...married to the lovely Keyshia Cole, thaaaats right!! She wants me, just doesnt know it yet lol

6. how can people find you!?

- Desi the designer

"Free Album "C.B TV-Endless Waltz""

Every once awhile we run across music that is extremely innovative. Just like the Team Teamwork Ocarina of Rhyme we ran into the Endless Waltz by C.B Tv. All tracks are produced by C.B Tv himself and the whole album is anime inspired. The title Endless Waltz is named after a Gundam Wing movie but it also has a deeper meaning, you will understand after completely listening to the album. Check out C.B Tv website for some more goodness and support the movement.

- www.analoghype.ocm

"Making the Band: An Interview with C.B"

What’s the word? We were able to get an interview with C.B before he boarded his flight to Denver, CO. this past Monday to talk about the 19 year old rappers vision of forming a band and what the concept of “Empty Soda Cans & Mini Vans” was intended to be. No other way felt more comfortable other than having a few words at an IHOP while still in Austin, TX. and in between shoveling his Colorado omlet, sausage and side of grits, we exchanged words. Nothing was brief. Nothing was the least to say, C.B told all. Including the truth behind making the band: C.B style. Read on.


Yes! Yes! What’s good my duder!

Just waiting for “Empty Soda Cans & Mini Vans” to be released, of course. But what’s good, where’s the band?

What band? lol. The band is TBA in lamest terms. To be honest, “Empty Soda Cans & Mini Vans” was supposed to be a rock mixtape and be setup like a cross country tour going to town to town just thrashing.

Ah! I See! Then I’m assuming this tape has nothing to do with soccer moms. So what are you actually driving?

LOL. Soccer moms drive clean. You Can’t fox with them bro. But I push an ’07 Scion TC all black like Batman. LOL. But since I failed to get any bands on board, I went in a new pursuit with just instrumentals and just focused on being lyrical and experimental. But bands either didn’t want to collaborate or just didn’t reply to my offers!

LOL. You’re living down in Temple, TX. right?

Man, let’s not even talk about it! It’s right down the road from Austin in the middle of no where. But I’m not from here. I hail from Germany and North Carolina. G-G-GHYEAH!

LOL. So close from Austin, TX. which is HOME OF SXSW! What kind of band in their right mind wouldn’t want to collaborate?

LOL. Exactly man, nobody else is thinking of the opportunity. They either didn’t “feel the concept” or used the excuse that “I don’t have a big enough name to record with.” SMH.

Haha. Did you play any instruments yourself growing up?

I actually owned an acoustic guitar. But I have a keyboard i don’t ever play and then there’s my Roland SP606 sampling production workstation.

Haha. I wouldn’t mind getting one of xmas morning. Don’t think I’d pay attention to anything else hahahaha. Why haven’t you stuck with playing any instruments and live out the rocker in you? Cause if I wasn’t mistaken, I would have thought you would be a part of a group like N.E.R.D.

N.E.R.D. is my chronic!!! Most of “Empty Soda Cans & Mini Vans” was inspired by them. But that’s the plan for the EP coming out later this year; to have all original beats and hopefully be able to make a band to compose with.

I feel you. Ever hit downtown Austin, TX. in search of guitarists playing for spare change to see if they’d form a band with you?

LOL. I’m not that desperate man.

LOL. Just checking. Now if and when you do get the opportunity to start a band, what would you name it?

2wo Left Feet or DUDE! Where’s My Shoes? Something different, random. But at the same time says it all, you know?

LOL. Well in that case let the world know what kicks you got on!

Man, you know I’m a sneaker head. Right now I got on the Black Zebra Skytops.

The shoe games proper and I know you got a plane to catch. So just break us down with some shout outs.

1st I’d like to say…WHATS UP GOD!!! ahaha Jesus whats up my duder?? when’s yalls next party? hahah um..whats up BZ ( 5uper 5ma5h Bro5 in this mother lover!!! Big ups to my ninja warlord/shinobi Kid Thuro and all the members of Nu Breed! Juni-o whats up my duder, thanks for the mastering and tips we’re going to take over on the really!!!! whats up to my duder King Blue and the Sore Losers-Mixtape is dropping Sat!! Whats up Young Trizz his mixtape is also dropping next week!!! um…whats up to everybody else that supports me! everybody on my top on myspace!! too many to name…but WHATS UP!!! and um…last but not least…BIG UPS TO THE REUP STAFF!!!! I HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT! GE GE GEEEEAAHHHH!!!
-0utty 5ooo


"spare chage"
"curbside champion"

"Bum Life: The Semi Epic Tale Of Curbside Jones" (Dec 2010)-Produced by Curbside Jones
"Empty Soda Cans & Minivans" (Aug 2009)
"The Laziest Mixtape You've Ever Heard" (May 2009)

"Endless Waltz" (Feb 2010)-Produced by Curbside Jones

Beat Tapes
"Soul EX-Change"-Produced by Curbside Jones



Curbside Jones or C.B TV to most, (born in Germany and raised in North Carolina, 20 years of age) began his journey in music during middle school in Germany (2003). At the Age of 13 he started writing raps after crossing over from writing poetry. He felt his inner voice needed to be heard so he figured making music was the way to go. After moving to Killeen Texas in 2005 he recorded his first song. The thrill of laying down his own vocals was enough to keep him hooked. Little did he know he was building a movement that many people would follow. After perfecting his skills and branching out from a two man group, he started to work on his solo career. He released a solo project entitled "Carolina Colorz Vol.1" during his Junior year of high school. Soon a buzz grew and people wanted to hear more, so he quickly started on his 2nd project "Carolina Colorz Vol.2". He started to collab with groups around school and created a name for himself. After graduating from high school he recieved his first big break by getting the chance to perform in front of industry judges. Even though he was one of the last acts to perform he still gave it his all. He made it through the first round, but didnt advance any further. Crushed he decided to work harder on his showmenship and music until he knew people wouldnt deny his talent. Since then he has managed to release 3 solo projects and 1 beat tape since then. He also has a new project that will be released in Dec 2010 sponsored by Curbside Jones has also appeared on numerous blogs sites and blog sponsored mixtapes. He started his own site to give his listeners a place to view his thoughts and get his latest music updates. Now attending Huston Tilloston University (3rd year junior) he plans to take his music further and carry out his dreams.

His influences come from may different sources. His main influence is life, because the things he draws from it create his music. Anime, Art, Movies, and Video Games are also major factors that motivate him to create music.

What sets him apart from other artists is his creative yet passionate way of conveying his truths and experiences. He never lies in his music and his listeners respect him for that.