Cure for Creativity

Cure for Creativity


Cure for Creativity is a punk rock band that is basing its sound off old school rock n' Roll but mixing in new age sounds and riffs to make a sound they call their own. said in an interview that Cure for Creativity puts on a great live show and is quickly winning over fans.


Cure for Creativity is an Alternative Punk Rock band composed of Brandon Lawryshyn on lead vocals/guitar, Dillon Heywood on Lead Guitar, Jesse Heywood on Bass, Jordan Melo on Drums and Adrian Yong on synth. Cure for Creativity is taking rock music and creating their own sound, with inspirations like Muse (Matt Bellomy), Sum 41 (Deryck Whibley), The White Stripes/Raconteaurs (Jack White), and UnderĂ˜ath (Spencer Chamberlain). Brandon and Dillon are quickly building an arsenal of songs that are sure to keep a crowd pumped! Want proof? Come to a show and see for yourself!


Epik Demos - 2012 (Un Released) live off the floor.