Cure for Pain

Cure for Pain


A mix of dark vocals, crunchy guitar, and smooth melodic sax lines, Cure for Pain moves effortlessy between alternative and blues.


Cure for Pain is a Toronto-based alternative rock band. In the years since they first took their basement-honed chops live, Cure for Pain has played numerous shows at local Toronto venues such as Lee’s Palace and the El Mocambo. Their unique blend of guitar crunch, melodic songcraft, and smoky saxophone stylings gives their recently released EP, Learning to Love the Machine, an addictively original sound. The completion of their debut disc marks a new stage in the band’s ongoing mission to get people who don’t already know them to hear their stuff.

Cure for Pain grew out of the musical interests and songwriting talents of its three core members: Eugene Whyte (Vocals, Guitar), Dan Gold (Bass), and Samy Elias (Saxophone). Friends from high school, the band’s genesis came through bluesy jamming sessions and increasingly complex compositions. By the time the membership was rounded out with a drummer, Liz Caruana, in October of 2000, Cure for Pain had built up a sizeable repertoire of original material. Cure for Pain played its first live show at the El Mocambo in the summer of 2001, to rave reviews of family, friends and the people there to see the other bands.

That winter, Liz left Cure for Pain, amid a flurry of recriminations and restraining orders, proving the truth of the old saying ’don’t let your girlfriend be in the band’. She was replaced with Max Cherney, who contrary to rumours is not in the band. The next summer saw Cure for Pain playing more shows and recording the beginnings of what would become Learning to Love the Machine. The album was eventually released, amid well-deserved (if self-provided) fanfare on November 1, 2003. Since then, the band members have all received post-grad degrees, and have been engaged in flogging their stunningly awesome new album to all.

Currently Cure for Pain is writing a collection of new songs for their next album, which will include a blues EP along with the full size LP.


Learn to Love the Market State (song in production)

Written By: Cure For Pain

I dreamed of Africa
Middle Eastern history
Russia, Cambodia
The cabaret of Germany
Helpless, I’m selfish
I long to forget this
Virtue’s a fragile thing
It likes to scream when it can’t sing
Pride ignite behind their eyes
Fire works and genocide
Vanguard the violence
Sink into silence

It’s such a perfect day for sun-showers to fall
You plant your pretty dreams and watch the ivy crawl
And when they bury you, what will your children say
He led a simple life and looked the other way

I am a common man
Nothing special nothing grand
There are more desperate fates
I’ll learn to love the Market State
Spineless we cower
Fatter by the hour

There are no better states; the theories were just lies
Vines that suffocate beneath the greenhouse skies
Heedless, the rivers rush, they sculpt the idle clay
Preach the ascent of man, we’ll always be this way

And all the suffering means nothing to me now
In all my innocence, I’ve hurt you anyhow
And all my senses ache for all I cannot feel
And all the people sleep like poppies in the field

Autopilot Sun Rising (song in production)

Written By: Cure for Pain

Watch the cityscape
As it comes awake
From the towers to the sewer-grates
In the underground
The streams still abound
Secret totems we’ve never found
Praying for the rain to wash us down

You’re good today
Roam like the surfers through the bay
Buildings so high
You feel how they must hurt the sky
Pressure and mass
So Vast, will it all just collapse
Watch as it fades
Only the auto-pilot stays

The ghosts flaunt their grace
Wear your hands and face
Safe in the glass as the memories pass
Come and walk with me
Find your tragedy
Paradise depends on what you know
I don’t know how far we have to go

The captain fades
Only the auto-pilot stays
Struck with such force
There was no time, no last recourse
And all I feel’s
The firm embrace of twisted steel
Can it be
There’s no one left to rescue me

Twilight of the Oil Tycoons

Written By: Cure for Pain

Bushes on a mountain and pillar in the sand
So many people searching for a green and antique land
Rotors are revolving like an oiled .38
Sunset in the desert always comes a little late

I see my firm security and trust me with your taste
Second rate celebrities so easy to confuse
A rung can be so useful I won’t let you go to waste
I’m always looking for a willing partner to abuse

You’re not a believer, You trust in yourself
You let those books gather dust on the shelf
All of the answers, except the unknown
The road that you travel is only your own

Feeling a little lonely you can press yourself to me
The twisting desert sands are always thirsty for the sea
Forty years for God but now we look out for our needs
For the oil rigs to cross we have to part the sea of reeds

You’re not a believer, You trust in yourself
You let those books gather dust on the shelf
All of the answers, accept the unknown
The road that you travel is only your own


Independent release (no airplay):
Learning to Love the Machine:
- Delusion
- Heart of an Ocean
- Chrysalis
- Karen
- Twilight of the Oil Tycoons
- The Killer
- No Regrets

Set List

A typical set is 8-12 songs, 35-45 minutes of original material, although we have done up to an hour and a half when called upon. We do not do covers.

A set would include a selection of the following songs (in no particular order):

Heart of an Ocean
Twilight of the Oil Tycoons
The Killer
Auto-pilot Sun Rising
Little Boy to Fat Man
Bad Love
Bring My Daddy Down
Far Away From Here
I Awoke One Morning
Whyte Trash Band
Like the Kingdom of God
Stars are for Falling
No Regrets