Curious Alice

Curious Alice


Grunge band rocks out on stage with killer live show - 16 year old dudes raging with the music


A personal message of support from the Tea Party & rumours that this band are set to take over Nirvanas mantle as the youngest great rock band ever... so what's all the noise about? It's about Curious Alice - the coolest band in rock music - only 16 years old, best friends at High School, from somewhere in Western Australia & with identical twins in the band. Their live video footage is testament to the fact they put on a great live show. Curious Alice music provides a dark glimpse into the warped teenage mind. References & comparisons to Nirvana are obvious, something as special is at work here as we witness a band capable of penning depressing songs such as ‘Apocalypse’ alongside teen spirit power rock tunes such as ‘Mindache’. Watch this space… its only going to get bigger as the hype grows. But behind the hype, the reality is four guys with a genuine ‘nothing to hide & nothing to lose’ expression of life. They write music from the heart & perform in an almost unconscious state of awareness. From the backstreets of a small suburban country town, Australia yet again breeds the finest band of brothers – adding to the trend set by ACDC – Jet & the Vines. Curious Alice are now set to be the next superstars of Rock.


Parasite - Triple JJJ Unearthed

Set List

10 songs
Give Me Sanity
Kill The Kill
Blood Sweat & Sex