Curious Trip

Curious Trip


We're all a group of friends with a huge passion for music. It started off just for fun. When we became better and played a couple of shows we decided to take it more seriously. Right now we just wanna play music live and build our fan base. We're trying to get as much experience as possible.


I think what's really cool about our band is that we have all been friends for so long. We grew up in North Hollywood together and attended the same high school. It has only been in the past couple of years that we have tried to do anything with music. We always have a blast whether were putting in practice or just hanging out.. There's no definite way to categorize our sound. It is a blend of indie, alternative, funk, and ska all mixed together. We're not trying to reproduce popular style to reach the masses, rather we are trying to create real music that people can connect to.


We are currently working on our first album titled: A Feast For Pioneers. It is in our hopes to have this done by summer 2011.