Splicing Folf-funk-rock-blues-jazz-classical, we are constantly experimenting. We are not held to any one genre. Our music is about emotion and that crosses all genres.


Initially the band had a grittier more guitar driven sound, as time passed our influences matured and eventually all genres were explored.
Influenced by just about everything from Jeff Buckley to Led Zeppelin , Tool, yeah yeah yeahs, arcade fire, smiths

What sets us apart is the constant movement and risk in our songs. On any of our recordings or live performances we cross many genres yet we keep a constant spark and drive in the material.

Our debut ep entitled "In All Honesty" had a aggressive funk feel, with glimpses of melodic pop and blues.
In Autumn 2005 we started working on material for a second ep, the songs written ushered in a new direction in the music and ambition of the band.
A far more epic intense sound emanated from the initial demos and final recording of the ep entitled "Dinosaurs want payback" is just being completed at present.
Live outings have incorporatd some additional musicians with cellist/pianist Lisa Fallon and noted trad violinist Eilis ni Chomain adding punch to the live sound.
Expect a winter release of "dinosaurs want payback" with national tour.


2005 - "In all honesty ep"
Winter 2007 - "Dinosaurs Want Payback ep"

Set List

Set lists are determined by the type of gig being played, a full set stretches to 70 mins, for shorter slots, the list is edited to something like what you see below.

1 she offers
2 your face
3 so young, so greedy
4 first hours
5 the deciever
6 summer
7 halflight

Typical set length - 35 mins