Curly Hair

Curly Hair


"Brighton folk-pop duo Jessica & Ben are Curly Hair are members of the celebrated Willkommen Collective. Their brand of swoony, toe tapping, boy/girl anti-folk is both refreshing - and ironically spring-like as we plunge into the long deep winter nights" - God is in the TV zine


Curly Hair is Jessica and Benjamin. A creation born of spending an unhealthy amount of time together, the band is a natural extension of the pair. They make music akin to Belle & Sebastian and Slowclub.

The two had been playing music together in Brighton’s infamous Willkommen Collective (The Leisure Society, Miserable Rich, Sons of Noel and Adrian) for a year before they took refuge from a downpour in a charity shop on a rainy December day and Jessica discovered the perfect guitar (now named Tiny) to inspire the two to write songs together.

Running their own label Toy Soldier Records (previously Huw Stephens’ BBC Radio 1 label of the week) with a handful of friends, this is a band that are into doing it themselves, from recording in Benjamin’s bedroom to making CD covers and stage banners.

Starting out with intimate house party and gallery shows, their live act is colorful and can involve as many as 6 extra Willkommen cast members lending their skills to the sound. The pair have recently expanded into a three piece, with Michael taking over percussive duties. They often indulge in cloaks, face paint and feathers onstage, making their shows exciting and fun.

Curly like to travel, and in the last few months have been playing anti-folk lineups in Berlin and Paris, also finding time to busk the streets while on tour, spreading their enchanting songs further than these shores. Time off on tour in the UK tends to involve
hay bailing and chasing lambs on farms in return for places to stay.

2009 has seen them release the Ivy League EP to critical acclaim and they've recieved tremendous support from Radio 1, Radio 2, BBC 6music & XFM in the UK, recently recording live sessions for Marc Riley at 6music and for John Kennedy's XFM show.


Curly Hair - Ivy League EP (Toy Soldier Records)
released: 28/09/09 recieved play on BBC Radio 1, 2, 6 Music, XFM, Ressonance etc

Curly Hair- Blow the house down single (Toy Soldier Records) Released: 28/09/09 recieved play on BBC Radio 1, 2, 6 Music, XFM, Ressonance etc

Fear of a Wack Planet - Brainlove Records compilation (featuring Curly Hair track 'Hully Gully')
released: 19/10/09

Set List

Regular set: 30-40mins

1.Pumpkin Eye
2.High Fives, Low Fives
3.Blow the House Down
4.The Love Written Down
5.Hully Gully
6.Let's Get Cleanly
7.Silly Billy Yellow
8.The Bus Song