New school R&P (Rhythm & Praise) & Holy Hip Hop.


Curly has been doing Gospel since 1997. Starting out as a Hip Hop & R&B singer & producer, he was called to inspire the nation through the Gospel.
Curly officially started his independent label, Maximum Praise Recordings, in 2002. In fall 2006, look for the new releases, "Tha StreetDeacon", & "Tha StreetDeacon 1.5- The Hip Hop Chronicles"


So Many Names

Written By: James Moore (Curly)

Some call Him Lilly of the valley,
The Bright & morning Star
He's the Way, the Truth, the Life
The Living lamb of God
Call Him alpha & Omega
The Light of the world
He's the Chief Conerstone
To put it simple, He's the Word
So we call Him...

Chorus: Wonderful, Counselor
almighty God
He's the Everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace
He's the King of Kings, Lord of Lords
The Bread of Life
He's the Living Water, Son of God
The Holy One

He's the author & the finisher of our faith
He's the teacher
He's the Lion in the tribe of Judah
He's our Redeemer
U can call Him Master, High Priest
The Rose of Sharon
U can call Him Savior, Servant
He's the only begotten Son


You can call Him what U want to
Sheperd, Carpenter
You can call Him what U want to
Advocate, the Mediator
You can call Him what U want to
But I choose to call Him this way
Jesus Christ, for it's the only
way for by you can be saved


Written By: J. Moore

Do you remember, the days when
people care about one another
We would sing songs, that were written to uplift & encourage each other
What we need is...

I've been called on to inspier the nation,
I'm so sick & tired of hateration,
What we need is inspiration

Turn on your TV, all you see is ladies shakin' in the videos
Nothin' but your drama, & explicit, illicit lyrics on your radio
Now you tell me..
Is this what U see for your life, 10 or 20 years from now, will it get you through your trials
'Cause trials will come...
What kind of substance do you posess, that you can hold on to, here's what you need to do
Get you some...


Sittin' in church on Sunday, singing them songs that make you feel real good inside
I've got someone I can cling to, someone who will make it alright
I've got me some...


Can't Stop Me

Written By: J. Moore

1)I'm a Christian & i'm proud, got nothing 2 hide
Got Christ in my life, He makes me clean inside
He cleans the toxins from within it
So, don't nobody go in there for like 35, 45 minutes
Now, the enemy is chunkin' kitchin sinks & stuff like that
"Cause he know he lost me 2 the winning team, & i'm not coming back
I'm gone, like N-Sync, bye bye bye
You're a failure, U lost as usual, nice try

Ba dit, dit, di di di di di di dit
Ba dit, dit, di di di di di di dit
U can't stop me, U can't drop me
The love of the Lord has got me

2)My God's not dead, homie
I got a cross around my neck, but Jesus ain't on it
That's because He's alive & well
Christianity's a lifestyle, it's not 4 sale
U got these people tryin' 2 pimp the gospel
Pulpit mackin', yo, it's got 2 stop
Sittin' in the church house tryin' 2 floss
That's like sellin' ribs w/o the BBQ sauce
Str8 foolishness, the devil need 2 take a vacation
I told U I been called 2 inspire the nation
Some things about to broken up on how U livin'
Simply from the authority that I have been givin'
Stepped up 2 the plate, now it's gon' be trouble
The enemy has got to get out, & on the double
Demons fallin' down, but they ain't gettin' up
Lost again, might as well pack up your stuff


3)Your hind parts on swoll
U forgot that the Lord is in control
Of everything, like everyday
U act like a roach & get sprayed by Raid
The smoke got U trippin'
Layin' on your back & your feet just kickin' in the air
Now. U done stopped...
In Hell, you're locked
Oh, no, U can't come out & play no more
U can't settle the score, oh, no!
Ha ha ha ha...
I laugh at you!


1997- "Big Big Love" (R&B)/ Nino Records
2000- "Transformation- Rom. 12:2"/ B.K.M. Records
2003- "Let The Streets Say Amen"/ Maximum Praise (
Fall 2006- "Tha StreetDeacon"/ Maximum Praise
Early 2007- "Tha StreetDeacon 1.5- The Hip Hop Chronicles"/ Maximum Praise

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