We arent a typical rock band. With heavy-overtones and hard hitting beats, Curmudgeon is a band thats all about the music. We play the music we wanna play and we leave it up to our listeners to describe our sound. Aside from it all, we are just four guys playing music and enjoying every minute.


Curmudgeon is only known as the hauntingly heavy, intensely dissipating, collaboration of four young men from Los Angeles, California. Before Curmudgeon became a whole, brothers Camron Ward (vocals/guitar) and Brayden Ward (drums/percussion) began the collective action of creative force during 2004. During this time the renderings of music that would eventually become the songs “Obituary” and “Vacant Room” would emerge. Nonetheless, the Ward brothers felt their sound seemed “full, but somewhat hollow” and came to the realization that something was definitely lacking. After suffering through mishaps with two other bassists, Curmudgeon welcomed longtime friend Wesley Baxter into the band in 2005 and the three have been united ever since.
One year later, the band saw the fruits of their efforts when they won two 2006 LA Music Awards for Singer/Songwriter of the Year and Single of the Year as well as the 2006 Rock City Music Award for Best OC Band of the Year. With these successes, Curmudgeon set their sites on creating a mind shattering stage performance that they hoped would be difficult to imitate and impossible to forget.
During 2007, Curmudgeon quickly evolved into a plethora of talents and personalities with the joining of the newest and fourth member of the band Tim Hatch and the growing maturity of their sound. Once again taking the title for the 2007 Rock City Music Award for Best OC Band of the Year, and self-releasing their first 6-song EP titled, “Lymantria”, 2007 became a landmark metamorphosis for Curmudgeon.
With each new day comes a new perception of each member’s unique identity and musical taste. The inherently defined differences interwoven among the lyrics, the melody, and the rhythm create an overall sound that is unparalleled.
Today what stands before you is the anatomical thunder of the drums, the sonic synchronicity of the guitars, and the mammoth-like roar of the bass all collapsing into the belly of the beast that is CURMUDGEON.


Lymantria (EP) Indie/LAradio- on the top 20 most requested list. Some college radio play in LA and San Bernadino. available on itunes

Set List

1,000 insects
Lamb to the slaughter
Cheap disease
Mountains and Marbles
Hoax in Deluth
What a Drag

Our typical allowed set is about 30 to 45 mins, but we have ample material in our repertoire to play a full 2 hour set.