Curry, Guns & Maple Syrup

Curry, Guns & Maple Syrup


The hottest Jazz/Funk/Blues act outta Hamilton, ON, rockin it old skool style! This badass trio combines elements of Jazz, blues, rock, reggae, funk & world music to take their audiences on a journey through various periods in music history.


What began as a simple project, soon turned into a realization of a pefect sound for three seasoned musicians. Little old Westdale Village, Hamilton, was home to the trio for a year, allowing for a free exchange of ideas. Each person had a story to tell, which had to be expressd in 3 distinct, yet, cohesive ways. It only took one jam session for them to realize that the elements of blues, funk & jazz were essential to their existence and the rest was open improv.

They trived during their live sets, usually improvising and feeding off of each others energy. Their audiences were always left asking for more. It wasn't long before they were opening for acts such as The Jimmy Swift Band, Dave Lauzon (of Nero) and the Golden Dogs. A year later, they are still doing their thing. Their highly anticipated studio release is set to come out in spring of 2007. Meanwhile, their live sets continue to keep people movin' and groovin'.

Catch them on tour throughout Southern Ontario and check back frequently for new recordings of their live sets...


Stay tuned for CGnMS' studio release in spring 2007!

To get a real taste of their live set, check out: