Curtain Fall

Curtain Fall


Curtain Fall channels many influences, emerging with a unique sound. An eclectic melding of reggae, accoustic soft rock and soul combining with thoughtful and melancholic lyrics. The band’s debut album has been spiritually and mentally rewarding. See for more music and vide


The songs I have written are those about Realisation of life….
Understanding ones self learning ………
About one self….
Challenging ones views…….. & the
Journey of life in which all of us are travelling
The ‘Story Time’ album was recorded in Sept 06 as a live session of 15hrs. it was a band sound that I wanted recorded and have as an example of my music. The ‘Live Acoustic Session’ has the tracks written after the band recording and some of the older songs. It has a more personal feel and the true essence of the songs are captured. I am currently recording the latest tracks which I feel are the closest to what I am capable of producing. I am starting to understand and reach deeper into my soul allowing these songs to finally be written.


Story Time CD Released (2007);
New Promotional CD and Live Accoustic Session CD released (2008);
2 new film Clips released (2008) - see on YouTube (Curtainfallx): and for 'Man In A Coat' and 'You Tube'

Set List

Story Time:
My Empire, Moana, Feel The Music, Watching, Tranquility, Three Hours of Time, Moon and Wire, Street Walker, Jane's Wedding Song, Morning Calls, Live Session 2008:
Man in a Coat, The Puppeter, Days of Says, Hit the Road, Alarm Bells Ring, Street Walker, Raven's Whisper, Free Life, My Empire (radio edit), Feel the Music (radio edit), Watching(radio edit)
Film Clips:
Man in a Coat, Days of Days