Curtains For You

Curtains For You

 Seattle, Washington, USA

"Curtains for You, no surprise, burned probably three times the calories of your average rock band, and got everyone else to burn a few with them. They are trampoline jumping, axe-and-horn-wielding, full-body-using music machines who perspire pop excitement." - Josh Lovseth, Sound on The Sound


Curtains For You recently released their third full-length album, "After Nights without Sleep," on the Seattle upstart/established German record label Spark and Shine. In the few weeks since its release it has been on rotation on Seattle's world-famous independent radio station KEXP 90.3, and been featured in Magnet Magazine, The Sunbreak, Indie-Rock-Reviews, and SSG. They celebrated their release with appearances on King 5 Television's New Day Northwest, KSER 90.7, The Marty Reimer Podcast and a sold-out show at The Columbia City Theatre. The past year has seen them open for a number of notable groups including The Posies and The Head and the Heart. In the March issue of City Arts Magazine Curtains For You was listed as one of the top-ten best-new bands. The band recently returned from a West Coast tour with Seattle's The Head and The Heart beginning with an opening slot at a sold-out Paramount Theatre.

"Simply put, you won’t hear a better pure-pop record all year." - Tony Kay, The Sunbreak

"Their new record What A Lovely Surprise To Wake Up Here, for which the night's show was a CD release party, has a number of radio ready songs, retro-pop that's as primed to melt hearts as it is to put a bounce in one's step." - Abbey Simmons, Sound On The Sound..

"What A Lovely Surprise To Wake Up Here has honestly restored my faith in real, well-played, sizzling good post-teenage pocket symphonies to God. It's in my own top ten of the year for sure." - Chris Estey, Three Imaginary Girls

"Curtains For You once again takes your attention for their ability to fuse everything they’ve gained from their influences and make it work in pop brilliance." - Matthew Colwell, Revolt Media

"Right from the start — specifically, the loping melody, stacked harmony, and galloping electric guitars of opening track “Nuclear Age” — fans of fallen pop heroes like Jellyfish, the Greenberry Woods, and the Gladhands will experience the spine-tingling rush of a band that understands classically forged hooks (and layered, baroque-tinged arrangements) and isn’t afraid to use them." - Jeff Giles, Popdose

"[What a Lovely Surprise to Wake Up Here] is a collection of 10 uptempo songs that are bound to get you moving your head and your feet. Even if I have never seen your music collection, I feel pretty comfortable saying you don't have anything quite like this on your shelves." - Gary Schwind, Examiner

"This Seattle based, five-piece retro-pop outfit Curtains For You have the delicious melodies and intricate three- and four-part harmonies that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up." - Aaron Kupferberg, Rock and Roll Report


2011: After Nights Without Sleep
2009: What a Lovely Surprise It Was to Wake Up Here
2007: Heaven's Waiting

Set List

Our Sets range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. We play original music.

What Good Am I to You Now?
The Great War
Cold Wind
Eggs Over Toast
The Wasteland
Bronx Zoo Hobo
The Day I Stole Your Car
Open Your Eyes
In the Last of the Light
Photographic Memory
The Nuclear Age
Dead World
Dumb Angel
Title Bout
Chain Link Fence
Roadtrip to Disaster
Clanging of the Masses
When My Ride Comes Along
Left Hand
The Big One
Heaven's Waiting
The Ballad Of Gavril Ivolgin
Each and Everyone
The Snails
Dreams and Drunkenness
Deleted Scenes
Small Change
Red Red Rose
Dead World