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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Boss Playa’s is a new transitional image for the hip-hop culture from the change of being gansta’s to thugs and thug’s to Boss Playa’s. Boss Playa’s play a better role in society as business men and women at the top of there game (trade) for whatever they do. Boss Playa’s are people who manage there priority correctly and handle there business as needed; and on time. Boss Playa’s applies to the business world and work fields of the economy that keeps this country moving forward in doing business, trades, etc. Boss Playa’s are also the politicians that run this country because they are in the positions of leadership, as well as the corporations that brings in funding and help supply jobs to other Boss Playa’s that’s has ambition to take care of there family and love ones.

Boss Playa’s has to think on many levels of intelligence because the real key in this game of life is survival to oldest age one can reach with enough wisdom to past on to our children and other around us. In the hip-hop culture to make it past a life span of 50-75 years of age will show an impressive Boss Playaism, because we could be the next generation to lead this country in politics. Boss Playa’s will be the change that any person can feel proud of representing and watching there own children developed in to because the continuation of business is a must have throughout the years as the next generation of people must keep this economy moving forward with new technologies and inventions.

Boss Playa’s can bridge the gap between other races, and the young and old due to the common way of life that is needed to be successful in this country (we all have to work for what we want, Boss Playa’s will do just that).



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Feeling a bit camera shy



Curt-B. is an Artist born and raised in Inkster-Detroit, Mi. His genre of music is a powerful lyrical content style of Hip-Hop, that’s long over due to the younger generation that’s grabbing hold of this culture. He produces and writes music that could possibly lead the hip-hop culture into politics, as well as teach the streets about the secret symbolic ways of higher powers (political officials).

Curt-B. is also the CEO/Chairman of the Board: at Cartel Productions, Inc. and his quest is to have the first Hip-Hop Label to Distribute there own products independently nationally & internationally, without the help of the majors labels, as well as change the coarse of hip-hop music to direct it as a recognized culture in the political society that runs this country. His first album will be based on his past trials and tribulations, as an attempt to relate to the hip-hop culture that will soon be leading this country, as we grow old into the future (It is for them to understand where some has come from- to know where we are going as a whole). The First single “BOSS PLAYA’S” has been released for radio play and marketed nationally and internationally through out the country and Canada(so call your local radio station and request it).

Born in Inkster-Detroit, Mi. Curt-B. has led an interesting life that can be physically tracked throughout his life up to thus date. Born 1973 in Inkster, Mi. (Garden Block Projects), until the age of (8) when his mother move him and his family into a house (outside of Saigon Projects). He attended Inkster Public Schools, until his mom pulled him out, because of the crime and depreciation of Inkster schools, he was then sent to other suburban schools with mixed cultures, where he was able to learn about other cultures of people. He attended Belleville High School in (1989), where he graduated in 1991 (Also growing up without his father in his life). In May of 1992, Curt B. was incarcerated for a reverse kilo buy drug case gone bad (turned into robbery), where he was sentenced to (5) yrs in Michigan State Department of Corrections. After being released in 1997, Curt-B. focused and attempted to start his record company, but struggled with the finances as he also had to balanced the rebuilding of his life while returning into society. In June of 1999, Curt-B. was returned to prison on a false violation of his parole, where he had to commit to a tuff court battle (with Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm), until he was released from prison again July 2000. Rebuilding his label and gaining custody of his son, put him in great position to discharge off parole July 2002.

He has accomplished the continuation of life after successfully completing the past trials and tribulations of his own life. He remained focused and committed to building the first hip-hop label to distribute there own products national and international around the world. Changing his life around has made him an Artist that has elevated the strength of hip-hop music in this industry. Through out his career he plans to expand the label into fields of distributing other styles of music, as well as producing music that has an impact on other people minds of thinking. He’s has also recognized that the hip-hop industry needs a change in the messages that they are sending to the public, as they seem to continuously test our intelligences as business men and women.