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"Bridging The Gap"

Rock music seems like the perfect side dish to many musical genres. We have Rock and Rap, Christian Rock, Country Rock, and even Blues Rock. Although rock has successfully fused into many genres, one musical fusion that remains untapped is Rock and R&B. Curt Chambers, lead singer/ guitarist of Franklin Bridge, is building the perfect bridge between Rock and R& B. “These are the two types of musical genres that I really enjoyed. I couldn’t force myself to do one or the other, so I combined ingredients of the two.” Chambers says of his musical fusion.

Unlike the majority of musicians who realize their musical destiny later in life, Chambers realized his at the tender age of 7. He grew up in a musically inclined family where the guitar was king, but got his start with music by playing the drums and only falling in love with the guitar a few years later Although, Chambers was an accomplished musician before he entered William Patterson University, he found his biggest challenges would come from balancing school and music. “I had to leave that scene [music] to finish college and I found myself leaving school to drive back to Philly to do rehearsals and to keep my face around to maintain work. I was fearful of staying away too long. Going to class during the day and working in music was very hard for me,” says Chambers.

In addition to Franklin Bridge’s 2007 album, Franklin Bridge Live at Grape Street, and the band’s appearance on The Next Great American Band on Fox, Chambers has been busying himself as musical director/ guitarist for several artists including Heather Headley, Anthony Hamilton, and Eric Roberson. As if that wasn’t enough on Chambers’ plate, Franklin Bridge just released a new live album.

Although it seems the 25-year-old Philly native has achieved a lot, there’s still more Chambers would like to see come to fruition such as more accolades, albums, and notoriety and working with more musicians and vocalists. “I like to challenge myself. I believe when you go through the fire it makes you a better person. One person that inspires me is Diddy because he’s a do-or-die type of guy and I’m a do-or-die type of guy. In everything I do, I have to believe I can not lose,” Chambers says with a laugh.

For his fans, Chambers would like for them to look out for a remix CD in another month. There is also an upcoming YouTube page where fans can watch Chambers go thru the process of making the CD. Franklin Bridge’s live album may be bought on iTunes and CD Baby.
- Baltimore times

"Curt chambers the Man The Rockstar"

Curt Chambers
The Man, The Rock Star
Story by Brite Moon
Photos by Daria Johnson
Talented is too easy, this dude is gifted. With magic fingers that stroke his guitar like a man strokes his woman, he is unlike your average everyday musician. He's a self proclaimed Rock Star with charm and humility that would make it easy for you to bring him home to momma.

Who is he? Curt Chambers. A Philadelphia native and lead vocalist of Curt Chambers and Franklin Bridge, a rock infused R&B band who is bringing music back to its roots and stirring up a whole new energy filled detonation of sound along the way.

When I got the opportunity to sit down with Curt one-on-one I wanted to get to know this brother, who's memorable stage performances and guitar genius are reminiscent of the likes of Prince and Jimi Hendrix. I was so ready to see what this dude was all about.

When asked about his sound, and where it came from, Curt was quick to respond. "It's a collaboration of the type of music I felt strongly about. It was me loving R&B and me loving Rock music which led to my guitar and R&B to my vocals." With an original blend of both of those genres it would seem like the transition from one to the other would not be easily taken by fans of either, but with ever changing musical influences Mr. Chambers is tearing down barriers one riff at a time.

". you can be cool and be a musician. You don't have to conform."

In response to being asked about his social responsibility as an artist, Curt found a way to relate. A way to bring what he does to those who may not understand or appreciate what it means to be a musician in a world that has grown accustomed to repetitive hooks accompanied by manufactured drum beats. "I try to make it a monumental note that I play on a record, you know, a monumental sight. So when that kid is out seeing me on stage, when his mom dragged him to the park to go see whomever, he can say something like, wow this guy is cool and he's rocking out on the guitar. That's my way of attracting their attention immediately and showing them that you can be cool and be a musician. You don't have to conform "

Speaking of not conforming, I wanted to see if Curt was a believer. There is always an opportunity to fall in line or go against the grain. It really is a matter of recognizing that opportunity and choosing to act upon it. So I asked, and he said, "I definitely recognize my opportunity to eXcape the matriX . because of the new genre, the new idea, the different sound and movement that I am trying to introduce to the world."

In keeping with that theme and stepping outside of conformity's box, I asked Curt why he chose the guitar. With barely a pause he replied, "Well I started out playing drums and then I started playing the keyboard and singing. Once I picked up the guitar there was just an immediate [short pause] I'd say connection, anointing, purpose on that instrument. That's when I said alright, there is something here so I need to go ahead and stick with that." And I, like so many other fans am happy that he did.

"It's a Vision from God so it's gonna always feel good."

Obviously a conscious man, aware of what he has to offer I wanted to know if he had a vision, a purpose in doing what he does and he answered, "My vision with Curt Chambers and Franklin Bridge is to collectively introduce to the world the talent, the feel, the movement and connection that comes out of Philly and Jersey. There are a lot of musicians that are playing behind our Jill Scott's, our Bilal's, the Musiq Soulchild's, and the Chrisette Michele's and a lot of times the masses won't necessarily be introduced to [them]. As a visionary, Curt Chambers the solo artist wants to always introduce those young cats, those talented musicians coming out of Philly.". I expressed to Curt that I could tell he truly meant what he said. In turn he said, "It's off the heart. It's a vision from God so it's gonna always feel good."

Curt Chambers is a man who wears many different hats. He is a vocalist, guitarist, and the latest hat added to that stylish bunch - a growing songwriter. Knowing this, I simply asked, does the man make the music or does the music make the man?

His reply was simple but well thought out. I couldn't help but be pleased at the amount of passion he presented when he gave me his answer. "I've never been asked that question before, right now I feel like I want to say they meet in the middle. Like maybe initially the man makes the music, and then after the middle, the music will make the man. The music, if you let it, will convict you. It will help you make decisions. It'll help you to think about how you treat this man or how you treat this woman. You are what you eat. It'll make you respond in a different way."

I was so grateful that Curt had taken the time out of his busy schedule to meet with me. Not to mention I felt a little guilty about the yummy strawberry topped waffle he had ordere - || The Magazine

"Venues Played (partial list)"

Nokia Theatre, New York

Carnegie, New York

Oprah Winfrey Show

David Letterman Show

Today Show

Next Great American Band (Fox TV)

Jazz Café, London

Ministry of Sound, London

Grape Street Pub, Philadelphia, PA
Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA

Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA

World Café, Philadelphia, PA

Black Cat, Washington, DC

African American Heritage Festival, Baltimore, MD
Eden’s Lounge, Baltimore, MD
Essence Music Festival, Reliant
Stadium, Houston, Texas
- Franklin Bridge Band LLC

"Album Credits"

If U Leave, Mary J Blige & Musiq
(2008) Writer/Guitar

...Left, Eric Roberson
(April 2007) Soloist, Guitar, Keyboard & Producer

Breathe, Lenny Kravitz
(2006) Writer, Guitar

Erro Live vol. DC (US DVD/CD), Eric Roberson
(Aug, 2006) Vocals, Keyboard

Metamorphosis, J.R.
(Nov, 2005) Guitar

Bone Deep, Jeff Bradshaw
(Oct, 2003) Bass, Keyboards, Organ, Piano & Strings

Surrender to Love, Kindred the Family Soul
(Mar, 2003) Guitar
- Franklin Bridge Band LLC

"Get @ US"

Curt’s Music is Now on nimbit, iTunes, CD Baby and CD Freedom

check me out at
- Franklin Bridge Band LLC


Franklin Bridge live from Grape Street- 2007



"Philly's RockStar"
Curt Chambers

Curt Chambers has taken his pulsating fusion of Rock and R&B solo! Capable of leaving fans stunned, fellow musicians inspired and the music lover begging for more. Curt invites his listeners on a journey to experience what unbridled ecstasy must feel like. With layers of raw emotion so intense it leaves you shaking, enhanced by his suprisingly almost tame voice, Curt's solo projects like 4 play, a reminder of what seductive emotion is, provides a stunning display of his versatility as a performer and a artist.

Wielding an astounding burst of energy as the former frontman of the Philly/Jersey based band Franklin Bridge, Curt Chambers is a powerhouse of controlled force and passion. Franklin Bridge's previous group project titled "Incredible" recorded live at the well known venue Grape Street in Philly displays Curt's ability to transition from the ferocity of rocks rougher edges into the smoothness of R&B.

Curt has blazed the stage with an array of music's heavy hitters, including P.Diddy, LL Cool J and the one and only Mr. BB King. His breathtaking talent propelled Franklin Bridge as a top 10 finalist on Fox's hit television show, The Next Great American Band. Professionally trained as a Graduate from William Patterson University's Jazz and performance studies program, his inspirational creativity having being honed as the musical director for R&B veteran Eric Roberson.

His guitar, keyboard and vocal credits include working with some of the industry's elite band and singers, such as Jeff Bradshaw's "Bone Deep", Kindred The Family Soul's "Surrender 2 Love", Jazzyfatnastee's "Tortoise and the Hare", Anthony Hamilton's "Aint Nobody Worryin", J.R.'s "Metamorphosis" and Heather Headley's "In my mind".

Whether its been personal appearances or performing with some of the industries hottest artist the likes of Mario, Keisha Cole or India Arie, Curt has performed all over the globe.

Simply put Curt Chambers's eclectic range of Rock's energy and R&B's style produces a sound unlike anything you have ever heard. This is what the industry has been wainting for!!!!