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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
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6/3 Curtis Luckey - Today's Country 6/6/11 8:34 AM
Curtis and Luckey are checking off one more New Year's Resolution as they return home to Nashville for
a few days break from their successful western tour for their first performance as an official part of CMA Music Fest. They are scheduled for the Bud Light Sports Zone Stage on Sunday, June 12 at 12:40.
That show will be the culmination of a week filled with performances, meeting with Fans, media interviews and even one of their customary stops at a children's home for a free show and entertainment for the kids.
Before hitting the Bud Light Stage on Sunday, fans will be treated to two free performances at Cadillac Ranch where the Chili Chicks, award winning dance troupe, will offer custom performances and instruction to Curtis and Luckey's music. Shows at Cadillac Ranch, will be Wednesday, June 8 at 6 p.m. and Friday, June 10 at 4 p.m.
Thursday night, June 9, the group will visit the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home in Brentwood. This is an ongoing tradition with the duo to offer children a free show. "We find it is really important, as we are working hard to grow our fan base and concentrate on our music, to remember to share the joy of music to those who might not have the opportunity to see many live shows," explained Curtis. They have added a visit in every city along their tour.
The week kicks off with the release of "I Have A Dream" Monday June 6 by Austin Universal Entertainment. The single is from their debut LP, "The Hard Way,"released in late April and features four cuts producted by Buddy Cannon. Music Fest guests at select downtown hotels will receive a copy of the new disc when they check in.
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6/3 Curtis Luckey - Today's Country 6/6/11 8:34 AM
- Today's Country

Like the perfect note that hangs in the air, the country music duo of Brian Curtis and Luckey Moore have found the words, the music and the rhythm to make it big.

Buddy Cannon, the 2005 ACM Producer of the Year who has produced Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire and Chely Wright, among others, has just produced four songs for the two.

After the recording session, Cannon said of Curtis & Luckey, "They played me some stuff they had written. I like their own material for them better than what I had," said Cannon, a Lexington native. "Their songwriting fits their recording style."

Cannon said he knew they didn't have any studio experience, "But it just wasn't an issue. And they have a lot of ambition. That's a big part of it. They know what their goal is. They've got to get out and shake hands and meet the people."

Of course, the duo didn't make it to this point of success overnight. Everybody pays their dues.

I first met Luckey about six years ago when we had dinner at Baudo's and he played a few songs for me. Like all artists do over time, he's developed and expanded his talents.

I sat down with the two at the Green Frog Café in downtown Jackson last week to ask how they took off on the right road at the right time.

Now Curtis & Luckey have their song "Eye Candy" moving up the charts to No. 83. Go to their Web site and listen to "Tattoo," "Honk If You're Country" and "I Have A Dream."

Luckey, who's the bass/baritone, was raised with music in Nashville and used to play his guitar for Carl Perkins in Jackson.

"I'll never forget sitting in front of him and playing at age 16 or 17, so long ago," Luckey said. "He played with me like there were 100,000 people behind me. And he let me play all his guitars. When I graduated from high school, he gave me an electric Stratocaster guitar. I'll play that guitar until the end of my career."

"Carl taught me this aspect - it's fan by fan and always take that extra time," he said.

Luckey went on to study guitar at Middle Tennessee State University but left to be a hunting guide in Colorado.
Brian has a degree in International Business from the University of California, Irvine, and found himself singing lead for a country band in Japan while he taught English during daytime.

Both found their way back to music in Nashville. And here they are today, creating their first waves in the industry.

"We want to have multiple CDs as writers and artists," Brian said. "Working with Buddy was amazing."

"He's been there and done that," said Luckey. "We're happy to write songs and we're happy for his time. It's up to us to turn it into gold."

Luckey's known Cannon for years because Luckey's mom, Dottie Moore, is a songwriter. "I've also been told he's the hardest person in town to get a song by. He'll tell you why he likes it and why he doesn't," Luckey said.

"And he's a man of few words," Brian added.

Luckey said Cannon told them they have to be willing to give up everything to be successful. They're posting Webisodes on their website,, that show what it's like for that 40 hours of work to get three to four hours on stage in 25 states with 200 shows this year.

"We're putting in our time," Brian said.

And they'll be back in Nashville to do two shows on April 21 as a showcase for music industry professionals in Nashville at 12th and Porter, 14 12th Ave. North in Nashville. They'll be performing live in seven of Toby Keith's new clubs, "I Love This Bar & Grill." They're opening for Easton Corbin, who's up for the 2011 ACM Top New Solo Vocalist Award.

The good thing is that although they play cover songs, people in the audience keep asking about their original work.

Songwriting goes best "if you're polar opposites," Luckey said. "You want to see the same truths, but give it a different background."

Brian said you have to "be open to singing anything that comes into your mind." That way, they find a new angle, a different view.

When they perform for a crowd, they "take you on a ride, crank it up, or drop it down, and send a message," Brian said.

"If they want to party, we do," Luckey said. "We feed off the energy if people are feeling our music."

"At our last meeting with Buddy, he said, 'The songs are there. The production is there. Hit the road and make it happen,' " Brian said.

"And nobody's going to make it happen but us," Luckey said.

Jacque Hillman is Custom Content Editor at The Jackson Sun. To reach her, call (731) 425-9679 or e-mail: - Jackson Sun, Jackson, TN /20110319 /articles/ 110319429&template=printpicart
4/3/11 1:15 PM
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Local drummer coming home for concert
By Thad Anaelloz Staff Writer
Published: SaturdmJ, March 19, 2011 at 6:01 a.m. HOUMA - John Rodrigue took a chance on something good happening when he
moved to Nashville, Tenn., in 2009.
Thankfully, the Houma native, who graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston two years ago, received his first big break early on after auditioning for the up-and-coming countlY music band, Curtis and Luckey.
"I ran into them on Music Row, and we got to chatting," said Rodrigue, 23. "They told me they needed a drummer, and I jumped at the opportunity."
Now the lifelong drummer will be returning home to playa gig with the group at 8 p.m. March 29 at The City Club of Houma, 7861 Main St. The group, which is currently touring in Texas, has been traveling the U.S. and had the chance to open for a few high -profile acts like Easton Corbin and Cody Canada.
"It's going to be great to come home and see my folks and my friends," Rodrigue said. "They've really supported me and kept me grounded through this whole thing, and I'm anxious to show them what I've been up to on the road."
Curtis and Luckey recently saw its catchy single, "Eye Candy," reach No. 62 on the Music Row Country Music Breakout Chart.
"It's been a cool ride so far," Rodrigue said. "Things are going real well and are only getting better."
Tickets for the show cost $10 Vlith the doors set to open at 7:30 p.m. Show time is scheduled for 8 p.m.
To learn more about the group, visit Copyright © 2011 - All rights reserved. Restricted use only.
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MUSICROW.COM - Randy Montana Single Review

DISClaimer Single Reviews
By Robert K. Oermann
January 12, 2011
I am loving this format today.
I love its diversity, I love the quality of its song craftsmanship. I love its mix of youth and maturity. Country music rules.
In celebration, I am crowning three Disc of the Day winners. The Group prize goes to Rascal Flatts for its chesty vow of steadfastness. The Male winner is Randy Montana, who has a sonic masterpiece to offer. The Female prize, and the surprise of the day, is Ashton Shepherd. Every other gal in town is going to kick herself for not finding “Look It Up” first.
That’s not all. Be sure and lend your ears, also, to Reba McEntire, Joanna Smith, The Dirt Drifters and the new duo Curtis & Luckey. They add to this week’s tasty country goulash of musical diversity. - Robert Oermann

"Sprightly and good humored, with creamy harmonies and shiny-bright production."
-- Bob Oermann, Nashville, TN - Reviewer Nashville, TN - Folsom Telegraph - Village Life

I heard last week that country music is the new rock n roll. Yes, a bold statement and a tough sell for some, but I myself must admit that country music has been in the forefront of the music world lately and is gaining fans by the second. In Nashville, TN (aka Music City USA) certain country acts and artists are making waves and challenging the old guard of the music industry. More specifically, there is a new country act on the block that offers a party stompin’ live show, killer music that is memorable, and a freshman album that leaves you wanting more, more, and more. If you haven’t already heard of them, let me be the first to introduce you to the new trio act in Country Music that is creating a buzz in Nashville music circles – drum roll please – enter KURTIS.
The stable trio core of KURTIS lies in the three front men and good friends – Shawn Rhem (High Point, NC), Eric Moore (Nashville,TN) and Brian Baxter (Sacramento, CA) - all of whom now live in Nashville, TN and are united in pursuing their dreams of playing big stages and packed arenas someday soon…and as it looks – KURTIS just might get there. Eric aka Luckey – born and raised in Nashville, says music is and has always been a significant part of his life. A true southern raised Nashvillian, when not playing guitar and songwriting, Luckey is hunting or fishing while dippin’ Grizzly. KURTIS’s freshman album titled MONEY TREES includes a crowd pleasing ballad hit with the ladies – “My Favorite Time of Day” – which Luckey himself composed and penned. Luckey holds down stage left jammin’ rhythm guitar while singing harmonies. Shawn – from Highpoint, NC, moved to Nashville in November 2008. More aggressive than your average newbie songwriter in Nashville, only a year since the move he finds himself in the throes of KURTIS, an album getting the final touches on it and talk of a tour in the near future. Shawn’s love for music lies heavy in Rock n Roll. Shawn previously attended the Musicians Institute in Atlanta. Playing lead guitar, he holds down stage right for the KURTIS trio. Brian – moved to Nashville in October 2005, and began performing his original material at songwriter nights around Nashville. Things progressed and three short years later, Brian was voted in the Top 5 for Nashville’s “Male Demo Singer of the Year” and had a song chart #14 in the European Country Music Charts this past February. He is the lead vocalist first and foremost for KURTIS, but might just pick up a guitar, shaker, or harmonica if the moment strikes.
Let it be known that yes indeed…..KURTIS is the real deal. Their freshman album titled MONEY TREES is potentially industry changing and will gain ground quickly. Each person I have played the album for seems to pick a different favorite song, and follows up with “where can I purchase the album”? KURTIS and their MONEY TREES album is responsible for comments such as “the CD doesn’t leave my CD player” and “well, this week my favorite song is…..” KURTIS debut album MONEY TREES offers boot stompin’, rock influenced, up-tempo, cross over country songs, to ballads that are clever and original – all with lyrics that surpass anything I have heard on the radio in the past year. I have literally woken up in the middle of the night with these songs playing in my head. Do yourself a favor and give KURTIS a listen…you might just have a new favorite band or learn that you actually do like country music.
- Chris London – “Social the Magazine”
- Social the Magazine

I Have A Dream by Kurtis Reminds Us What America is All About
By American Renagade

A gutsy, no punches pulled song that is touching many a red, white, and blue heart. Simplistically written, with an unmistakably country sound and perfect harmonizing vocals, it is one that gets you tapping your foot, clapping your hands and saying hell yeah. I Have a Dream’s message is simple, America needs to take care of America

In a phone interview with Shawn shared his thoughts on the song. “This song was came to be after hearing so many other songs like Shutting Detroit Down and Red, White, and Pink Slip Blues. I was talking to Eric, who helped me write it, and said, ‘those songs are great, but they are missing the chance to inspire people. We need to do that. ’ It took us six months to get it right but I think the message is clear.”

Kurtis , whom consists of Brian Curtis, Shawn Rhem, Luckey, John Rodrig, and Bill Gregory are out of Nashville, TN and are currently in the Tennessee state finals for the Colgate Country Showdown, Americas Largest Country Music Competition. With a true country/southern rock flavor that shines in their songs such as In the Right Now and Tattoo, one can be sure to be hearing a lot more about this band.

I asked Shawn, “do you see music as playing a vital role in changing peoples view of the happenings in the country?” “I would like to see it,” Shawn said, “but I have gotten mixed reactions from the music industry about I Have a Dream. They love it but are afraid of it, often cautioning us about making a political statement. I applaud artist like John Rich, Charlie Daniels, Trace Adkins and others that are not afraid to take a stand for what they believe in, we just don’t have the resources to do it the way they can. We are playing this song live, and the fans really love it, but radio play would be awesome.”

In sharing how I Have a Dream came to be, Shawn remembers hitting a roadblock in writing. “We had some gigs in Japan, and on the flight, Eric and I decided, to pass the time, we would get back to work writing the bridge to the song. As we flew over the Rockies, the sight was beautiful. With that backdrop, the bridge just flowed out.”

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Curtis, (lead Vocals), who echoed Shawn’s take of the song. “I Have a Dream is inspirational and the response is phenomenal. What really touches us all is when we play it live, the number of Military personnel that come up to us and say ‘Wow! I really loved that song!’ Many ask if we would do a USO tour and if we were ever given the opportunity, we sure would.”

When asked his view point on whether music played a role in today’s political environment, Brian quickly said “Yes. Music reaches people. I view music as a reflection of what is happening today. Right now. Whether on a personal level or global, music is like a journal of life. With I Have A Dream, we are reflecting where America is at, not by grandstanding, but rather reminding people where we came from.” “Do you think it is working?” I asked. Brian replied “Yes it is! We have been contacted by many people about the song.” Kurtis is in the studio now working on a full studio version of I Have a Dream that in Brian’s words will “blow your mind”. The acoustic version will still be available even after the studio version is released.

I asked Shawn “In closing, if you could address congress or the President today, what is the one thing you would say?” “It is time to listen to the people!” said Shawn. “But more importantly I would tell the American People to use their voice, go vote. Research the hot button issues of today like health care and immigration for example. Develop your own opinions, party lines aside and get out to the polls. Let your voice be heard. Remember that our government works for us, that is what the founders of this great country intended.”

Members of Congress, Mr. President, and the American people, I have a song I think you need to hear.

- American Renegade /


CURTIS & LUCKEY - The Acoustic Sessions - 15 Track
- Singer / Songwriter unplugged acoustic style. This album is compiled of songs the boys are considering for their next album.
CURTIS & LUCKEY - The Hard Way - 9 Track Album
- Featuring "Eye Candy" and " I Have a Dream". The recent album release from C & L, two single that climbed the charts.
CURTIS & LUCKEY - The Back Tracks - 9 Track Album
- Featuring "Money Trees". The first project C & L completed back in 2010. Full of original feel good tunes by C & L.




"The songs these guys are writing and recording offer a fresh, energetic and exciting take on country music."
- Buddy Cannon, Award Winning Producer (Chesney)

“Be sure and lend your ears, also, to Reba McEntire, Joanna Smith, The Dirt Drifters and the new duo Curtis & Luckey. They add to this week’s tasty country goulash of musical diversity.” - Oermann, Music Row Magazine Critic

Curtis & Luckey have been called "the next Brooks & Dunn" - and rightly so. Curtis & Luckey combine their gifts of singing, songwriting and musicianship into a high energy and moving performance that is turning heads and winning fans nationwide. Out of Nashville, Tennessee, in just the past two years Curtis & Luckey have performed at award winning clubs and festivals and have opened for several major national acts. From 2011 through 2012 - the boys have made their mark with 302 performances, 214 cities, 193 radio station visits, 22 TV appearances, and over 1 million hits on their official website. Their debut album "The Hard Way" boasts 3 charting singles — Eye Candy (reached Top 60 Nationally on the Music Row Breakout Charts), I Have a Dream (reached Top 30 on Texas charts) and Tattoo (reached top 50 on Texas Charts).

Take the Wild West and the Deep South, give’em a pen, paper and a six pack you'll end up with Curtis & Luckey. These boys are making a loud statement with their original music and high energy show, winning fans with a quickness. From the time they hit the stage till the final note, Curtis & Luckey take their audience on a musical ride.

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Gary Morris** Dustin Lynch and more....

Curtis and Luckey are genuine rock stars in country music. The guys have killer songs and an amazing stage presence. The sky is the limit for this duo!"- Bart Herbison, NSAI Pres.

“… easy to work with. They (Curtis & Luckey) really connected and communicated with the audience. We were very pleased.” – Sue Spainhour - Rock the Block Festival